Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Skills training

i don't have much to say at the moment, so i thought i would share some more of my files (not MY files, but files i have on my computer)

this set is from the same place as the feminisation essentials set.  i know they are a bit small and some people may have problem viewing them, but they are as big as i have them sorry.  hope you all enjoy.

skill training 1 - cocksucking


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, since I saw that there were a couple comments and you mentioned it in this post as well. You can use Ctrl+mouse scroll to zoom in on pages to make the images font a readable size. It does deteriorate the image and font quality but it's still worth it so that you can actually read it. If you want I can give a link to the "supposed creator" of the images on imagefap as well.

susanrhodes said...

thanks for the comment, hope this helps some people.

please post the link, as they might as well have the credit.