Tuesday, October 04, 2016

A sissy yahoo group

Hi all,

in case some of you missed it in the comments of a previous post, i have been working on setting up a yahoo group with a Master who i have previously had groups with.

i have been acting as his secretary (how i wish this was true - i would love going to work every day!) and started to put some content in from my previous files and also some new stuff.  i think i will be asked to write articles on a regular basis, but i have had no orders at the moment (and please do not issue any ideas!!)

a previous group was quite fun and the Master did actively participate until his account was deleted and we lost touch.

anyway, enough rambling, the address is


please feel free to join (and hang with it) there are very few members at the moment but hopefully that will grow.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where are all the sissys

Hi all,

just to prove i am still here i have written this post!!

i have been away for abit and popped in and out of blogging.

i have also popped in and out of yahoo groups.

Big question here to anyone who is still reading this - where have all the sissys gone?

i remember yahoo groups booming, but that seems a ghost town now, unless i am looking at / joining the wrong groups - if so which groups should i join?

Blogging seems to have gone the same way with many blogs just laying dormant (OK - i include myself in that one).  i know there are exceptions but you get my drift...

i have some interest in tumblr, but that is mainly just pictures / captions and no-one sharing real life experiences or training.

Where is everyone?  where should i start looking????

Thanks for any help


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Another man......The meeting

This is the second and final part.
I apologise for it been text heavy, but i hav eno photos i want to put in and fel some other photos may distract.

I had booked an afternoon off work and had arranged to go to his flat about a hours drive from where i live.  I had all my girly clothes in a suitcase ready, but i did sort of know what i wanted to wear.

I followed the sat nav to his postcode and then parked on the street outside.  I grabbed the suitcase and walked to the entrance door.  He lived in a second floor flat with a communal entrance.  We had agreed that he wouldn't see me until i was fully dressed and that he would leave his flat door open so i could enter and go straight to the bathroom to get ready.

This all worked like clockwork, i rang the bell said its susan and was soon in the bathroom opening my suitcase and becoming susan.  I knew what i was going to wear long before i got there.  We had talked about his fantasies and he just wanted me to be a girl, so i went for glamour.

I wore my pink bra and thong along with a black suspender belt and stockings.  I stuck my breasts to my chest and put all my lingerie on before i started to apply my make up.

My make up was not the best i have ever done, but he never said he was disappointed.  I almost forgot to add my mascara!!

i had been waiting for an excuse to wear the new black dress that had a broken zip (see previous posts), and today was the chance.  Heels on, Wig on, final touch of lipstick and a glimpse in the mirror and was out walking into the lounge where he was sitting down watching tv.

He heard me coming and jumped up to meet just inside the door.  He said wow i looked great and very sexy etc. which calmed me just a little.  He then offered me a drink and i just asked for a glass of water.

He was not what you would call an attractive man.  I had seen a picture of him so i knew what to expect.  Beggars can't be choosers.

I took a few sips of water as he asked where i had parked, how loong did it take to get here etc.  just general small talk to ease the tension.

i could see his eyes lighting up and i watched him as he moved closer and grabbed my bum.  i smiled and pushed his hands away saying "what type of girl do you think i am?"
he immediately grabbed it again and said "a hot and sexy one".

i let him feel me up more now.

His hands were all over my bum, back and hair as he pulled me closer for a kiss.   i gave him a quick peck before he pulled me very close and i put my hands up around his neck for longer and deeper kiss.

it felt really good deeply kissing a man while he felt my bottom though the dress.
we kissd for a while and he kept feeeling and telling me how good i look.

he then asked if i would like to go to the bedroom, i tried to give him the "of course i want to go to the bedroom" eyes and smile.  i am not sure how it came off, but he did lead me there.

once in the bedroom i put my handbag down and he kissed and felt me up a little more before i felt him unzipping my dress.  this is one of my favourite parts of been with a man, as he carefully undresses you.

i kept kissing him all the time as he undid the zip before he reached back at the shoulders and pulled the dress down while i wiggled a little to help.  Thios exposed all of my sexy lingerie underneath and he he said wow.  i could tell by his eyes that he liked it.

i stood back a little and let him have a good look.  he then pulled me close again and started to run his hands over my bare skin.  HIs hands were everywhere and i held onto him trying to be as sexy as possible for his enjoyment.

We kissed again and while we were kissing my hands reached down to the front of this trousers and i undid his belt.  He gave a smile knowing what i was doing,  I continued to unfasten his jeans and he let them fall to the floor.  I stood back as he stood out of them.

We kissed a little more as i felt his cock through his boxers.  He then started to take off his boxer shorts and i stood back.  He sort of pushed me backwards until i sat down on his rather low bed.  This made my face at the perfect height for his cock.

It was not a long cock, but it was quite thick, certainly  thicker than mine i thought as i wrapped my hands around it and stroked it a little hoping it would grow a lot longer.  it didn't but i knew it was not a long cock as i had seen a photo before.

I then leant forward and kissed the head before taking it into my mouth.  Because it was quite thick it did fill my mouth and i could not get any decent tongue action below the head.  I bobbed my head up and down a few times while i felt his hands on my shoulder and head.

i felt him pull away and he leant forward and pushed me onto my back on the bed.  he then climbed on top of me and kissed a bit a more.  My bottom was almost on the edge of the bed as he got up and he looked down at me, smiled and then lifted my legs up at the knees. I guessed what he was doing so i held my legs in this position for him.

I felt him pull my thong to the side and start to finger me a little.  i had already lubed up a little, but with hindsight i would have used a bit more.

When he had used two fingers on me he came forward and lifted my ankles into the air while he pushed his crotch towards me.    From the position on my back i could see him unwrap a condom but i never saw him actually put it on.  i felt his cock at my opening and then could feel him pushing forward.  It took a few seconds before i could relax enough to have him push inside me, but i then felt him stretch me out and push forward.

He used my legs as a lever and was very soon into a quick rhythm of thrusts.  I gave out a girly moan as i looked up at him.  It did feel good having a man spread your legs and take you this way.  it made me feel really girly as tried to relax and concntrate on the feelings.

He thrusted for a while before grabbing both my legs together and then taking me from the side with my back still on the bed.

Not long after that he pulled out andi couldn't see what he had done.  Apparently he had pulled off the condom (that i didn't see him put on)  he then started to wank himself over me.  I leaned forward and wanked him a bit myself, but as he was about to cum he said he wanted to spray my stomach so i lad back and felt him drip some cum onto my stomach.  It was not a big load, my guess would be that he often plays with himself.

He was exhausted so he came round the other side of the bed.  I told him that i would go an clean up to save getting cum all over the bed sheets.  He appreciated this, but i forgot my handbag as i went to the bathroom.  i was hoping to lube up again, but just ended up cleaning my stomach and repositioning my bra and panties.

As i got back to the bedroom he was laid on his side, smiling nicely to me.  i knew that he wanted me to climb back in bed and cuddle with him so did.  I kissed him and then snuggled into his arms, draping my stockinged leg over him and kissing him a few times and just generally cuddling.  We chatted a while about where he worked etc. and all the time i was in his arms.

After a few minutes, everytime he payed me a compliment i would kiss him.  After quite a few of these i started to stroke his cock and balls, but it did take some time before he had recovered to start getting erect again.

He was not quite fully erect when i tried to straddle him and sit on his cock (after asking him to put on a condom again).  i just couldn't relax and to be honest i wasn't really in the mood, more going through the motions.  This was disappointing for me as well as i wanted a big sex session!!

I could not take him in me and he said not to bother, taking off the condom.  He wanted me to stroke him while we kissed, so i did. i went down on him a coulple of times and took him in my mouth between stroking. He started to finger my bottom as i sucked and stroked him off and it seemed to take forever.  My arms were getting tired and he had no sign of cumming.  He even took over from me for a little while.

Eventually though he did manage to cum for a second time and asked if he could spray it over my bottom, so i turned over and let him.   not long afterwards i went and cleaned up again before returning for a cuddle.

Once we started cuddling he pulled me closer and up towards him.  he then started to finger me becoming more aggressive.  It wasn't a bad feeling him doing this to me!!

However my ass was starting to heat up and i could feel it burning.  i tried to relax and concentrate on the feelings to see if i could cum from this (he had said he would make me cum and not touch my clit).  It was nice, but the burning sensation killed any fire that rising inside (ironic that!!!)

he was getting more and more agressive, so i knew that i had to fake it.  yes that is right girls - i faked an orgasm with a man.  Whether that makes me more or less a girl ai don't know, but i suppose it is one off the bucket list.

i started to moan and take shallow breaths, getting faster until i let out a longer moan/little scream and bucked my body on his hand.  had i ben able to relax, then i may have been able to cum, he certainly did try.

With my breathing heavy and coming down from a nice feeling (albeit not an orgasm) i started to shower him with kisses saying thatnk you and that was amazing.  i then paused for a second and showered him with more kisses.  i think this made him feel special as if he had really done something nice for me.

i continued to shower him with kisses and then cuddle up to him for another 10 minutes or so before it was time for me to leave.

He asked if i was bothered if he saw me in "boy mode" as i left, i said no.

I got changed, packed my suitcase and as i started to leave he came out of the lounge and said bye.

overall, a slightly different experience to my last time, but nothing considerable.  it was strange to note how different the two men were, even though they were after (and got) the same thing.

It wasn't a wham bang thank you ma'am, it was more loving, but he was less attractive and obviously had been playing with himself a lot.

Would i go back again - honestly no.

i did exchange the following messages afterwards and i was honest in scoring myself...


Hi sexy , hope you got home safely and thank you for a lovely afternoon, hope you enjoyed I did xxxxx

yes i did get home safely and you are welcome.  glad you enjoyed it, and i think you know the answer regarding whether i enjoyed it!!  it is very very rare that i have any type of orgasm when i with someone, and i had more than one today!  i had to stop you as i thought i was going to pass out.
i know i wasn't at my best with everything but i am glad you enjoyed it. xx

Ohh thats so nice to hear and you dress so sexy i did really enjoy you xxxx hope we can meet again xxx

Well if that was not your best then i hope we meet  when you are but not sure I wont explode just
from seeing you , I thought WOW when you dropped your dress and i saw you in your sexy all I neary came then xxx

well i know that i can look better, and i think i could have been better in bed. but we ll have those days!

Tell me how you could have been better in bed then xx

Well for a start i should have had you inside me for longer. I loved the feeling of my knees around my ears as you pounded me. But i did feel quite tight. Also i could/should have given you more head.
I would rate myself as 6/10. Adequate but nothing special.

Ahhh well would have been nice to be inside you longer and you were definitely tight maybe a bit of
lube might have been useful, but I certainly wasnt dissapointed with your performance only hope mine was good enough xxx

you were fine

And so were you.

Hi hope your ok and had a good weekend i cant get you sexy cute arse out of my mind xxxx

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Message exchange - will it lead to anything? (answer in the text)

Hi All,

i have been quiet recently, and i have some things that you all may want to hear about, but i have not had time or the inclination to write them up.

Anyway - the following is a copy of the messages that me and man exchanged.....


He described himself as a stocky 53 yr old man from a town about 40 miles from where i live. Guy looking for kinky fun love tv cd ts men love to wank over or be wanked over

Very nice xx

Thank you.  i don't want to lead you on at the moment and say we have a cance of a meet.  i am very busy at the moment and have 2 meets arranged. sorry x

I understand and you're very sweet to tell me like that you enjoy your meets and stay
safe xx

Get here and id fuck you i can give you a mobile and im on another site with verifications still i can skype and tell you my address

thanks for the offer but i am not arranging any meets at the moment due to my availability and still getting over the last 2 meets that went sour (2 hotel rooms paid for by me with no sex for me)

Well i can understand that as I left this site fed up with no shows, I would love to try to make you feel better firstly I accommodate and Secondary you would have sex with me but its up to you if you feel like trusting me to make up for your no shows then i would love to see you . No pressure you decide and i wish you all the best either way xx, ps thanks for the reply xx

Thank you for the sweet email, and i do know there are genuine guys out there, but finding them is very hard as they are a lot of keyboard warriors!!

i did have a break from this site as well, but some things are hard to resist (like a smooth talking man - you seem very confident that you would get in my knickers if we met!!)

i know i don't have time for meet at the moment and there is no way that i want to lead you on as we both seem to have suffered that.  this is not a no, more of a not at the moment!

i hope the pictures i have attached are some compensation or at least a prelude of maybe whats to come in the future


Well all I can say is you will be worth the wait if we do meet WOW hot sexy girl how can anyone not turn up for you well its up to you ill give you my mobile then if you ever do fancy being in bed with me you can text xxxxxxxxx all the best sexy i really hope and just love your pics thank you xxx

to be honest i have never had any complaints!!  thank you for the compliments - if you talk like that when we meet my knickers will drop faster than gravity, although i usually do like to play a little before.

i do find it hard to find time between work and home and 1 reason is that i don't want to look like a bloke in a dress.  takes me ages to get ready!!


Well you do look so girlie, sexy and just so fuckable hot i would expect you to stay the full night as payment for your time in preparation and so we can play and enjoy, as a sweet sexy moment its nice to just hug and cuddle id treat you just as you want as a real girl xxxxx

that is what i want and enjoy - treat me like a woman and you would be rewarded by a very horny girl who can't get enough and would do anything for her man!!

these pics attached are from one of nights that didn't happen. xxx

I would treet you like the beautifully sexy girl you are caressing and holding you and making you feel so girly even holding and cuddling you after till we fall asleep xxx if you want xxx

that is what i want and enjoy - treat me like a woman and you would be rewarded by a very horny girl who can't get enough and would do anything for her man!!

these pics attached are from one of nights that didn't happen. xxx

Im going to sleep now I do hope you wish to visit and can chat later xxx

Hello beautiful how are you tonight x

very well thank you - all the better to hear from you! x

Ahh thank you you sweetie xx

you are welcome and were very charming last night x

Thank you xx, Its not an act I am on here as I am in life i respect people and what they want , i will say that to me i would treat you as a girl and love you like one the more girly you are the sexier you are to me and I do find you very sexy xx

that is so sweet of you to say, i want the type of relationship a teenage girl has with her boyfriend, she wants to please him so he doesn't run off with someone else - he wants to have sex with her etc. she wants to be told she looks nice, have her bum felt and kisses before sex with a cuddle afterwards.

Ohh now that is so lovely and beautiful id love that feeling as well as the boyfriend to just have cuddles and play together fall asleep together i would love again xx
If its not too intrusive where abouts are you xx

it used to be on my profile - i am from xxxxx

i love been laid in a mans arms after sex with my head snuggling on his shoulder and one of my legs draped across him it just feels so loving.

i also like/want the playful side where a man slaps my bum as i walk past to gee me up a little etc. xx

Hello sweetie you just get better , you have all the traits i love , and hmm yes a little playfull bum slap nice xx xxxxx not that far from me . I do hope one day you fancy letting a guy love you like you want i certainly would xx

Mmmmm having my bum slapped in a playful way really turns me on. I am a touchy feely sort of girl.

I also like my man to playfully role over with me in bed as i try to act shy.

I have just realised that you are in xxx which is quite a way from me. I have just finished a job there over the past 4 months. If i had have known i could gave definitely had an afternoon off.

You are futher away than i travel though.


Hi i travel to xxxxx most weekends so i could pick you up and drive you back after a lovely night rolling over in bed having fun and loving cuddles xxx

there lies the problem - i am married so arranging meets is difficult for me, that is why i try to maximise any free time i have.

I understand but if there is ever a chance xx, I see why hotel rooms now and the twats that let you down well they sure are idiots for missing out on you sorry I dont live nearer and poss an overnight would be hard for you but I would love to see you xxx

i have to say that i am beginning to fall for you a bit now and seeing how i can make it work.  i also have a guy in manchester after me (same distance problems) who wants to take me out on a date.

i do think i will have  good time and feel girly when i am with you.

Well i really would want you to feel girly with me as that really turns me on and i would really treat you as a girl with every thing that happens xxxx
Also i fell for you the moment you chatted and sent your girly pics xxx

i sense that although i wouldn't want you to be too gentle once we got into bed - i like a gentle approach to warm me up, but then it would be all about your pleasure not mine.  your enjoyment is secondary to mine.

Ohhh im sure your enjoyment would be making sure my enjoyment is complete and also being loved like a girl , I'm sure you will feel satisfied with being with me xxx

sucking and sitting on your cock would satisfy me!!

what is  your favourite position

 i have just uploaded these photos for you, in case you want to think of me tonight...

Id love you to sit on my cock facing away from me and lean back so i can kiss your neck and nibble your ears then lay on your back with your legs wide apart and over my shoulders so i can look into your eyes then lay down spoons so I can cuddle you wile i cum and stay cuddling you after xxxx Oh lovely pics yes i will dream tonight xxxx

you saying that you will kiss my neck and nibble my ears has almost made me cum (seriously!!) - i don't know what i will do if i am sat on your cock as well.

i am going now - hopefully you will get this view one day.....xxxxx

Oh well lets hope one day you do then we will find out and be satisfied . I do hope i get to meet you and see that view along with others xxxx
You are so girly and sexy xxxx

I have been told to man up before, but I just prefer to girl up.

I have never been called sexy as a man.


We are what we are and you love being girly and your very good at it and a very sexy girl by the way your pics make my cock hard you certainly are a sexy girl, I just dream of seeing you SEXY xxxx
Well your cock is hard and the way you are talking to me is making my panties wet. Think we may need to sort out both problems together...
Just out of interest could you do an afternoon meet if given notice

Now that is so nice Possibly can if given notice but deffo if on sat or sun xx
Weekends are the days that I can't do.
I may be able to get an afternoon off but I would have to leave around 5.

Well lets see if we can do my sweet girl xx
It would be worth doing!
I have not asked you this, but what "look" would you prefer your girlfriend to wear.
I do have quite a lot of clothes, but as with most girls I do love shopping and would be quite happy to wear anything that you want me to wear.

As long as you look cute sweet sexy with a hint of innocence then im sure we will have a lovely time xxxx. Im falling asleep sweetheart so ill say goodnight and im looking forward to dreaming about you xxxxx
Ok. Goodnight.
Your girlfriend is thinking of you
I know that you look at your emails on a morning so I have sent this to give you a start for the day.
Not the best or sexiest photos but I think you will like.
Have a good day
Good morning sexy , I did dream about you and it was lovely. Ohhh what a lovely start to my day seeing your pics and i do like very much. I hope we do get to caress and cuddle and enjoy each other untill then i can dream , you have a good day as well xxx

I have been thinking about you as well.
i have been thinking what i want to wear. Yesterday as it happens i got a new dress. It is cute with a feminine touch of lace but i am not too sure it would be suitable as it is also very tight and quite short.

Ahh thats nice
well I'd  love to see you in a tight short dress showing the curve of your cute sexy bum xxxx

i think you missed the point - i think it may be a little too "tarty" and i don't want to give you the impression that i am type of girl......

I thought it was slinky and sexy not tarty its hard to say without seeing you In it which is why i said it would show your cute bum curves I really like the look of cute sweet sexy with a hint of innocence and girly xxx

its cute and sweet alright + the lace makes it girly.  it is also sexy but i don't want to send the wrong impression - you might try to take advantage of me xx

Ohhh i see would I ? hmmm well possibly I might but you would like it xxxx

are you sure i would like it though because some of  my other boyfriends have been a bit forceful and i like to be loved.  i do like my dress as it shows off my legs.  i think if i had lots of kisses i would feel better.

Oh i will love you and caress and hold, run my hands over your hair down your sides over your bum down to your ankles and back up then id follow with my lips kissing you all over till you quiver with excitement begging for me to enter your sweet pussy whilst cuddling you and kissing your sweet neck xx

wow you are so considerate and you make me feel tingly all over.  i will be almost passing out with pleasure and that is before i feel you enter me.

And after we can just cuddle up and fall asleep together. and when we wake oh well thats another thing xx

i am going to have to go now - might be on later but not sure.
i am trying to arrange some time off for an afternoon with you maybe the second last week of april (if not it may have to be a few weeks on from then as i may be starting a new job)
i think i know the type of girl you want me to be, but i can be anything you want.  i can act timid/shy, play hard to get (for a bit), a virgin (lol), a horny wife or even a prostitute.  i would welcome your comments as to how you want me to act and what you would like me to do for you.

Ok hopefully chat later xxx ill let you know what girl i will like when we chat again xxxx

i will look forward to it.

Yes mmmmmmm so will I xxx

It is always nice to read a message from my boyfriend first thing on a morning. Sounds a bit pathetic but I guess I am needy kind of girl. Xx

Well thats a lovely thing would be better to wake up together so i can kiss you on your cheek then you turn over an nestle your bum upto my cock as spoons and just cuddle whilst having a cheeky twitch xxx

waking up together would be nice and spooning with and feeling your cock twitching against my bum would make me happy as i would know that you wanted me.
if i woke up first i may have to wake you up by giving you a blow job.

Ohh what a lovely way to be woken up by you and that your such a cute sweet thing I'd  love that xxx

that would be nice - having loving sex before starting the day. i would hardly be able to sleep with the excitement of waking up. x

Ahh well im sure we would make ourselves tired when we got in bed xxx

mmm thinking about it we would struggle to get much sleep unless i fell asleep in your protective arms, cuddling and kissing.
hopefully we will get together and when we do i hope i do not disappoint you.

Im sure we would fall asleep entwined together , oh and i love sexy cute little nightie and sweet pink panties on you although I guess they might be on the floor , bit like the pink one in your pic xx

I do have a couple of sexy nighties as you would expect. I will try and dig out a photo of me in one if you would like, but I don't want to show you everything, there will be no surprises and less enjoyment when we meet.

Ohhh you little tease but yes xxx

although i think you have seen most of me by now! a cheeky question but do you have any photos of your cock that you could send me?

Ill take one for you xxx

do you need any inspiration to make it big and hard?

Well ive just took one but its soft as rushed inspiration would be nice xxx

well how about i describe how i intend to throw my hands around your neck and kiss your lips while stroking the back of your neck.  i then feel your hands stroking my back getting lower and lower until i feel them on my bum. i immediately grab your hand and pull it further up my back while looking you in the eyes "cheeky".
after more kissing my hips press into yours and i can feel your cock getting harder.  my hand reaches down to give it a squeeze.

To be honest yes that really helps but I did or was naughty earlier with your pics so need something hornier or a bit of rest time xxx

men? you only have one thing on your mind.  glad you were looking at my pics though.
maybe if i showed you what was under my skirt then that might help...

Ohh thwts nice yess deffo helps xxxx
Do you have whats app?

no - is it worth getting?

Well i culd seNd ny cock pic instant x

ahh- i see.  give me 10 minutes and i will download it.

ok. x

after messing about for 10 minutes it doesn't seem to work right. i will wait on here.

Hmmm odd you did try on a smart phone not computer or tablet. Any way one has cleared

something to do with permissions i will have to try again later.

your cock does look cute, but i would rather see it hard if possible.

Ohhhh your so cute a n d sweet yes it does help ( a bit hehe) wish you were here x

but if i was there, what would we be doing??

Everything hmmmm

i could be cooking you a meal and cleaning up, been the attentive girlfriend i am.  is that what you had in mind?

Well yes lovely and ill help you

but if we were both in the kitchen i could guess where it would end - me bent over the kitchen table. xx

Sorry mum came to see me , as for kitchen table i haven't got one, you start to wash up I come behind you kiss your neck and hug and squeeze you you respond by rubbing your bum against me i lift your little skirt and ohhh xxxxx

i feel your cold hands rubbing up my thighs lifting my skirt. i don't have time for this but it feels good.  i feel your cock prodding against my pantied bum and i move to make it harder. your hands are all over me now.

Gently play with your nipples while kissing your ears neck and head slowly slide my hand into your panties as you respond to my harderning cock

i am melting and starting to sigh.  my hands reach around and start to fiddle with the  belt and fly of your trousers until they are undone and your trousers fall to the floor.  i get your cock out and stroke it a little while you still kiss my neck and fondle my nipples.

I think we should stop there and save that for when we meet , i hope that happens

If we did have to stop there, i would be very very frustrated and horny!! xx

Oh if you were nere it wouldn't stop there but i know what you mean xx

i hope that has managed to make your cock hard.

I have took some pics but on my phone as i hoped you loaded whats app so ill have to try to transfere them not a 2 min fix now would be better to send to your phone xx

I am logging off for a bit now - i will try and fix it. might be back on later. xx

Hello Beautiful xx

Hello darling xx

You have got me really wanting you is it going to happen xxx

Hopefully, it is just finding time from my side that fitted in with you.  it would have to be one afternoon from 12-5ish.  and i would take the time off work.  don't want to rush something.

It would have to be soon as i start a new job on 27 and than i cant take time off i know you said weekends are off but friday night till sat would be so lovely you would have to figure that one out though but I hope soon xxx, did you get whats app

thats funny because my company is getting taken over and i think the start with my new employers is 27th.  i was hoping for the wednesday afternoon before that.  as nice as it does sound, friday night to saturday will be unworkable for me.

yes i did get whats app working.  i will send a message - please note i don't have any photos of susan on my phone. sorry.  got a few more on here though.

Well dont worry about whats app i did transfere my pics to here just waiting till there approved tben you can see my cock almost fully hard need You with me for full hard id love to see a reall sexy one of you xxxx

what do you call sexy? i may have something....

More naked or riskay x

i have a few from when i was younger, but i do not have shaved armpits or chest (yes i know i should have and i do now) then.
i can upload them here.
me with a dildo etc.

They sound sexy especially dildo xx

i was a virgin when they were taken, times have changed, but the good feeling hasn't

Wel, when we meet ill treat you like a virgin again xxx

is that how you would like me to act - as a young virgin finally hoping to become a real woman

Yes another part of you being my girlfriend xx

that is no problem, i love having a cock in me, so any position is ok for me

Your making me hard again stop it sexy id love my cock in you xxx

that slippary feeling as you force yourself all the way in and then i start to buck with pleasure as you gain momentum.

Yes and the shudder of you as you feel my warm spunk go into you x

I love the feeling of a cock pumping into me - it says i have done my job well.

Ohh thats nice. So can i see some morre of you xx

i am waiting on some pics to clear and i will upload some more tomorrow. xx

disappearing now for a shower. xx

Wish i was with you stood washing each other xxxx

i have done that, but only once! x

Bath together careful you dont slip on soap and slide onto a cock xx

sliding onto a cock is not a bad thing!!

Good morning sexy, i had hoped my pics have been approved by now but they haven't so i cant greet you with a picture of what you might be teased with and end up sliding upon. Im at work today so will catch up tonight until then ill dream and look at pics you sent xxx

Hi. They usually sort out the photos quite quickly but never mind. I will have to imagine what it looks and feels like.

Hope you have a good day

Well thet have just done it so hope you like this one xxx

you do seem to have a big head on your cock - how long is it?

Well its not that big maybe just a close up hehe ,and the more excited i am the bigger it is average id say , you dont say if you like xxx

i like the look of the head but are you sure it is average - i was hoping for something a little bigger.....

Ohhh is it no good then ?

that depends, does it grow bigger? have you measured yourself against other cocks?

Hmmm well for someone so cute sweet and innocent you sure know what cock you want never measured so guess im no good for you.

i may act sweet and innocent, but it is only an act!

i understand how let down you must feel right now.  i was hoping that you had a bigger one.  i have slept with a couple of guys who have had small cocks and it has been very underwhelming for me - one guy i couldn't even feel in me.

Well others have felt it and even asked me to go steady up too you .

I will have to try myself. Xx

Now that sounds better, whats the worst that can happen ? xxx

I agree, as a girl i can't pick and choose and a girl never really know until she has undressed her man.
Theres alway the way the man treats the girl as well

yes there is and i hope that i will be very turned on by everything else we will be doing.

I would hope so as well
so have you had any thoughts on how you want me to act, and what you want me to do?

Yes but ill tell you ifvand when you decide to meet me x

the only date i can see in the near future is next wednesday afternoon.  after that with the new job i will need time to find out how much time i can get away with and how closely i will be watched.

Thats good as at the moment i have that day free

it would have to be an afternoon meet and i would have to leave no later than about 5.  hopefully i could get there as early as possible.

Sounds good to me xx

with the relatively short amount of time we would have i would try and get at least my underwear on before i arrive, but i would need time to do my hair and makeup before you see susan.

That would be ok however you want to play it x

i will try to swing a visit to xxx, then i will be nearer and not having to travel as long. if i get away from hull early i will start to get dressed, then leave the makeup/dress/hair for when i get to yours.
then we will have some time together.....

That sounds like a real good plan more time more fun xx

i don't think i will be at my very best lookwise as i would be rushing to have some fun, but i will try and look presentable. x

Oh im sure you will look just fine and sexy x

probably won't look fine when you are finished with me..

Hopefully not you look used and bedraggled x

might need a touch up (my make up, not from you) if we have time to go again.  i could possibly change into something else for you to take off.

Ohh yes ill love taking clothes off you xx

that is something i will look forward to.
in case i have not mentioned this before - it will be safe sex only.  don't this to become an issue when we are there

No problem at all with that x

Good.  it will soon be less than a week away before you have your hands all over me.

I know cant wait till i do xx

Me too. I am starting to plan how I am going to do my makeup etc for you

Im randy just thinking about you xxx

My panties also get damp imagining what we are going to do.

I hope you dont get too randy or horny though as i want to turn you on. X

Ohh well I'll have to let you turn me on then xxx

although i do think i have a head start in turning you on, i think you will be happy when you see me.

Yes i really think i will be and yes you have a head start but ill try not to be too excited till i see you.
what time will you be at home next wednesday.

 i think i will be going to xxx in morning and then coming across.

I'm not working Wednesday so will be home for you when you want x

that will be even better - there is a chance i could get off a bit earlier and maybe spend a bit more time getting ready and looking my best for you, before you rip off my clothes and have sex with me.

I want you in my bed i will love to tease you by undressing you making you quiver till you jump on my cock xx

I hope that as you peel off my clothes you start to get turned on. Plenty if kissing plenty of feeling and stroking. + some teasing and playfulness.

Oh yes definitely  i want you to be dribbling and wet before i enter you xx

If you kiss my neck and stroke my body i will be putty in your hands.

I want you to be rock hard and desperate to rip off my clothes, throw me on the bed and then have your way.

Well ill have to do that then. slide my hands all over you while kissing your neck grab your bum cheeks gently slide my hand between them lay you on my bed pull your sexy panties down and .....xxxxx

i am so wet after reading that, practically came in my panties.  the time cannot go fast enough now.  i need to put my hands around you and kiss you, hold you and then make sure you receive the loving you deserve.

Ohh im wishing that time hurries up till we meet xxx

when i do come over can i ask 2 things - one - i don't want my cock touching at all (i am a girl i don't have a cock) and secondly would you be knid enough to take a couple of pictures of me.

I wont touch your cock im not interested in it at all sorry if it gets touched it will only be by accident and yes i will take pics if you want xxx

Thank you - i didn't want it to get awkward when we meet and i will send you copies of the photos.  is there anything i should know?

What way do you mean is there anything you should know?

I meant is there anything that you don't particularly like so i can avoid doing it.

Ah well if there is something you do and i dont like it ill just say and that goes for you as well no offence will be taken or given xx and who know without trying things you never know xx

I couldn't think of anything but I thought I would ask. As for me it is touching my cock that's all.

Do you want me to act like a Virgin (at least for the first time)?

Hmmmm depends on how you dress for me but might be nice xxxx

I have a dress in mind to wear for when you first see me as Susan, but if you need a virgin look I can always reconsider.

But I can change while you recharge your batteries so I may let you pick then. X

No ill leave it up to you, not bothered about a virgin im sure you'll be so sexy with anything you wear xxx

I don't think i will disappoint you, but if I did I can always do a quick change to suit any fantasy you may have. Xx

I dont either but knowing you have clothes to suit fantasys is nice xxx

I suppose it depends what fantasy you have....?

Yes i just love cute sexy with a hint of innocence xxx

I think I can pull that off. If I am not very good we will have to try again...xxxxxx

Im sure you will pull it off oh you mean tbe innocence and dress hehe xxx im off to sleep now sexy as up early sweet dreams xxxx

I will be trying to pull everything off!!

Hope you had a good nights sleep. Another night closer to our meeting. Xxx

I am so excited that I can act super girly.

Morning yes one day closer till you are in my arms and bed  have a good day xxx

I cant decide what i am looking forward to most. Getting dressed for you or getting into bed with you.
I think i may love them both xx

I think i will like them both as well, also ill love undressing you , caressing you and hmmm I wonder what ill do next xxx

Hello sweetheart,  im working today so wont be on here till pos late tonight . Another day closer to holding you in my arms and nibbling your ears and neck and caressing your body xxx

Your last 2 messages about undressing me, caressing me and kissing me have given me a warm fuzzy giggly feeling.  i have a feeling i may faint under your touch!! xxx

as for what will we do next - well we could watch tv or something..??

Ohh thats nice to know, you are cute, yes just cuddle in bed and watch tv xxx

who mentioned getting into bed!!??  i am a good girl you know.

Ah well good girls need hugging and keeping warm hence the bed xx

do i assume that you wont try to take advantage of me?

Oh yes ill be the perfect gentleman hehe xx

damn and here i was hoping to get lucky!!  maybe i will have to take advantage of you!!

Ohhh you tease xxx

well i hope i do manage to tease you for a bit, but i do expect you to command when we get into bed. i will follow your lead!!

Oh im sure that will happen after all your cute and innocent and need guidence xxx

that is so true - i need to learn to please my man and who better to teach me than my loving boyfriend. xx

Yes! Im sure your going to please your man and your man will please and look after you xxx

My pleasure is purely secondary.  i will be very happy if you are totally satisfied and feel that you have had a good time.  anything above that is a bonus for me and i do not expect to have an orgasm or anything like that.  my pleasure is seeing you have pleasure.

Well I will not have to disappoint you and let you pleasure me, Im so sure you will xx

i am sure i will try my best - if you don't think i am very good i will have to try again and again until i am!!

i am going now - probably won't be back on tonight sweet dreams xx

Im sure you will be especially as i love that pic sweet dreams xxx

glad you liked the picture. hopefully i can look as good as i do in the pictures for you.  i want everything to be perfect for you. x

Im sure you will look cute and sexy and you will be perfect xxx

As long as you can put up with a few imperfections and the knowledge that i am trying my best in the time available.  i could look better with more time, but i would need a lot more time!!  lol

Ah bless you im sure i can, I bet your going to look ace! Xx

I hope so. I am beginning to get nervous, as I assume any girl would who wants to really impress. Not long now though. X

Nerves are a little good I think and yes so am I , I am sure youre going to impress me just hope I return the compliment xx I keep looking at your pics and think WOW xx Forgot to say have a lovely day sexy xx

That is so sweet and reassuring for you to say that. I want to get it all right and i barely think of anything else now. Hope you have had a good day too. Xxx

Hi I've just got home and straight on here just to look at you maybe that says it all xxxx

mmmmm thank you i will take that as a compliment.  i love your messages on a morning, knowing that the first thing you think of is me!  makes me feel girly. xxxx

I really am looking forward to seeing you in the flesh so to speak , you're such a sexy cute girl cant wait till I can hold you in my arms and snuggle with you whilst kissing your neck and licking your ears xxx

i am looking forward to feeling your manly arms around me as you hold me lovingly and tight to you. also to feel your kisses on me, and maybe later your cock in me!!

Ohhhh yes you naughty girl xxx

i am a good shy girl normally - maybe you will bring out the sex kitten that is in me!

Well i really hope so xxx

Me too ????

Don't know if I have missed you tonight now, but there are a couple of things to sort before we meet.
I need to know your address so I know where to go, no rush on this, but I will need it on Wednesday morning!

Also when I get there I need somewhere to get changed and do my makeup. I would prefer to do this without you watching so I can hopefully wow you later. Need a mirror and a sink.

You will have to press entry button so I can let you in go into lobby through door to lift , 2nd floor out of lift turn right through door turn right my flat door at end of corridor door will be ajar, into flat bathroom on right hand side go in close door  then you can get ready,ill stay out of the way xx what time you thing you will arrive ? Xx

Sounds perfect. I am hoping to leave york about 11.30-12 so probably about 12.30. If i can get away before i will and then let you know.

So excited now. Doubt i will sleep tonight.

Hi been a long day ive just got home about 9.20pm , i think ill have trouble sleeping as well, ill be here waiting xxx

Make sure you have plenty of rest - you might need it ;)

All systems go from my end. Hoping to leave at about 11.30

I will need time to clean up afterwards so our "fun" may have to end about 4.

Thats okay cant wait i understand about you leaving no problem there, just say when you need to go xxx

Thanks. Need to get the make up off and do a good job plus get home at a reasonable time.
i will get ready as quick as I can.

Excited and nervous now xxx

Yes leave no signs x well I'm just as nervous and excited so thats both of us which is nice xxx

If possible can you take a picture when you first see me (I will bring my camera) as that is probably when I will look my best.

After that I am all yours to do as you please and for me to do what pleases you!

Yes of course ill take a pic of you and i like the do as I please thats gets me excited xxx im signing off now as was in late so need to bath and bed so good night sexy and ill see you tomorrow i will be on here in the morning and you have my phone no xxx

I can't wait to see you excited, it will be worth the effort from me.

Have a good night and I will message you when I am leaving

Ok xxxxx

Good morning. Hope you are well rested and have plenty of energy for this afternoon!

Wont be long now until I am in your arms.

 Good morning sweet and sexy see you soon xxxxx

Very close now. Will text you when i get out of car. About 5mins max hopefully!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Favourite Video

Hi everyone - i have not disappeared, just gone away for a little.

I have a few posts that are worth sharing and hopefully they will get done inthe near future.

If you search back in my blog you will find that i was looking for some porn from the female point of view.  There does seem to be a few more of these made now, and this one is my new favourite.

I think it is properly from the girls view!!

(note- if the link doesn't work, please let me know and i will upload it somewhere else)


i am sure you will like it if you ever wondered what it is like for a girl having sex.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

bit of shopping

So i have had a girly shopping spree.

i have been searching for a perfect dress again in case i managed to arrange another meeting - i want to wow any man who sees me!

So after the zipper accident on the previous black dress i decided to buy the same dress again in a larger size.  So i did.  It came, i tried it on and the zipper broke.  This time instead of the zip splitting in the middle it split from the bottom.  Apart from the frustration, this is when i had a lightbulb moment.

Why not get a stronger zip put in it as obviously this is a zip problem.  i was at home trying this larger dress on so i had access to some pins to see what it looked like.  it didn't fit as well as the smaller size, so now i am torn as to buy the smaller size again (i threw the last one out) or just go with the larger one with a fixed zip.

i am losing weight though and the smaller one did feel better!!

so i have just ordered another, from amazon this time (same dress but less wait time)

However i have also ordered and got the following

A pink skirt 15" long

This is quite short, but was described as zip fastening - its not, just an elastic waist.  Not sure what i would wear with (but i did drive home in it today!)  more of a beach cover up skirt really.

White peplum dress

this on the other hand is lovely
it is quite tight fitting and the picture does not show a bow that is tied at the rear around the waist.
it is short, but not short enough to show my panties, and very feminine.  i just don't know when i will find a suitable occasion to wear it - maybe a wedding, formal night out.

i also don't have any shoes that i think go with it. i think that with a plain white dress i need some statement sandals.

it is not a dress to wear suspenders and stockings beneath - just shaved legs, but some nice white underwear wouldn't go a miss

stripe dress 30.3" long

i bought this on a whim.
i was not sure if i would like it, but the measurements said it was very short.  it is.
it barely covers my bum
i think unless you are going for the tarty look, then tights and big pants are a necessity!!
i do like it though!!

if anyone has any suggestions on how, where or what i should wear with the dresses above, please let me know

Sunday, March 22, 2015

sissystaion lucky dip 3

18        You are to go to a pharmacy or department store and buy yourself a bottle of nail polish. Don't buy a quick drying polish - they don't stay on long enough for your needs.
Chose the brightest red you can find. NOT the first one you find. By all means pick this one up but compare it with all the others on sale to make sure it is the very brightest red nail polish in the whole shop before you buy it. When you are happy that you have the very brightest available, buy a set of toe-spreaders and a nail file or emery board as well.
Do not buy nail polish remover. If you already have some, throw it away. That way you can't change your mind after an orgasm.
Go home and set aside at least an hour. Wash your feet thoroughly. Lightly file the ends of your toenails so they have no sharp edges and are slightly rounded.
Now fit your toe-spreaders. It feels uncomfortable at first, but your foot will soon relax. Shake the bottle of polish and unscrew the cap. Savour that smell. In time, it will become very familiar to you. Paint your toenails. Take your time; if you rush you will make a mistake. Wipe the excess varnish off the brush against the bottle rim. You are better to apply lots of thin coats than one thick one that won't dry well. Apply a single stroke down the centre of the first nail (start with your big toe, it's a big target!) from just beyond the base to the tip. If your nails are long enough, run slightly over the edge at the tip; this will reduce the chances of the polish lifting off. Apply a further stroke either side and lastly across the base if required. Don't redo a stroke you think it looks too uneven; you will only smear drying varnish and make a mess. You are going to build up the colour in layers, so uneven colour will be hidden. However, the rough texture of smeared polish will not be covered.
Repeat on your other toenails, and then let them dry. Admire the feminising effect painting your nails has. Then apply a second coat. Again, let it dry thoroughly. If the colour is still a little thin or uneven, apply a third coat and let this dry.
No matter how excited you are, don't put pantyhose or shoes on until you are certain the polish is completely dry.
Now go about your normal activities. Painted nails will look fabulous through pantyhose so they are strongly recommended. Keep your nails painted for a week before you go shopping for nail polish remover. At work, keep reminding yourself that you have painted toenails. Imagine how your colleagues would react! If any of your colleagues have painted nails on show, ask yourself if you would like to wear their colour next time. Maybe they'll lend it to you if you ask nicely...


19        This is one for sissies with a wife or girlfriend.
Offer your partner a weekend of pampering as a special treat. If she is suspicious of your sudden change in behaviour, tell her that she deserves it for putting up with you or that you've done.
Explain that you will wait hand & foot on your partner, that you will do whatever she wants, bring breakfast in bed, take her out to dinner (better have this pre-arranged!) & she is not to lift a finger all weekend. If she wants to go shopping, go willingly, carry the bags, and buy something for her. Most of all be the most attentive lover you have ever been. Remember, her pleasure is all. Yours is incidental.
Offer to bathe her, dress her, paint her toenails. She is almost certain to let you do the latter.
So, you get to paint her nails. Let her choose the colour, of course. As you work, talk positively about how much you like painted nails, how different her feet look with them, how much you're enjoying doing it, etc. Try to sound interested and a little envious. If she doesn't offer to do yours for you, make a joke of asking if she'd like to. She'll either think this is a great idea or be glad you're only joking. Either way, you haven't lost anything.
If you do get your toenails painted, make a point of not wearing anything on your feet, so they are constantly on show. Make it clear you are happy to show off your nails. See where it leads.
Even if no crossdressing occurs, you can get your pleasure from serving your 'Mistress'. Be sure to show your subservience. Maybe call her 'Mistress' if the mood is right. Bow on receiving a request (or command), or curtsy if you dare. If the mood is right, ask if she wishes to punish you for any misdemeanours.
Remember, her pleasure is all. Yours is incidental.


20        Make up. Don't you just love it? It can make such a difference to someone's appearance, can't it? With skill and the right tools, one can make eyes appear larger, smaller, closer together, further apart, bright, sleepy, seductive, scary. Lips can appear summery, sultry, fatter, thinner, glossy.
You are to write down a detailed description of the make up of every woman you interact with each day. If you don't see many women close up, write about TV presenters or soap characters. Describe her foundation, blush, eyebrows, eye make up (liner, shadow(s), mascara) and lip make up (lipstick, pencil, gloss). A short comment on her clothing and hair may help place the make up in context for future reference.
Don't just write 'black eyeliner, black mascara'. Describe the exact location of the line, its width, whether it tapers, and so on. For mascara, describe whether this has been applied lightly or heavily, clumped or separated, to outer lashes of upper lid or all over both upper & lower lashes. Describe the colour, position, blending and effect of any eye shadow.
Practice now on this image
As your eye becomes more experienced, you will be able to describe someone's make up as well as any woman. You will take a new look at people you thought you knew well. You will start to recognise the superior make up skills of some women over others. When you find you can do this easily, think how the poor quality make up could be improved; different colours, different position, a lighter touch, maybe?
When you have 25 make up reports written down, sit in front of a mirror and look at your own face. What make up would suit you? Chose a look for day and another for evening. Write it down. Now you have a plan for your own make up. Why not buy what you need and practice?


21        For this task, you will need a lipstick and a compact mirror (one of those fold up mirrors for your handbag/purse). You can choose the colour lipstick you use. A nude colour would be more discrete, but then when were you ever discrete?
You are to go into a large shopping centre/mall at the weekend, when it will be busy. You will have your lipstick and compact with you (you should really be carrying these at all times anyway, sissy).
Take a break from your shopping for pretty clothes to sit and rest for a few minutes. Stop at a cafe for a drink. After your coffee, take out your lipstick and mirror.
You know what you have to do next, don't you sissy?
That's right.
Uncap your lipstick. Wind up the creamy, phallic column of colour. Look at your lips in the mirror. Bring the lipstick to your mouth. Smell its unmistakeable scent. Stretch your lips over your teeth like an experienced make up user. Run the lipstick over your lips, taking care not to make a wobbly lipline. Blot your lips with a tissue, then repeat. Admire your handiwork. If you've used a nude lipstick, the result may be quite subtle, but everyone in the cafe will have watched you.
What a sissy! No real man would even think of doing what you've just done. That's what they'll be thinking. And they'd be right, wouldn't they? You aren't a real man, you're a sissy who is prepared to put lipstick on in public for the humiliating thrill it gives you.
Good girl.
Now you've done it once, it's easier the second time so next time take a lip gloss as well and finish your lips off with a sticky, wet shine. Maybe mascara and some powder, too. You know you will do this, sissy. You can picture yourself sitting there right now, can't you, girl?


22        For this task you will need pantyhose. If you don't already have some (and I can't believe you don't) buy black 10 denier that will fit you.
This is another shopping humiliation. Wear your pantyhose under your male clothes. DON'T wear socks, but wear your 'male' shoes. You will only display the merest hint of ankle when walking and no-one will notice.
But that isn't your task.
Your task is to go shopping for shoes. If you're really scared at the thought of trying on women's shoes, don't worry. For this task, you can browse men's shoes if you prefer. Your challenge is to try on at least two pairs of shoes. I hope you get help from a sales assistant. I hope it's a woman.
Just imagine; after browsing the display you ask to try on a pair of shoes. You sit and undo your brogues or trainers or whatever. You hesitate to kick off your shoes just yet. After all, you're wearing pantyhose. So, you wait for the assistant to return.
She kneels at your feet and fiddles with the laces of your chosen new shoes. She waits for you to remove yours. She's probably noticed your ankles and doesn't want to miss this. You will be the highlight of her mundane day. You slip your feet out and feel the sudden cool rush of air on your sweaty nylons. She stifles a snigger and her face is contorted to stop her bursting into a grin. She cups your heel in her hand and, despite the intense embarrassment, you feel very aroused at a stranger touching your pantyhose.
She slides your new shoes onto your feet. As always, they slide easily over nylon. "How do they feel, Sir?" If you say they feel loose, maybe she'll offer you a pair of socks. Maybe she'll offer you some women's shoes. Or some pantyhose when you checkout.
If you're feeling adventurous, shave your legs and paint your toenails, too.
You can do this. You can see it happening, can't you. Do it.


23        This task has two parts. Both are to do with your public identity as a sissy.
The first step is to get an appropriate email address, if you don't have one already. It must be clear to anyone who gets a mail from you (using that address) that you are a sissy. There are many free and (fairly) anonymous web-based services you can use. Any address at www.sissify.com will instantly signify your sissiness, for example. Otherwise, incorporate sissy, maid, girl, tv or whatever, into your name email name.
The second step is to tell someone that you are a sissy (not just the sign up page at your new mail server). This is harder. What options do you have? You could try telling your partner (if you have one, but we both know you won't do this); make a random phone call to a stranger (but likely to be viewed as a nuisance call); call a telephone helpline for people with personal problems; better still, a customer support helpline; contact a TV or radio phone in; or email someone you hope will be sympathetic.
If you choose the last and easiest option you must also include details of your level of experience, your bravest public venture and your sexiest fantasy. This is to make you think about your sissiness and stop you just casually sending the message "I'm a sissy". I will accept your confessions if you really can't think of anyone else.


24        Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sensitive nipples like a woman? Wouldn't you like to get close to orgasm just by caressing them?
Maybe you can.
For this task, you will need two clothespins/pegs, two bulldog clips or a pair of nipple clamps if you have them.
The setting is important. Allow yourself plenty of time. Maybe line up some sexy stories from the net, a video or a selection of women's magazines. Strip naked. Make sure the room is warm enough. Attach a clamp to each nipple so that it squeezes only the nipple, not the surrounding areola. You will feel an intense pain a first but persevere and a warm rush will take over. Aim to keep the clamps on for at least 30 minutes the first time. Watch or read something sexy. Masturbate if you wish, but do not cum.
When you can bear it no longer, remove the clamps. Again, an intense surge of pain as the blood rushes back into your nipples. Now notice how sensitive they feel. This could last up to 24hrs, so make the most of it. Wear something sensual that will brush your nipples, like a silky bra, camisole, blouse or shirt. From time to time, caress your breasts through the material. Brush against your nipples. You don't need to be told to do that, do you, sissy? Do you feel aroused? Do you long for your nipples to be this sensitive all the time? Well, they could be... you just have to take female hormones to grow breasts and shrivel up your already-pathetic boyclit. Would you like that?


25        Panties.
(If you already live in panties, this task is not for you.)
What is it about a single item of clothing that can make it so exciting for a sissy? Half the world's population wear them every day, yet some sissies would have a coronary at the thought of wearing a pair of panties. Not from fear, but from excitement.
You are a sissy, aren't you? You would dearly love to replace all your male underwear with silk, satin, mesh and lace panties, strings, thongs and knickers; to reach in your underwear drawer each morning and pull out a pair of black, silk bikinis with lace trim, slide them up your legs, snuggle the soft material around your buttocks and tuck in your boyclit and sissyballs.
So, what's stopping you?
You are to buy seven pairs of panties in your size in one trip from one store. No multipacks. No duplicates. Seven different combinations of style, colour and fabric. What will the shop assistant think when you take so many pairs of panties to the checkout? It's a very odd present for a woman. They must be for you. If she makes any comment, tell her the truth.
Go to a public toilet and change into one of the pairs of panties. Leave your male underwear behind. You won't be needing it again.
Every day, select a new pair of panties to wear and discard an item of male underwear. Enjoy the sensation of silk, satin and lace on your body. Does it make you feel feminine? Imagine, you could be the one wearing the sexiest panties at work. Fantasise about who might have naughtier underwear. You can masturbate, but do not cum.
Every evening, lovingly hand wash your worn panties so you always have a plentiful supply. Keep doing this and you will soon run out of male underclothes. But you won't miss them, will you, sissy?