Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the diary of susan rhodes aged......

hi all
i thought i would keep a short diary of what has been happening to me lately and hopefully it will build towards something exciting, who knows?  i know that some of this dates back a few weeks, but that may just build the tension.....

saturday - 30 july 2011
having spent a bit of time on my computer, i decided to quickly have a look on a gay personal website, http://www.cottaging.co.uk/
i have previously registered on this site, but any contacts came to nothing.  i quickly logged on, looked at who had looked at me, then logged off again.  about 15minutes later i checked my email inbox and i had received a message on the website.  a man nearby wanted a sissy.

we exchanged a few short emails as to what he was looking for (someone to treat as a woman, to fuck, have her suck his cock etc)  i got quite excited at this prospect, and began to think that maybe it is time to commit a bit more to this sissy lifestyle and meet a man.

the emails were quite flirty, me asking him what i should wear, him asking for photos.

the last email i sent was some photos of me, and me suggesting a date - 9th august for an evening of fun.

i hope he likes the photos and does not turn me down now he has seen what i look like in a dress.

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