Monday, June 13, 2011

Assignment x report no 7

oh, susan,

i don't know when i last laughed so long and so

hard! you seem to have a very rich sense of

humor, so i'm sure that you'll understand that

i'm not laughing at you, but at the whole


you've been waiting for this for days, getting

more and more frustrated...

today, first the parcel isn't there, then maybe

the postman has it, except it turns out he

doesn't, but then your burly neighbor stops by

with it! (if only he knew what was in that

package!) ...

and all this time you're traipsing around in

various combinations of male and female clothing

and accoutrements, letting who-knows-who see

who-knows-what ...

but what topped it off was the fact that your

conscious mind hadn't twigged to the double

meaning of the name you chose! (that was when

i sprayed my tea all over the monitor! :))

what adds insult to injury, though - and this part

is ironic, not funny - is that you carried out the

assignment *perfectly* but still didn't get to

cum. :(

maybe it's time for a little confession.

i can't do it either.

and, you know something? i don't think that i

*ever* approached it with as much determination,

perserverence, and down-right *need* as you did!

if you couldn't do it, girl, then i doubt that

anyone could!

so, maybe this is just some sissy myth. or

maybe, with time and practice, it can become

reality. in any case, i think that you more than

carried out the spirit of the assignment.

thank you _so much_ for having tried so hard, and

for sharing your adventures with such detail and

an eye for description!

good luck this morning! who knows what might

happen! and have a wonderful girlie evening with

your wife! (maybe you'll end up with some nicely

polished nails that you can show off at work! :))

*hugs and kisses*


--- susan rhodes wrote:

Roger did turn up....
> he was next door!!!


> i had just spent 25 minutes sucking Bruce. It was

> very strange talking to him out loud while looking

> at his photograph (i will post when i figure out how

> to) and it was VERY humbling (can i suck your cock?

> i want you Bruce don't do this to me etc etc) and me

> feel almost insignificant until he let me suck on

> him.


> Todays cocksucking was different again. i t was a

> real loving affair, i think just talking to my dildo

> has made me see it in a different light - i may be

> falling in love!!!

> i was very gentle and not harsh at all, it was a

> slow lingering blowjob to the man i love.


> i had just finished and thought i would post what

> i felt etc, i had put my bra back on along with my

> black shirt, and was just putting on my skirt when

> there was another knock on the door. my heart lept

> (maybe it was Roger!), so i quickly dropped my skirt

> and put on a pair of trousers. looking around for

> something to put on my feet, i instinctively put on

> my red and black heels. i went downstairs,

> contemplating answering the door in my heels. i

> decided against this as i started to turn the key,

> so i quickly kicked them off (which i now realised

> left my nylon stockings exposed at my feet) i

> started to lower th edoor handle when i realised

> that i was still wearing bright red lipstick. i

> fumbled with the lock as i wiped as much i could off

> with the back of my hand. good job too, it was my

> neighbour with a parcel!!!.


> i said thanks and he looked at me a bit

> disapproving (he is a bit surly anyway, so i am not

> sure about the look he gave me, but it wasn't "hi

> lets have a chat about rugby" as we sometimes do, it

> was more "here, oh, erm gotta go!"


> as i said my feet were on show, my shirt was

> bulging from my breasts and i have just remebered

> that i had on thick black mascara. oh the shame.


> i was nearly worn out from sucking Bruce when

> Roger arrived but i thought "hey, some girls aren't

> this lucky having two guys in one day" so i stripped

> back off and followed the assignment. to the

> letter.


> 5mins on back

> 5mins on knees

> 5mins sat lowered onto cock





> and guess what, Roger came, susan didn't






> it took me the first 5 mins to get used to the

> feeling inside me, but it was on my knees that i

> came closest to cumming.


> i was frantically working Roger in and out, and i

> could feel my g-spot getting hit, but i couldn't hit

> my g-spot often enough in a row. i would it hit a

> few times, then miss, at which point my rising fever

> had calmed down. it was so frustrating.


> when my timer went off i knew that i wasn't going

> to cum, as i sat on Roger, it didn't feel quite gig

> enough to hit the spot, but god knows i tried. i

> moounted Roger on a biscuit tin to give me an

> optimal height, and i dinted the tin lid with my

> feverish attempts at bouncing up and down on the

> cock. i tried all angles, but ultimately it wasn't

> to be.


> sweat was dripping off my forehead that much that

> my mascara was starting to run. i was soaked in

> sweat. and i laddered my new stockings as i bounced

> on the floor. carpet burns are a real safety issue

> you know!!!!



> anyway i am going to try again in the morning

> before work, but it will be my last chance until

> Monday as i am going to spend some time with my

> wife.


> I have asked her if she would like a girlie

> evening on saturday and she has said yes.


> she only knows of my wearing panties (and has

> bought me some when asked), but we have discussed a

> sleepover type evening and i am hoping that i will

> get my toenails done a nice plum colour (her

> choioce) and clear on my fingernails (her choice

> again)


> i asked about makeup and she seemed willing to try

> that as well!!!


> i also enquired about shaving my legs and chest,

> it seems chest no (at the moment), but MAYBE a small

> amount of my legs. wow, not having an orgasm is

> doing wonders for my sissy nature


> looking forward to Roger first though, i have a

> better feeling of what to expect this time.


> i also have only just noticed the freudian slip

> (Roger?????)


> maybe it is what i want!!!


> love


> susan

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Tiffany said...

Well girls as you know I couldn't cum either

But you can feel it can't you

You can feel the cum queuing up

But you just can never seem to fuck yourself so much that you will explode...

..and..god I luv that feeling

Isn't it the best?

Actually girls we may NEVER cum from being fucked.. and so god we need to be fucked more and more because of it

Oh god fuck me yes yes yes.. we'll be screaming from the rafters just like real girls.. always in a state of perpetual desire.. always wanting more and more..

From what I've heard darlings even if we do cum from a girlgasm it won't feel particularly like we've cum

we'll just leak our milk.. and want to be fucked even more.

No girls.. we don't have boy orgasms any more.. we have girlgasms and that bears no relationship with our sissy milk

Unless you can get your hands on a fucking machine of course.. or.. *gasp* a real man...