Wednesday, April 06, 2011

No. 21 -Housework

Leading on from the previous training- you have a home and like everyone have to keep it.

Why not make your housework part of your training?

Activity / Task

Do the following :-

Assign a time or day to look after your home.

Get fully dressed as a french maid like the ones in the enclosed photos.

Enjoy the sensations of being such a fully dressed sissy maid.

Make this task a weekly ritual- so that your home is clean & tidy and that you are well trained in being a maid.

For recommendations for french maid attire have a look at

Birchplace Academy site

Miss by Elaine's site

or Birchplace Shop

Wouldn't you love to be the maid on the right- dressing her mistress each day ? maybe it's your future?

Now to re-cap-

Do not continue unless you are doing your housework each day or week dressed as a maid.

I will leave the colour and specific's of your lingerie and clothes up to you- but you basically have to follow the french maid role model.

Once you are doing this at least for two weeks, then continue onto the next task.

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