Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Masturbation feminization

the following is an exert from a milovana tease located here

i have removed some of the things from the tease, but in essence the following is what i am going to try to do when i want to masturbate.

So Sassy, So Sissy, stripped of all masculinity

Masturbation Feminization

Heres what you must do – every time you mastubate you must be:
*In a girly position
*Moan like a girl (say ohhhh alot, pout and round your lips!)
*Say girly things (like fuck me harder, your cock feels so good)
*And think girly things.

The plan is to have you do this so much that it becomes natural to do this… Can you imagine the humiliation you will feel if you do this right and being a sassy sissy girly girl is only way you act when your “getting busy” and you do this in front of a girlfriend/wife/whatever on accident!

EVERY TIME you masturbate you MUST:
*Wear at least pretty panties, full lingerie would be better, the more cute and girly the better. Blush your pussy and clitty and wear your perfume.

*NO STROKING!!! Now you can only use the tip of your little finger to slowly circle and caress the tip of your very cute pink little clitty. Your climaz will take time to build but that is just like a girl experiences it, you will experience the same.

*Masturbate in a girly position:You must be on your back with your leg spread like a girl would be or something of that nature.

*Moan like a woman would: No pathetic loser or guy grunts and moans… use a high pitch voice and moan like the girly girl you are fast becoming, pout and round your lips as you ohhhhh in lust.

*Say girly things: While your masturbating say out loud things like “Oh your cock feels so good” “You make my pussy so wet” Picture a guy fucking you and get used to telling a guy how his dick makes your pussy feel! After all… that’s your new pink girly pussy!

*Think Girly Things: DO NOT THINK OF SEX WITH A WOMAN… you’re a cock loving slut… Think only of dicks and balls and taking cocks in your pussy and mouth.

Any time you think of sex with a woman, or moan like a guy you are to hit your balls hard… This should begin to reprogram you into thinking being a guy is bad/painful… and the only time your allowed pleasure is when your being a girly girl slut!

Consider it half reprogramming and half training for the boyfriend you will be pleasing one day!

hopefully this will help in my feminization - no quick pulls for me!!!


Jessie67tong said...

Darling, I loved this. I would like to post this on my blog with your permission of course..

susanrhodes said...

Hi Jessie

i have no problem at all with you posting this on your blog (which i like btw!!)

i cannot take the credit thoughas it was not my idea!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Linda approves of this blog.