Monday, April 18, 2011

No. 27 - Self Hypnosis

Now you've spent months learning and training yourself to be a great sissy.

You've worked on the outward appearances- isn't it time you trained yourself to be more feminine and submissive in thought and mind?

Activity / Task

Go directly to one of the following sites and download their sample training hynopsis mp3's.

Erotic hypnosis .

Warp my mind .

Make sure you are dressed as sexy as possible and the use headphones and listen to the seductive voices, which are only going to convince you of idea's, dreams and thoughts that you have already.


Hopefully this activity has made you feel and act more feminine.

Have fun also searching the web for other web hypnosis downloads.

Onwards to the next task.


Charmane said...

Here I would quibble with the order of Michael's assignments. I would think that some kind of hypnosis should be part of the program from an early stage.

Anonymous said...

"I'm Ginger Grant. I'm Ginger Grant. I'm Ginger Grant. . . ."

martin said...

I totally love these hypnotic clips. although I am not a sissy, but i love to watch.

kisses martin