Monday, June 28, 2010

Its been a while
since my last post, but like many others (maybe a sissy virus) but not a lot is happening in the sissy world.  Some girls are feeling unwell, some girls have nothing to say and worst of all, some girls have nothing to do!!

i still dress the odd time, but at the moment my biggest thrill is following orders (such as the girly webteases at i do not do the ones created "for real men" - i always look for tags with sissy, blow job or dildo in them)

i guess that i just like following orders.  i adore websites like sissystation that give a series of assignments leading to feminity, and websites that give assignments or tasks.  i am "quite" brave and generally try to do any assignment i see, unless i have done something similar in the past.  i especially like pleasing a master or mistress who administers the assignments.

some thing i have done in the past
- going for a drive in a short skirt
- shopping for a skirts, tops, lingerie etc several times
- wore a skirt and heels out
- bought backzip trousers while carrying a purse
- wore basic makeup while out
- wore a bra/panties/stockings etc to work (although not in summer!!)

i need to "get girlie" again and do some more shopping or any assignments i can find.

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