Friday, June 22, 2012

fashion life

as a follow up to my last post, and the comments made (a big thank you to happy pet and nathalia)
a few changes have been made and i will hopefully post about those later
trying to reinforce feminine thoughts and behaviours has become my new focus and i am been swiftly drawn in to the world of celebrity fashion

i am now almost exclusively browsing the internet for fashion and celebrity fashion blogs, clothing sites and gossip (only the type that is associated with the fashion e.g. sarah michelle gellar was seen picking her daughter up for ballet class, she was wearing........)  and to be honest i am not missing the sports/sex/comedy websites at the moment.

my self imposed ban on this type of behaviour is a real turn on for me.  i am doing things that a man would/should not do, and i am imposing the same sort of ban that i would expect (want!!) a master to impose on me.

my browser favourites bar (on my work computer) is now full of fashion and celebrity blogs, and i am not bothered who sees it as there is nothing pornographic on any of the websites.

i am enjoying the fashion blogs and i am beginning to feel that i know enough and am confident enough to start commenting on some of the outfits. - i have been doing A LOT of reading!!

i am currently only making small comments like "that looks hot", "not so keen on the shoes", "i think her make up should be toned down a little" etc, but i am starting to feel like i am dipping my foot into this community and that i have a voice like a girll

i am also very wary of sounding / looking like a fake and i am considering setting up an email/facebook etc account for the "female thinking" susan rhodes, rather than the sissy susan rhodes.  i am not too concerned over been exposed, i am morre concerned that my thoughts will not be taken seriously if someone realises i am a sissy.

after two days of immersing myself in feminine thoughts only, i find myself looking at ONLY the clothes.  sure, i am noticing that a girl may look sexy, but the clothes are/have become my focus now.  i am really pleased with this, and i think it is almost acting like a desexualisation of looking at women.

after reading the sissify yourself blog, and especially the post regarding looking at womens boobs (where one of the tasks was to look at some pictures and "not" look at the boobs of the girls) - i have noticed that i have looked at hundreds of photos of dresses and girls, and not once i have i noticed the girls boobs.  i could not tell you if any of the girls i have seen are flat chested or big chested, they were just girls wearing clothes.

i have never been a breast man, but i do consider this non-noticing to be quite a large step, maybe not in my feminisation, but definately in me thinking/acting like a female.  this has produced no change in my appearance etc, only my mind and browsing habits.

i am considering putting together a collage of clothing that i would like to buy/wear and what would suit me for various occasions.  maybe this would be the next step, putting some outfits together.  doing this would reinforce my understanding of clothes and have me spending time looking a girl things and doing girl things.

loads of girly, creative areas are flooding through my head right now.

just need a sugar daddy to pay for all the cute clothes i am currently in love with

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a sissys frame of mind

for those that have read some of my previous posts, you may be aware that i was not really into my sissy side over the past few months.  it did come back a little, but now has come back a lot.

i am aware that as a man, i do tend to drift in and out of the sissy state.

currently i am deep in sissy space and just can't get enough.  instead of letting this flow away from me, i am trying to do somethings that will keep me in a girlish frame of mind.

1) i am currently trying to wear vaseline lip balm (in a little roll-up container like lipstick) all of the time, and refresh it regularly during the day.  i am currently refreshing it everytime i go to the toilet, and my goal is to the use the tube as quickly as possible.  there is a slightly tinted version of this (rose colour), and i will buy that next time, so hopefully it will add a bit of colour to my lips.  maybe this will lead to wearing nude lipstick in the future.

i am secretly looking forward to wearing the coloured lip balm, and i am hoping that it may leave some tell tale signs on a cup or glass, that i may miss....

2) only unisex or feminine scents for me

3) i am trying to limit my time surfing on the net.  not strictly true - i am trying ot limit the time that i look at "non-female" related sites to 1 hour a week.  this means that i can only check out sports sites or other general sites for 1 hour total per week.  the rest of the time i will be looking at sissy sites or womans fashion sites.  i keep the timer on my watch and stop/start when not looking at sissy / female related things.  anytime i forget to start the watch there is a 1 minute penalty.  i am hoping that this will keep me in a girly frame of mind, by overloading my maleness with girlyness.

4) i am only sitting to pee.  i know this should be a given, but i had let it slip over the past few months, so i am now reinforcing this again.

if there is anything else that other girls do to help reinforce their femininity / sissyness on a daily basis i would be grateful to hear so i could add them to the list!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

barbie and ken

i saw this picture on another website and i had just had to share it with you all.

barbie and ken in real life

now i can't decide if i want to be barbie or ken!!