Friday, April 01, 2011

No. 19 - On-Line Sissy

(note from susan - i do not know if the themes / messenger / icq etc are still relevant and still work, but i assume that you are all big girls and can search for something similar and appropriate to your operating system)

Time to re-design your on-line presence and make yourself much more feminine on-line.

I mainly use Yahoo but the instructions are similiar if Hotmail or some other is your preference.

The following are some ideas and suggestions to follow :-

Windows XP.

Most computers now use XP as the operating system. You can select an XP theme which will set the default desktop picture and screensaver and color, and other items that change the look and feel of XP. Examples of normal sexy girl themes are available from or and lots others.


For Yahoo create a sissy id that identifies you to the world and that reflects the real sub sissy inside. Examples for a Yahoo ID can be sissyslut or pantyslave or TS_Slave etc. Edit your profile to say where you are located and state some preferences like your fav web site ( for example?). State on your profile what you are and what you are into and/or looking for.

Yahoo Messenger.

With Yahoo Messenger download the Pink Skin to add the correct color for you.

Then go into Messenger preferences and select the new pink skin and while you are there also change your font color to pink or fushia to reflect yourself.

Next under the messenger menu select the ‘change my display image’ and browse on your pc, to where you have a sexy femme photo of yourself to share out. This can be facial but can also be stockings tops or sexy ass- whatever up to you.


Go to your icq homepage and fill out the details, to show people your interests and desires. The main things to put in are who you are, where you are, what your interests are and what you are looking for. Examples from ICQ members pages would be or or . The next step would be to upload a picture and a link to a webpage about yourself. The basic idea is to attract like minded people to your online presence.

You can download skins for ICQ from (would powderpuff girls suit you?) and then under preferences there is a skin/appearance section where you can change the skin and the skin colors to suit yourself.

By now you are dressing and looking like a sissy every moment you can.

You love your feminine life and you have created an on-line sissy identity to interact with other sissies and help you explore this lifestyle.

If the above two statements are true onwards to your next training step.

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