Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a sissys frame of mind

for those that have read some of my previous posts, you may be aware that i was not really into my sissy side over the past few months.  it did come back a little, but now has come back a lot.

i am aware that as a man, i do tend to drift in and out of the sissy state.

currently i am deep in sissy space and just can't get enough.  instead of letting this flow away from me, i am trying to do somethings that will keep me in a girlish frame of mind.

1) i am currently trying to wear vaseline lip balm (in a little roll-up container like lipstick) all of the time, and refresh it regularly during the day.  i am currently refreshing it everytime i go to the toilet, and my goal is to the use the tube as quickly as possible.  there is a slightly tinted version of this (rose colour), and i will buy that next time, so hopefully it will add a bit of colour to my lips.  maybe this will lead to wearing nude lipstick in the future.

i am secretly looking forward to wearing the coloured lip balm, and i am hoping that it may leave some tell tale signs on a cup or glass, that i may miss....

2) only unisex or feminine scents for me

3) i am trying to limit my time surfing on the net.  not strictly true - i am trying ot limit the time that i look at "non-female" related sites to 1 hour a week.  this means that i can only check out sports sites or other general sites for 1 hour total per week.  the rest of the time i will be looking at sissy sites or womans fashion sites.  i keep the timer on my watch and stop/start when not looking at sissy / female related things.  anytime i forget to start the watch there is a 1 minute penalty.  i am hoping that this will keep me in a girly frame of mind, by overloading my maleness with girlyness.

4) i am only sitting to pee.  i know this should be a given, but i had let it slip over the past few months, so i am now reinforcing this again.

if there is anything else that other girls do to help reinforce their femininity / sissyness on a daily basis i would be grateful to hear so i could add them to the list!!


Happy pet said...

Hi Susan,

You beat me on the scent but other things i do to try and stay on properly focussed are;

1 - wear feminine clothing only (or at least items purchased from women's department - from knickers to blouse and all else in between)
2 - toe nails brightly painted and finger nails more discretely so at all times
3 - wear make-up every day - no exceptions - even if just lightly done
4 - accessorise with necklaces, bracelets, cute badges etc
5 - caress your titties daily..mmmm
6 - always dress girly at home
7 - have fun and set yourself a regular test to try something further, new or more risky etc



Nathalia said...

Hi girls,

I would add :
- As for clothes, wear only women shoes (hey I didn't say heels).
- Chastity cage reminds you that you don't have a cock but a clity and you will be forced to sit to pee.
- Toe rings and anklets.
- Off course no body hair