Saturday, July 30, 2011

a change of mind

after a bit of deliberation, i have decided that i don't want this blog to become just another caption blog (nothing wrong with that), as i started it to relay my feelings / experiences and share some of the files i have on my computer.

i ahve been writing some captions for hte past few days, an i have enjoyed it, so i have decided to add another blog - susans captions (not a really catchy title i know), and put all of the captions in there.

i noticed that when i posted captions, my visitor numbers went up, so it is something that you like to see, but i don't want my other posts to get lost in the middle of hundreds of caps.

stealing an idea from one of my favourite blogs - my life OMG -
i intend to add some ideas of what i would be doing / like to be doing if i was living with a man or been trained by a master.  hopefully you will like what i have to say and we can feed other ideas off each other.

my other blog is at there will be more content as i get it posted / sorted.

i also have some pictures of myself to post, so all of those will be here.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my new job and this blog

i have had this blog too long to let it wither and die, and i will not be deleting it whatever happens, although blogger may delete it for me!!

i have spent the past few weeks just doing some captions, and i have enjoyed it, but i don't want this blog to become just a caption blog.  it started as a blog of my feelings, along with somewhere to post and share the sissy files i had collected.  however the next posts (several of them) will be captions.  my stats go up when i post captions, so i know they are popular, but this is my blog about me.

so i haven't disappeared totally, and please keep checking back


well nearly 4 weeks into my new job, and i am finally beginning to settle in a little.  it has been hard up until now, especially since i haven't had time to dress or anything like that.  however work is quiet, and i am now spending more and more time on the computer at work looking at the internet.

i have also figured a way of making some time to dress, so hopefully i will get my chance in a week or so.

i have some photos of me in some new clothes so i may post them when i get time inbetween the captions


in the meantime - enjoy the captions, i hope they are not too "samey" for you

love susan

Friday, July 22, 2011

more captions

Monday, July 18, 2011

A quick update....

i am still about, but i do not have much time due to me starting a new job.

i do not have the freedom i used to have to find time to dress (or blog), but iam working on getting to know the people i work with so i can then create some time for myself.

the new office is very strict and there is no team spirit or "fun" at work.  everyone is watching their own backs.  but it does pay the bills so i will stick it out for now.

i have a few pictures to post and some captions.  i will post them when i find the time.

so its not farewell, just a small adious for now

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

a little shopping trip.

having been bored a little i decided i needed to buy myself some new clothes to cheer me up.  i had decided to go to a local matalan (discount) clothes store and buy a bandeau dress (never had one before) and some white lacey panties.

i had never been shopping for clothes in this store, and i was a little apprehensive, so i decided to drab down and not go in too obvious.  the store is very close to home, so i was nervous and dressed accordingly.  i went wearing some black panties and a black bra filled with my silicone breast forms.  on top of this i wore a grey hoodie.  my breasts were noticable if you looked closely.  i also wore some pink lipgloss.

the shop was fairly quiet and i went a bit mad and bought the following...

a bandeau dress

a pink sundress (this is lovely and i would highly recommend it + it was only £5)

some new thongs (in black and white)

a new "smart" skirt that goes to below the knee

and a white with black spots blouse with a small belt.  this was to match the skirt, and i look every inch the perfect secretary!!!  (sorry no picture)

i had all of these items in by basket when i joined the queue at the checkout.  there was about 5 people in front of me, and 2 behind me when i got served.  there were 3 people serving, 1 man (about 22) and two women (approx mid 30's).  you guessed it - i had the man.  i did want to have one of the women so i could ask about returns etc, but i didn't feel comfortable asking the man!! - i don't think he would get it!!

i then went and bought some new cosmetics - mascara, eye liners and foundation.

all in all a usual girly shopping trip - total cost £60 - bargain!!!!

i will post some pictures later of me wearing some of the clothes.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

even more.....