Monday, April 11, 2011

No. 23 - Dressing Centre

Up to this you have been doing all the work yourself with no feedback- unless you are lucky and have someone to help you?

It would be good now to invest some money and courage in visiting a dressing centre, and hopefully make some new local friends like the girls on the right.

Activity / Task

You are to visit a dressing centre and get fully dressed in at least 2 outfits if possible.

Get photos taken of you dressed.

Do this because :-

It will give you feedback on your looks and dressing.

It will give you more confidence.

A local dressing centre will be a good place to meet new like minded sissies.

It will give you more confidence in your lifestyle.

Examples of various dressing centre's who advertise on-line are :

Transformation Chain in the UK

Dublin's Gemini Club

Sissysearch's list of transformation specialists

or have a look at RXXX's list of places.


You have visited a dressing centre and got yourself professionaly dressed and made up.

Hopefully the following are true :-

you brought your camera and got some photos to mull over and keep.

you got advice on what works best for you.

you made new friends or at least know where to go and on what night to find a sissy friend.

it was fun and you really enjoyed yourself.

Once you have done this- onward to the last item for the chapter .

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