Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No. 29 - Using Chastity to Help Your Feminization

Current Positions is :-

By now months have passed and you are daily dressing and looking as femme as possible.

You home looks like a woman or sissy lives there and you are completely addicted to your feminization.

Activity / Task

Chastity self-training 1.

Now here is how you will use chastity to help your self feminization. In a strange way chastity focus's your attention and sex drive in the completion of your feminization. Think of the chastity device as another training tool !

Buy a chastity device from one of the major sites on-line (I suggest for example )

Have a full read of the information on-line to figure out which chastity device suits you best- I suggest the CB3000 or the Curve.

Chastity self-training 2

Now once you have the device- you will need a keyholder preferably.

The basic plan is to give yourself an attainable sissy goal- which will depend upon where or how much feminization you have completed already.

Possible goals to use are :-

Dressing completely female for a certain amount of days or weeks.

Going out dressed to the shops.

Going for a facial.

Having sex with a real man.

Visiting a tv club or dressing centre.

You get the idea- pick a task you have not completed yet and then your keyholder will lock you up. You will have a week to complete it. Only on each successive Sunday is there a review to see if you have completed your task and if you have, you are allowed a wonderful, sensous wank on your knees. Of course if you have not, you are not unlocked and will have to try harder !!

If you cannot find a keyholder ( like me ), then Neosteel have a new device, which is basically a timed controlled locked safe, to store your key in ( Of course with this method you will have to have a lot more self- control... do you think you can control yourself, once that metal box unlocks itself and gives you, your key back?


Do not move onto the next task until you have spent a week and preferably longer in chastity.

If your chastity is associated with a task to achieve, absolutly do not move onwards in this training guide, until you have completed that task.

From now on, using your new chastity device to furthur your feminization and self-control.

Onwards to next task.

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