Friday, December 06, 2013

recent thoughts...

some recent thoughts of mine

I was browsing in a supermarket, not looking at anything particular and I saw a dress and my first thought was that it would look good with some black tights and silver heels.

i went out drinking with a couple of friends, and the first time i have gone out in a long while.  made sure that i continued to sit to pee like the sissy i am.

i have found myself looking at mens crotches

I was sat in a conference with lots of other men and  4 other females.  There were only  5 people in the room with their legs crossed, the rest were slouching about.  bet you can't guess which "man" had his legs crossed!!

photos of shemales do not interest me, as i see myself as a sissy so i cannot see the point of looking at shemales unless i am jealous of their clothes etc.  i certainly do not get turned on by them.

it appears there is so much sissy in me it is spilling over into my (percieved) male life!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A quick question or help?

Hi Everyone

i have not forgot about this blog, and i have been working on something that i am sure you will like (i hope), but it is taking way longer than i thought so you will have to be patient.

my question / request for help is as follows....

does anyone know of / have any links etc to any cock sucking videos / photos from the GIRLS point of view?

i have seen loads of men filming the girl (i watch them pretending i am the girl and trying to emulate what she does), but i would like to see some that are from the girls / sissys point of view.

Thanks if you can help


Friday, May 17, 2013

scallop skirt

I was at a seminar this week sat on the front row (with my legs crossed at my hands neatly on my lap) when i noticed the speaker and more to the point what she was wearing

the lawyer giving the presentation was about early 40's but very slim (she said she was a runner and quite a good one too).

But i just could not take my eyes away from her skirt.

she was wearing a black scalloped skirt similar to the one above with a flowered printed blouse. She also had a blazer jacket, so i guess this formed part of a skirt suit.

to complete the look she was wearing black tights (about 15 denier) and some ankle boots similar to above

The skirt rested just above her knee.  The scalloping on the skirt gave it a really feminine look, and i think it needed the more manly style blazer to even out the look.

i have not been on here for a while as you may have noticed, and i have not dressed for several months for various reasons, including me feeling not very girly at all.  hoever inevitably that feeling is slowly coming back and was accelerated by this simple act of jealousy over a skirt!

i know it is because of all the looking at fashion blogs that i could describe the skirt more fully and how the ensemble was put together.  i can see girl mode been activated very soon!!!!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Closing thoughts

So i have sucked a cock and had a cock in my ass.  i suppose i do now qualify for my "sissy badge"

however i do have a few closing thoughts on this.

1) the guy has been in touch several times since asking me to meet him again, and on one occasion saying that he had felt he had done something to upset me!  there is no way in the world that i will be going with him again for several reasons including a) his very small cock, b) his age and ability/stamina c) his kissing ability (yuk!) and also he never offered to pay towards the room.  i wouldn't have accepted, but i would have thought it courteous to at least offer, especially as i drove over 30 miles there and back +  spent money on lingerie etc.

2) would i do it again?  i still have the nagging bit at the back of my mind that i would like to have a man "take me" and make me feel like a woman, but at the moment i have no plans to repeat this.

3) do i feel different?  a little bit, but not much.  i smile when i think about getting on my knees or when he grabbed my hips to screw me, but then i think of his cock and how it felt in me and i am slightly put off.

4) was it fun? definitely was for him!, less so for me.  i think i could have enjoyed it, but the experience did not last long enough and he was not a good lover.

i certainly think that i was one of the best men he has ever been with, and probably the most convincing TV.  judging by his texts and emails i think he thought he would never get so lucky.  and he won't again!!!

so there you have it, i really consider myself a sissy now, as opposed to a TV.

Thanks for reading.  i will be taking a bit of a blogger break as i have some other projects i want to complete, so i don't think i will have much to post about for a few weeks.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

onto the bit you are waiting for part 2

As he didn't want me to suck him off as he would ave cum I got off my knees and we kissed some more.

He then said he wanted to go to the toilet and I should put my nightie on for him.

the nightie was in the toilet so I told him to hurry up and then get on the bed

I nipped into the bathroom and removed my bra and panties that had some of his precum on them as we had gotten closer earlier.

My breasts were stuck very secure thanks to the breast form store strips, so I just pulled up the g string to hide my penis and then put the nightie on.

He was impressed as I could just about see his hard on when I went back in. I did look sexy though.

He said wow etc

i climbed onto his lap and spread my legs over his crotch. I could feel his cock near my ass so unjust moved my hips a little as I bent forward to kiss him again. He pulled me down onto him and we kissed again.  i moved my ass up and down the shaft of his cock as i kissed him.

i could feel him shuffling and moving his cock towards my ass opening. but i kept moving away, then massaging his chest.

i said you can put it in if you put a condom on, he said not yet.

so we kissed some more, then he went to the toilet again!

i was laid on my back ready for him when he came back, i tried to smile sexily and i have no idea how it came out, but he was still horny from looking at his cock!

i spread my legs and he climbed on top of me saying how beautiful i was.

as i only had a g string on , i could feel his cock on and around my ass and crotch area.

we kissed some more as he grinded into me.

he adjusted the position a little until my legs were spread wide and up over his arms towards his shoulders.  surprisingly i found this position very comfortable and i was hoping that he would take me this way.  he didn't.

he moved around a bit and i could feel (well almost feel if you know what i mean!) his cock around my ass.  i knew he wanted to just stick it in there and then, but i pulled my ass back a little and said "not without a condom".

he then said "so you want me to wear a condom then". Duh! its in my profile, been discussed etc etc.

he shuffled around a bit more, a bit more kissing then held up my legs again until my ass was in the air, sort of twirling his cock around the entrance.

eventually i was getting a bit bored to tell the truth, so i just said "are you going to fuck me or what?"

"ok" he replied letting my legs down so i could reach to the side of the bed, sit on the bed and get a condom.
he obviously wanted me to put it on for him, so i opened the packet and leant towards him.  I put the condom over the head of his cock and started to pull it down.

as he was so small the teet of the condom was almost non-existant before the rubber tightened allowing me to roll it down.  Then that is where i nearly lost it and told him what a small cock he had.  The condom was actually slack once it had passed the head!!  slack!

once i was sure i had rolled it down as far as i could (not far), i looked back up at him.  he said "get on your knees", so i did with my ass facing him and my head on the pillows.

i could feel him fumbling behind me and pulling my g-string to the side.

as mentioned, i was already lubed up so i knew that i would no problem taking him, no matter how tight i was!

i could feel his head against my opening, i leaned back a little and as quick as a flash i had lost my virginity.

i could feel his hands grab my hips and get comfortable as he moved behind me.  i could feel him tugging and pulling on my hips, but i honestly could not feel him in my ass!  i arched my back a little and then i felt something almost touch my prostrate, but not quite.  up to that point i wasn't entirely sure whether he was in me or not!

i thought i might as well get some fun out of this, so i clamped my ass muscles around his cock. and i felt him thrust about twice more before he said "ooooohhhhh, i think you got me too excited".  Is that it? i thought. I never felt him pulse, but he did stop thrusting and was breathing heavily.

the only consolation was that he did not say "it has never happened before".  at that moment my mind just related with all the women who have been disappointed that the man has not lasted very long.  he did not have his cock in me for more than 30 seconds.  I know i was dressed nice etc, but come on 30 seconds?  i would have got more out of a teenage virgin!

I could feel him let go of me and pull away.  That was it! i could hardly believe it.  No wonder he didn't want to screw me!

as he climbed off me i turned around to see him fiddling with the condom to remove it and walking to the bathroom.

i pulled my nightie back down and turned over so i was laid on my back when he returned.

after a couple of minutes he did return, said how lovely i looked and climbed onto me.  we kissed for a bit then he pulled us over and laid on his back, motioning for me to cuddle up to him. so i did.  i placed my head on his shoulder and ran my legs over his legs as i trailed my other arm around his chest.  he seemed to purr a little when i did this, and the intimacy was nice for me as well.

we had some idle chit chat as he asked how long i had been dressing etc etc.  i think i was by far the best sissy he had ever come across (or cum into!)

after a few minutes we started kissing again and i could feel his cock grow (but not that much!)

he turned me over and climbed onto me again.  i genuinely believe that he was either running out of time, or just did not have the stamina to go again, as i could feel him pressing his cock against my ass, but i wouldn't let him in without a condom

he then said he had to go, before kissing me a bit more.

i asked him if he would let me dress him, and he said ok.  so i climbed out of bed got his shorts and held them out for him.  as i pulled them up his legs i was level with his cock, so i took into my mouth again.  i thought that this would show a nice thank you for him, but he stopped me from sucking after a few seconds.
i helped him on with his trousers, then his shirt/jumper before we kissed again.

as he was about to leave he remembered that i had asked for some photos.  he took out his phone and asked if it was ok.  sure i said, trying to pose as sexily as possible.  he was more interested in the rear of me, so i posed a couple of times as directed

with a " i really want to meet you again" he started towards the door and we parted.

"Like hell" i thought, "you have too small a cock for me!!"

i then removed my make-up, got changed and went home.

totally forgetting to pick up the pair of silk stocking hold-ups at the back of the bathroom door!!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

quick insert before the story continues...

i thought i would add this in now, so as to give some perspective to the story......

the photos he took of me in my babydoll are as follows (these are referred to in the next post)

this is a photo of my dildos (bruce - the bigger one, and roger the smaller one)

roger was bought, as stated in an earlier post, to hopefully help me hit my prostrate repeatedly.  it was chosen for the shape and style.  i can (and have on many occasions) taken the larger dildo, both in my throat and in my ass.  i can deep throat it, but not for too long.  i can ride it for a while.  i am sure you can see the size comparison, especially the girth.

they guy i was with resembled the smaller dildo, except after sucking on it to compare sizes, he was actually smaller than that in length and girth.

here is a picture of his cock.  i know it does look on the small side, but i had hoped it was the angle, but it wasn't.  in fact the angle taken was very flattering!!!.