Friday, April 15, 2011

No. 26 - Friends

Obviously best to find a local sissy to furthur enjoy and complete your feminization with.

This leads on from your previous visit to the dressing centre- which has hopefully made you some new contacts.

You would love to find a local sissy friend for the following reasons :-

So you can learn from each other, about the local scene.

So you both can enjoy mutual dressing ans sex sessions together.

So you can advise each other what looks hot or not.

Affirmation and mutual admiration will make you both feel more at ease and happier with your feminization.

Activity / Task

So find a local sissy friend.

Unless you live in a complete wilderness, it can be done.

The following are some suggestions on how to do this :-

Visit your local dressing centre or gay bar if you have one.

Make sure your sissy on-line presence states where you are located- so local people contact you- and on-line sexy photos help !

Search for local sissies on the internet and contact them.

Put a free advert up on Mrs Silks site or use or some other site that might be more specific to you locality. (Here in Ireland- Gaire site)

Join a sissy yahoo group(s) and state your needs and preferences.


So you have found a sissy friend?

Now you have someone to dress with, take photos with and have fun.

Isn't life so much more enjoyable?

If the above is true- then onwards to the next step in your training.

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