Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No. 32 - End of Chapter 4

Now we need to do a bit of revision, because there is so much feminization going on... and you need to control it better.

I have broken up below the various things you should be doing to feminize yourself and I have seperated them into 'normal' daily duties and the longer term tasks you have to complete.

Daily Tasks

You should every day be doing the following :-

Keeping yourself feminine and smooth by shaving and hair remover.

Be using feminine toiletries to soften and care for your skin and body.

Have your toenails painted and your nails varnished.

Be wearing panties, pantyhose (or stockings) and a bra (under your outer false male persona if you have to ) or completely in skirts/dresses and blouses during the day.

Wear high heels at home all the time.

Wear a feminine, sexy, silky nightdress each night.

Be living in a very femininely styled home.

Be cleaning/keeping that house and doing the housework dressed as a maid.

Keeping yourself in chastity- to reward yourself at the weekends (?) for following/doing all the above.

Be studying and learning more about makeup and being a woman.

Long Term Tasks / Goals

Long term, you currently should be trying to complete the following :-

Using dieting and light exercise, to create a slimmer sexier you.

Using corsets to help you achieve that feminine figure.

Be trying to create a better (more private?) living environment where you can dress and be yourself?

Having a digital camera and recording your dressing ( to share the images online ?).

Have an online presence on the internet to make new sissy friends.

Finding new local gay or tranvestite or ts friends to help your feminization.

Learning new skills to make you a better sissy.

Where to next ?

Do not think about continueing until you can say that you are doing your daily tasks and at least making an effort on most of the long term tasks.

Up to this most of the lessions, are (to some extent) feminizations that you can keep secret.

From now on, I am including ideas and things to do, to make you a better sissy- which you won't be able to hide.

Up to you, if you really really want to be a complete sissy... Well do you?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No. 31 - Eyebrows

Could not resist putting up some Marily Monroe photos .. I probably could have picked some more specific related photos to this subject but Marilyn is so beautiful...

Your current position ?

Your are dressing as feminine as possible, both day and night.

You have chenged your wardrobe, home and hopefully your body to be as sexy a sissy, as you can be.

Activity / Task

This is a task that you should do over time, to slightly alter your appearance and make your eyebrows much more dainty and feminine looking.

Probably best to use and eyebrow stencil and the Eyebrowz site has some great examples with photos, for you to follow.

No need to do this all at once, but over a few weeks or months you should reach the look you want (or can get away with?).

I give these sites below as information reading on this subject- so get studying and plucking !

Obviously there are lots more sites- so also do some research yourselves


You can go on to the next step in this guide, but only if you are engaged in a process to trim and mold your eyebrows to make them sexy, feminine and attractive...

On to the next step...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No. 30 - Feminize Your Male Wardrobe

Current Position.

You are dressing fully and training yourself to be a sissy and all that entails.

Current Task

This task is to be done from now on, like your chastity training it will be a on-going task.

The first part of this task is to week by week start replacing your male trousers with female pants- you are a sissy and sissies never wear trousers now do they?

Start with dark colours but make sure the pants/slacks hug your ass and down it off and are also tight around your sissy clit area- you do want to be admired and lusted after now, don't you?

The second part of this task is to also start replacing your shirts with blouses- preferably lacy ones..

We will leave it up to you how daring you can be with shape and colour. The plan is for you to dress completely as a woman, even if you have to wear slacks/pants while you are out.

I was thinking that a great image would be high heels, pink skin tight pants, showing off your ass and the visible (?) thong on underneath. Your top could be a lacy white or cream/magnolia blouse with a lacy white long line bra on underneath.. sexy !


You have now started to purchase some blouses and women's slacks, that you can mix and match with your male clothes, over your lingerie.

You are not to continue until you have at least 3 tight sexy women's slacks and have worn them out. Hopefully they show off your sexy butt for all to see.

You are also to have purchased some silky sexy women's blouse's that you can wear in secret (or not?) over your hidden bra, to feel more feminine and wicked...

Onwards to more fun and training ....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No. 29 - Using Chastity to Help Your Feminization

Current Positions is :-

By now months have passed and you are daily dressing and looking as femme as possible.

You home looks like a woman or sissy lives there and you are completely addicted to your feminization.

Activity / Task

Chastity self-training 1.

Now here is how you will use chastity to help your self feminization. In a strange way chastity focus's your attention and sex drive in the completion of your feminization. Think of the chastity device as another training tool !

Buy a chastity device from one of the major sites on-line (I suggest for example )

Have a full read of the information on-line to figure out which chastity device suits you best- I suggest the CB3000 or the Curve.

Chastity self-training 2

Now once you have the device- you will need a keyholder preferably.

The basic plan is to give yourself an attainable sissy goal- which will depend upon where or how much feminization you have completed already.

Possible goals to use are :-

Dressing completely female for a certain amount of days or weeks.

Going out dressed to the shops.

Going for a facial.

Having sex with a real man.

Visiting a tv club or dressing centre.

You get the idea- pick a task you have not completed yet and then your keyholder will lock you up. You will have a week to complete it. Only on each successive Sunday is there a review to see if you have completed your task and if you have, you are allowed a wonderful, sensous wank on your knees. Of course if you have not, you are not unlocked and will have to try harder !!

If you cannot find a keyholder ( like me ), then Neosteel have a new device, which is basically a timed controlled locked safe, to store your key in ( Of course with this method you will have to have a lot more self- control... do you think you can control yourself, once that metal box unlocks itself and gives you, your key back?


Do not move onto the next task until you have spent a week and preferably longer in chastity.

If your chastity is associated with a task to achieve, absolutly do not move onwards in this training guide, until you have completed that task.

From now on, using your new chastity device to furthur your feminization and self-control.

Onwards to next task.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

28 - Femme Image Reminder

The photos enlosed are a reminder of the need to keep up your daily makup regime.

I am using them to highlight that even the stunning models you see in the glossy magazines need a lot of makeup help.

Acttivity Task

So keep up your daily makeup regime, as it so improves your look and makes you look so sexy and feminine.


This is just a reminder that just because we have moved onto other areas- you are not to slide backwards and give up the constant attention and work you will have to do each day in you feminine dressing and all other activities to be a great sissy.

Onwards to the next task.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No. 27 - Self Hypnosis

Now you've spent months learning and training yourself to be a great sissy.

You've worked on the outward appearances- isn't it time you trained yourself to be more feminine and submissive in thought and mind?

Activity / Task

Go directly to one of the following sites and download their sample training hynopsis mp3's.

Erotic hypnosis .

Warp my mind .

Make sure you are dressed as sexy as possible and the use headphones and listen to the seductive voices, which are only going to convince you of idea's, dreams and thoughts that you have already.


Hopefully this activity has made you feel and act more feminine.

Have fun also searching the web for other web hypnosis downloads.

Onwards to the next task.

Friday, April 15, 2011

No. 26 - Friends

Obviously best to find a local sissy to furthur enjoy and complete your feminization with.

This leads on from your previous visit to the dressing centre- which has hopefully made you some new contacts.

You would love to find a local sissy friend for the following reasons :-

So you can learn from each other, about the local scene.

So you both can enjoy mutual dressing ans sex sessions together.

So you can advise each other what looks hot or not.

Affirmation and mutual admiration will make you both feel more at ease and happier with your feminization.

Activity / Task

So find a local sissy friend.

Unless you live in a complete wilderness, it can be done.

The following are some suggestions on how to do this :-

Visit your local dressing centre or gay bar if you have one.

Make sure your sissy on-line presence states where you are located- so local people contact you- and on-line sexy photos help !

Search for local sissies on the internet and contact them.

Put a free advert up on Mrs Silks site or use or some other site that might be more specific to you locality. (Here in Ireland- Gaire site)

Join a sissy yahoo group(s) and state your needs and preferences.


So you have found a sissy friend?

Now you have someone to dress with, take photos with and have fun.

Isn't life so much more enjoyable?

If the above is true- then onwards to the next step in your training.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No. 25 - End Of Chapter 3

Time here to pause for review of where you are in your feminization and where we are going next.

Current Position

It has probably taken you 8-10 months to reach here.

You are wearing feminine lingerie all the time.

You are fully dressing as much as you can in private.

You are skilled in makeup and probably another skill like cooking or baking.

You have done figure training for the last 6 months to give yourself a more feminine shape.

Your house looks more like a woman's home and you do your weekly housework dressed as a sexy french maid.

You have bought a digital camera and have been to a dressing centre- so you can have advice on your sissy looks.

Next ?

The next chapter is going to move onwards with your feminization and start you on some sissy sex training....

If you are lucky in the future- you might look like some of the shemales in this quiz  -

A girl can dream, eh?

Here's the link to the next chapter .

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No. 24 - Camera

You can never have too many photo's, I believe. We are all visually centred and a photo as the saying goes, is equilvalent to a thousand words.

Best to have photos for the following reasons :-

Easy way to document your dressing and progress (or lack of it?)

Should give you more confidence because they allow you to step back and see how you look.

Photos are obviously needed for the internet, to show yourself off.

Memories are made of this !

Activity / Task

Basically you need to buy a digital camera, if you don't have one already.

They were very expensive but have come down in price. With a digital camera you cut out the development process and suck the photos directly onto your computer, and then off to the internet. These camera's allow you to take lots of photos and then discard the rubbish.. I am not a great photographer- I generally end up with 3 or 4 good shots out of ever 15. I will have to practice more, like you will.

Once you have the camera, start to document your dressing.


You should have started now to photograph how you look.

Once you have at least 10 photos of yourself you are pleased with, then continue on to the end of this chapter .

Monday, April 11, 2011

No. 23 - Dressing Centre

Up to this you have been doing all the work yourself with no feedback- unless you are lucky and have someone to help you?

It would be good now to invest some money and courage in visiting a dressing centre, and hopefully make some new local friends like the girls on the right.

Activity / Task

You are to visit a dressing centre and get fully dressed in at least 2 outfits if possible.

Get photos taken of you dressed.

Do this because :-

It will give you feedback on your looks and dressing.

It will give you more confidence.

A local dressing centre will be a good place to meet new like minded sissies.

It will give you more confidence in your lifestyle.

Examples of various dressing centre's who advertise on-line are :

Transformation Chain in the UK

Dublin's Gemini Club

Sissysearch's list of transformation specialists

or have a look at RXXX's list of places.


You have visited a dressing centre and got yourself professionaly dressed and made up.

Hopefully the following are true :-

you brought your camera and got some photos to mull over and keep.

you got advice on what works best for you.

you made new friends or at least know where to go and on what night to find a sissy friend.

it was fun and you really enjoyed yourself.

Once you have done this- onward to the last item for the chapter .

Thursday, April 07, 2011

No. 22 - Skills

Being a sissy is not just about how you look, it's also about what sissy skills you have- don't you think?

Later we will talk about sex skills but for now we are taking about 'vanilla' skills which will make you a better sissy.

Activity / Task

Best to pick and learn a skill that suits your new sissy lifestyle.
Examples of skill sets to learn are :-

or wouldn't it be great to be able to get this wonderful sexy woman ready for her lover- the pink baby doll is so cute !

Slighty related links for some of these skills are :-

Lingerie fabrics to sew with site

Instructions for sewing lingerie site .

Canadian correspondance course on dressmaking and sewing site

Online massage course site

Learn the spanish language and cooking all at the same time.

Whatever skill you decide to learn- the internet is a great boon in finding what you want.


Move on to the next training, when you have at least started to learn a new sissy skill.

Some skills (like cooking?) take years and are never finished in a sense- you are always learning new recipes.

So once you have started this training keep it going and then move onto the next training step .

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

No. 21 -Housework

Leading on from the previous training- you have a home and like everyone have to keep it.

Why not make your housework part of your training?

Activity / Task

Do the following :-

Assign a time or day to look after your home.

Get fully dressed as a french maid like the ones in the enclosed photos.

Enjoy the sensations of being such a fully dressed sissy maid.

Make this task a weekly ritual- so that your home is clean & tidy and that you are well trained in being a maid.

For recommendations for french maid attire have a look at

Birchplace Academy site

Miss by Elaine's site

or Birchplace Shop

Wouldn't you love to be the maid on the right- dressing her mistress each day ? maybe it's your future?

Now to re-cap-

Do not continue unless you are doing your housework each day or week dressed as a maid.

I will leave the colour and specific's of your lingerie and clothes up to you- but you basically have to follow the french maid role model.

Once you are doing this at least for two weeks, then continue onto the next task.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

No. 20 - Indoor Sissy

By now you are look like a complete sissy with all your wonderfull feminine lingerie and clothes at home- but how does your home look like?

If you had a guest shouldn't they easily know and realise that a sissy lives here... so have a look around your home and think what you can do to make if more feminine.

Activity / Task

Suggestions are obvious things like :-

pastel paint colours on the walls (pink or fuchsia in your bedroom?)

floral print wallpaper


Basically have a look around some women's houses when you are there and try to figure out what they did to make their house a home and especially if you feel their home is very feminine.

Have a look at

or to get some ideas.

By the way- if you are ever changing your bed- try and change it for a brass type bed- as in the photo.

This is because they do look so feminine with the right floral covering and they are ideally suited for bondage play- so many easy places and knobs to tie someone to !


Make an effort from now on, to remodel your home to reflect yourself.

Make it more feminine, warm and sexy like yourself. A last point- you should have a mirror in each room, so that you can always and easily check your look and makeup !

Onward to more training .

Friday, April 01, 2011

No. 19 - On-Line Sissy

(note from susan - i do not know if the themes / messenger / icq etc are still relevant and still work, but i assume that you are all big girls and can search for something similar and appropriate to your operating system)

Time to re-design your on-line presence and make yourself much more feminine on-line.

I mainly use Yahoo but the instructions are similiar if Hotmail or some other is your preference.

The following are some ideas and suggestions to follow :-

Windows XP.

Most computers now use XP as the operating system. You can select an XP theme which will set the default desktop picture and screensaver and color, and other items that change the look and feel of XP. Examples of normal sexy girl themes are available from or and lots others.


For Yahoo create a sissy id that identifies you to the world and that reflects the real sub sissy inside. Examples for a Yahoo ID can be sissyslut or pantyslave or TS_Slave etc. Edit your profile to say where you are located and state some preferences like your fav web site ( for example?). State on your profile what you are and what you are into and/or looking for.

Yahoo Messenger.

With Yahoo Messenger download the Pink Skin to add the correct color for you.

Then go into Messenger preferences and select the new pink skin and while you are there also change your font color to pink or fushia to reflect yourself.

Next under the messenger menu select the ‘change my display image’ and browse on your pc, to where you have a sexy femme photo of yourself to share out. This can be facial but can also be stockings tops or sexy ass- whatever up to you.


Go to your icq homepage and fill out the details, to show people your interests and desires. The main things to put in are who you are, where you are, what your interests are and what you are looking for. Examples from ICQ members pages would be or or . The next step would be to upload a picture and a link to a webpage about yourself. The basic idea is to attract like minded people to your online presence.

You can download skins for ICQ from (would powderpuff girls suit you?) and then under preferences there is a skin/appearance section where you can change the skin and the skin colors to suit yourself.

By now you are dressing and looking like a sissy every moment you can.

You love your feminine life and you have created an on-line sissy identity to interact with other sissies and help you explore this lifestyle.

If the above two statements are true onwards to your next training step.