Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No. 17 - Accessories

Current Position is :-

You have now become addicted to a sissy regime of femme dressing.

You have started to see some improvement in your sissy feminine shape.

You are building up a complete feminine wardrobe of clothes and lingerie.

You are using makeup and lipstick to complete your look.

Activity / Task

When you are shopping do not forget to buy bangles and earrings and necklaces and female rings.

All the little bits that set off a woman's outfit to perfection.

A big accessory for a woman for instance would be a small handbag, to hold her lipstick, money and phone- do you have one of these?

If not, why not? Go shopping.

By the way- the cocksucking photo on the right has nothing, to do with the current task- just thought you'd like to see what ahead of you !


You are secretly dressing in feminine lingerie during the day.

In the evening you are dressing in heels, doing figure training and following a sissy exercise regime.

At night in bed- you are in a sissy nightress, so you wake up each morning feeling femme, sexy and so turned on.

You are not to go onto the next step until you have acessorized your look with jewellry.

If all the above is true, then onwards to the next step .

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Charmane said...

I just adore the extraneous cock-sucking picture!