Thursday, June 09, 2011

Assignment X Report part 4

dear susan,

oh my oh my oh my!

boy, do i envy Bruce! :)

your determination in the face of adversity

is absolutely amazing, and sets an example

for us all. i was thinking of you at

about 7-8 am my time, and hoping that

things were working out. i'm so

disappointed that you are still left high

and dry. :(

i almost feel sorry for that dildo that's

on it's way; it doesn't know what is in

store for it! ;) but if a dildo could

be satisfied, i'm sure that that will be

one happy dildo!

naming your cocksucking cock is a splendid

idea. (i remember that story, but hadn't

remembered that character in particular.)

now, can you visualize Bruce? can you

find a picture of a hunky guy that looks

like you imagine Bruce would look?

perhaps prop it up so that you can look

at it while you're sucking?

i think that two things follow naturally

from your naming Bruce. first, you

need to talk to him, flirt with him, beg

him to let you suck his big, manly cock,

etc., etc., etc. second, your new friend

is going to need a name, too, as well as

some verbal stimulation!

i am very much enjoying your descriptions

of what you are planning and what you are

doing. it makes me wish that i were there

to see it!

you are much more daring at work than i

could imagine being! does anyone there

notice if you have cum breath? :)




feel free to ignore this question, but

i was wondering ... is your wife

oblivious to this state of extreme

frustration that you're in?

--- susan rhodes wrote:

> hi charmane


> thankyou for your support, i REALLY need it as yet

> again no dildo


> it is only coming about 150miles how long does it

> take??


> i am seriously frustrated, when i got home and

> found nothing i felt like crying


> to cheer myself up i have put on a short blue

> dress (v sexy) and done my make up to the nines

> including some kiss proof lipstick. i also have put

> on my wig (which i haven't done for ages).


> again i am going to suck that dildo for all its

> worth and eat some frozen cum (i have only one left

> after this).


> aside from this i have decided to call my dildo

> Bruce after a character from one of my favourite

> stories ( the way

> this is going i am slowly turning more gay by the

> hour - before it was just a dildo to get off on,

> then i started fantasising that i would suck off a

> man then let him have his way with me, now i am

> naming my dildo.


> i am still shaking at the moment - i believe that

> i look quite hot (if the postman calls now, he may

> well be cumming!!!)


> i am flushed all over my body, i believe from the

> anticipation, then dispair, then anticipation of

> giving Bruce the blow job of his life.



> i may well try out the reward process if i can get

> through this (i hardly slept at all last night, and

> i am fully expecting to have a wet dream and waste

> all of my cum anytime soon)


> lets hope that this blow job gives me as much

> satisfaction as it did yesterday, i can hardly keep

> my hands off my self now.


> iill have to go, i can hear Bruce calling.


> love susan

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