Friday, December 03, 2010

sissy conditioning - becoming more sissy without much effort.....

I really enjoy looking at sissy training websites and reading training plans on how to change from a man into a sissy.  for example, the sissystation ( is probably my favourite site ever, along with the house of sissify (i was a member for over 12 months until i realised that very little new material was updated).  there are also several sites who just mirror these and some even charge for the privilege!!

i have dabbled with sissy hypnosis, flash and audio files etc, but i am not currently committed to watching/listening to something everyday.

however, i have noticed that all of this conditioning is beginning to work.

it is very rare that i see a female and think i would like to shag her.  i still admire the female form and shape, i think "wow look at her arse, her legs, her chest, her waist etc", but i do not think that i would like to be her boyfriend.

i think her legs look fantastic in that skirt, them shorts are very tight fitting and show off her butt, that top is tight and i can see her lovely nipples, but i do not now think that i would like to have sex with her.

i look at porn and i see a pussy - i do not think that i would like to shove my cock in there

i see a girls face covered in cum - i do not think that i wish it was me that had done that.

i see a girl giving a blow job - i do not think that i wish she was sucking my cock.

i look at a girls butt and think "she looks great in those jeans/skirt/dress", i do not think "i would love to have that arse bouncing up and down on my cock"

i look at a girls legs and think "she has hot legs" - i do not think "i would love to have those legs wrapped around me"

i look at a girls chest and see her breasts sticking out - i do not think "i would like to suck on and play with those"

comments i have made to myself include...
that bra is pretty
that thong looks like it is from ann summers tuxedo collection
that dress is a nice colour, i like the way it hangs
them jeans are hot
she has too much make-up on

i have a feeling that the sissy way of life has a bigger grip on me than i actually thought it had.  some of this is strange.  why should i be drawn to female clothing?  why don't i think about what i would like to do to an attractive girl?

one thing i have not yet said to myself is "i wish/want to be her", but it could only be a matter of time before i subconsciously say this.

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This parallels my own experience. You can see what I've become on