Thursday, April 21, 2011

No. 30 - Feminize Your Male Wardrobe

Current Position.

You are dressing fully and training yourself to be a sissy and all that entails.

Current Task

This task is to be done from now on, like your chastity training it will be a on-going task.

The first part of this task is to week by week start replacing your male trousers with female pants- you are a sissy and sissies never wear trousers now do they?

Start with dark colours but make sure the pants/slacks hug your ass and down it off and are also tight around your sissy clit area- you do want to be admired and lusted after now, don't you?

The second part of this task is to also start replacing your shirts with blouses- preferably lacy ones..

We will leave it up to you how daring you can be with shape and colour. The plan is for you to dress completely as a woman, even if you have to wear slacks/pants while you are out.

I was thinking that a great image would be high heels, pink skin tight pants, showing off your ass and the visible (?) thong on underneath. Your top could be a lacy white or cream/magnolia blouse with a lacy white long line bra on underneath.. sexy !


You have now started to purchase some blouses and women's slacks, that you can mix and match with your male clothes, over your lingerie.

You are not to continue until you have at least 3 tight sexy women's slacks and have worn them out. Hopefully they show off your sexy butt for all to see.

You are also to have purchased some silky sexy women's blouse's that you can wear in secret (or not?) over your hidden bra, to feel more feminine and wicked...

Onwards to more fun and training ....

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