Monday, December 07, 2009

At last - some relief

it was not the fact that i had an orgasm, just the fact that i managed some time in stockings that was the big relief for me i think.

i started by using my medium butt plug, held in place by my gaff. after about 5 minutes i took this out and used by large butt plug. i was careful with this and slowly let in go in bit by bit, taking my time.

i was also wearing some hold up stockings, filled out bra and my short sexy satin negligee from ann summers.

after about 10-15 minutes i felt the large butt plug "pop in" and i realised that i had managed to relax enough to take the full butt plug in (only the second time i have done this). this was not particularly comfortable as i could feel it pressing on my insides a little, but it was not painful - just filling.

i then loaded up my favourite video (the girl in the pink bedroom), placed my monitor on the floor and began to copy what she did.

my dildo got a good sucking, that made my neck ache a little as i tried to completely copy as near as possible the girl in the video

then, when it came for the time for her to remove her knickers, i took of my negligee, gaff and removed the butt plug..

after all the stretching, the dildo slid in easily to my well lubed hole.

it just felt delicious and somehow "right" as if it was meant to be there purely for giving me pleasure. as i bounced up and down on my dildo, i could feel waves of pleasure over my body and i actually moaned a couple of times as to how nice it was.

The video ends with the girl getting fucked on her back and the man driving his cock in and out quite quickly. as i copied this i believe i was hitting my prostrate continually, but i was unable to ejaculate. My arm was aching as i shoved the dildo in and out (as well as aching my arm was shaking from the feeling of been fucked) and i couldn't keep this up for too long, although i did keep it up as long as the video.
i suppose the way to look at it is as a man. the man in the video was shagging away until he came. if the girl did not come in that time, then it is tough on her (yes i know this is a sexist outlook, but many men do think this way)
now looking at it as the girl, she is left frustrated as the man came too quickly.
i would feel frustrated, however i did have what i consider a full body orgasm. i am not sure if it is possible to ejaculate, or if i want to (its not very ladylike).
anyway, i was shaking for ages afterwards, felt great and totally relaxed.
i did cum shortly afterwards, but to be honest it would not have bothered me if i didn't. when i did cum, i didn't feel an orgasm, it only added very slightly to how i was already feeling.
top and bottom of it....
1 ) i have one VERY lucky dildo
2) if you have never had a full body orgasm, then you don't know what you are missing!!
so its two and a half hours to go....

i don't think i have needed to have an orgasm as much for a long time. probably the thing that makes it so hard (pun also intended) is that non of this has been in my control. i have not tried not to have an orgasm ( self imposed chastity) it is just that i have not had the chance.

i can go longer without an orgasm, but i do want one!! and as my previous posts have said - i can't wait to have some anal action...

only two hours and twenty minutes...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Down to 6 (maybe 7) more chances for me this year.

Friday night came and went and i didn't cum. Wife still not 100% decided to stay in. i was going to shave my chest and maybe have a wank, but alas nothing.

40 hours now until my chance to be alone and meet my dildo!!

it is taking forever!!

Friday, December 04, 2009

CB-2000 - A warning

having bought a cb-2000 in order to help me with my girly training, i write the following to assist / warn others before they make any purchase on a chastity device.

as many of you may have read, generally the only time i manage to be alone and get girly is at lunchtimes - mon to wednesday althiugh it is ususally for at least a couple of hours at a time. so my thoughts were to buy a chastity device that i could put on at work, leave the key at work, go home and then tease my self silly with no release, then back to work.

i didn't want to pay too much, as i knew it was only for fun, and more as a trial. so after reading reviews, the only really bad thing said about the cb-2000 was that some men could manage to pull out. so i paid my £70 and waited....

i couldn't wait to try it on. i didn't have long, and i was very *excited* so it was a bit of trouble at first, but once i had it figured out, i had my penis locked away and put my clothes on.
the bulge was not particularly noticable, but due to the shape of the cage, was a strange shape (for a crotch area)

as i didn't have long i took the device off and waited for my chance. i was working at a relatives house doing some painting while they were on holiday. i was alone - perfect. i put the device on, got dressed again and started with the painting. it was uncomfortable at times, but nothing unbearable. you need to sit down to urinate (no problen there for me!!) or else it would go everywhere.

when i had finished painting i tried a little teasing and then i found to my horror that i could (quite easily) have an orgasm while wearing this device. if a normal wanking orgasm was rated at 100, the orgasm within the device was a 60-65. satisfying, but could be better.

i was gutted. £70 to stop me been able to orgasm and i managed it at the first attempt!

spoiler alert - highlight the following if you want to know how i managed it easily!!

i managed to get my little finger (i have small hands) partly through the cage and to the spot below the head of my penis, whhich with contstant stimulation produced an orgasm. i also tried it again once more using the handle of a toothbrush and found it very easy to do.

if you want a device that will stop you or your partner having sexual intercourse, then this will work, but it will not prevent anyone having an orgasm. be warned.

p.s. if you are the guy who bought mine off ebay, then sorry!!! - at least you havn't wasted as much money as me!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Nothing New.........except for a purchase.

i have nothing to report except that i am extremely horny, some colleagues at work have said i looked "flushed" all day (can't see why - i am sitting at my computer reading sissy stories etc!!!), and that i need some release!!

a while ago i shaved my chest, but i didn't keep up with it, so the hairs are back (and have been for about 12 months). this will now however change. Today i have bought a babyliss male bodygroom shaver, that once charged up, i will use on my chest and underarms.

this is hopefully the first step towards becoming totally shaved. next step will be to "trim" my legs, maybe before christmas!!

hopefully i can keep up with this and become used to a girly regime of shaving and then using some scented moisturising lotion!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

As predicted

i wish i had as much luck with my lottery numbers.

as predicted, my wife is off work again today, hence no playtime for me until monday at the earliest. i am beginning to go insane, i am having urges and many impure and improper thoughts!!

One thing i have been toying with for a while is visiting a professional mistress. i have been looking around, reading reviews etc and *if* i decide to take the plunge, then i know which one it will be. She is very attractive, offers all of the services that i would require and co-incidentally she is close to my home - how close i do not knowbut i am certain it is less than a mile!!!
i am thinking about the new year for this though.
still got loads of sissy thoughts rushing through my head. i know from previous times that the first 10 days or so are the worst without an orgasm, but that doesn't help!!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Having carefully planned my day today so i can have some time alone, it has all gone up in smoke. My wife is not feeling too good and has decided to have the day off (and most likely tomorrow as well).
This means that i cannot dress, cannot have "some time alone" and most certainly cannot suck on my dildo like i am desperate to do.
i have also worked out that as a maximum i only have 8 more times "alone" before the new year, including tomorrow!
i am now more desperate than ever (well not quite, there was once when i was more desperate - i will blog that later), but i need some relief.
the last time i was desperate i ended up joining a gay dating site!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Fill In...

just a post to let everyone know what has been happening since my last post...

well in a word nothing.

i have dressed up quickly a couple of times, but i have not had time to blog about it.

i have tried the assignment a couple more times and each time it is better and better. i DEFINATELY recommend that anyone having sex with a dildo (or real man!!) copies the movements of a porn star - you will learn something - its not all about jumping up and down you know!!!

i am planning a decent session tomorrow that will include another copying of my favourite video.

to date i have not yet posted a picture of myself in this blog, so it is about time i did.

I Look like this

but wished i looked like this!!!

but alas it is only fantasy - for now!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

One lucky dildo and shaking legs again!!

i tried the assignment from my last post again today.

i lubed up my medium buttplug and inserted to help stretch myself a bit before moving onto my largest buttplug for some more stretching (i have not been able to take the large one fully, i am quite small and the plug is, well large!!! - it seems i havn'e the room to push it up).

after about 10mins and with a gaf to hold the plug in, i started watching and copying the video.

i was wearing a black padded bra, stockings and suspenders and my 4" ankle boots.

the video showed about 10mins of sucking, and my jaw was sore afterwards. my "pussy" was quite sore with the plug in as i bent over trying to get the same angles etc as the girl in the video.

i was relieved when the girl was ready to take the cock, as i was beginning to feel desperate for my dildo.

i copied the girl as close as possible and the feeling of the long cock sliding in and out at various speeds was FANTASTIC. one thing i did notice was that that at times the girl was shaking her booty onto the cock in a type of circle from front to back. this was quite unnatural for me to copy, but she was doing it with ease. note - this is something i must work on, especially if i upgrade to real cock!!

after the video was finished i was tired, not too sore, but with horribly shaking legs.

i hadn't cum myself, so i thought i had the thought to insert my large buttplug and suck my cock for a bit while i play with myself until i cum. i wasn't hard, and didn't actually get that hard either, however with all the dildoing i managed to finally (for the first time ever) insert the large plug completely - it was very filling. i stood up to test the plug, but the shakes in my leg caused me to shake it out immediately!!!

i then reinserted and sat down again, wanked (and sucked) until i came. the amount of sperm was large, the orgasm was pretty good too. standing up again, the plug remained, but i could not walk straight caused by the a combination of the plug and my jelly legs.

wow, is all i can say.

every sissy should have sex this way (copying the natural movements of a real girl) it will help you be ready for the "time"

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

talk about legs of jelly - i am going to be sore this afternoon!!

just had a right fucking off my dildo. i was following an assignment from sissybliss that invoved watching a porn flick (30min minimum) and then doing in it whatever the girl was doing in it.

for me i used this one

it is quite energy sapping doing all the work yourself, but the girl did it, so i followed.

i am shaking, quivering and my legs are beginning to ache a little. when the man came, i came as well, i wanked my clittie until i was about to cum, then concentrated on hitting my prostrate with the dildo. this produces several extra spasms of cum as i collapsed under the intensity of the orgasm and my tiredness.

feel great though (apart from my legs!!!)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

as i sit here today i am dressed in a black bra and thong, black tights and my red teddy from Ann Summers. i have my 4" heels on and i have done my make-up quite heavy and slutty.

i am still not sure whether or not to have sex with my dildo, but it is an option!!!

after looking at myself in a mirror, i look quite hot and i am sure that any man who likes us sissys would take me now.
feeling hotter and hotter as i type this. going to stop now and suck on dildo - he deserves all of my attention now!!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

no posts for a bit, but i will have to tell you about me dressing as a maid - it was so much fun!!

stuck at work today, so no "playtime"for me today, but i can't decide what to do tomorrow.

should i dress up and read a few stories, dress up and have my way with a dildo, or just masturbate to some sissy hypnotic files?

decisions, decisions, decisions...........

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi all i have returned from a business conference and i have to tell you all about the girl who gave part of the presentation.

she was about 26yrs old, straight long auburn hair, wearing a button through shirt dress and small cardigan. the dress flared out a little over her nude 15 denier nylons and she had some t-bar sandals about 3" high.

she wore very little make-up, touch of eye shadow, lipgloss and mascara. she was not stunning, but not ugly either, more of a girl next door. however, she was sooooo feminine.
her hand and arm movements, sitting, walking talking - her femininity was captivating (by me anyway) and i actually heard little of what she said as i tried to watch her mannerisms so i could learn more. i have studied other girls in the past, but this one was amazingly feminine.
p.s. after re-reading this i think i must be a sissy now - would a real man be able to describe someone like the above!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

well its wednesday and i tried repeating last weeks excitement, but i just couldn't. i dont think i was totally in the mood.

anyway i am sat wearing a black bra and thong, black pantyhose and my padded panties. over this i have a silver dress that i bought for a night out on the town (will tell that story later if anyone is interested) and my 4" heels.

i love been a girl

p.s. the girl in the photo is not me, but i imagine a real man would find her hot, i just want to be her!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

well its monday lunch time and i have just had another session with my dildo.

wearing black stockings, suspender and a bra i repeated what i did last week, easing myself up a size for about half an hour, before starting the "ride".

the orgasm was intense, but not like last week, after about 1/2 hour i feel relatively calm.

i will try to get some photos on here soon, even if it is just to break up all of the writing

Friday, September 18, 2009

The gremlins strike!!

for some reason the last 2 posts have been posted the wrong way around - i am sure it wasn't me having a blond moment.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

well i did manage to get home and did manage to get dressed for a couple of hours.

I dressed in black bra (padded), black thong and some black tights (pantyhose). i wore my best dress (LBD) and wig. i also did my full make-up - red lips, blusher, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara.

i usually don't like my eyes, i have never been able to get the right look with eye make-up, but today everything was great, my eyes were lined with a blue kohl pencil, a light blue/silver eye shadow and black mascara completed the look. I have tried this look before (copying pictures from magazines) but it has never really worked for me, but today it did - so YAY ME!!!

i spent about 2 hours dressed, catching up on banking, emails etc.

i just felt so relaxed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mind Blowing Orgasm

today i had the urge to have my pantied ass "taken". i got home and immediately dressed in some black stocking and suspenders, black bra (suitably padded) a black lacy thong and some ankle boots with a 4" block heel. i figured there was no use putting a skirt on as it would be off soon. bright red lipstick completed the look (no eye make up this time).

while i was browsing some feminizing webteases i inserted a lubed finger, quickly followed by a small butt plug. this plug just popped straight in - it was almost as if i was so turned on by the fact that i was going to have a large dildo pounding my pussy that i had made myself wet!

after a few minutes i removed the plug and inserted a medium plug, again with some ease. i had the full feeling but with very little discomfort. after about 5 minutes i was so excited that i knew it was time....

my dildo (called Bruce) is a realistic cock with balls attached, not massive (about 7-8" long and about 1" wide). i lubed it up, stuck it to a small box and placed this on the floor. i then straddled it on my knees and slowly lowered myself down onto it. the dildo was a bit larger and obviously not tapered like the butt plugs, so took a bit longer to get in. i eased up and relubed a coulpe of times before taken the whole thing. as i was lowering myself down on it, i felt a stretching / burning, but this eased the further it went in!!

after waiting a minute to get accustomed to it, i began to get screwed like i wanted to! i rode that dildo for all it was worth - on my knees, bent over a chair and then crouched over it with my 4" heels flat to the floor (a position that i found to be quite stimulating as it was easy to move up and down using my leg muscles). my face must have been a picture of ectasy as i ooooed and aahhed as my pussy got punded throwing my neck and back backwards to get more of the feeling.

one strange thing was that i was not hard - i remember been hard the first few times i used a dildo, but it has not happenend for a while though - although a little touching made me semi-hard.

i then decided that i could take no more of this feeling. i was crouched down over the dildo with my heels flat to the floor bouncing up and down. i touched my cock a little, but let go when i felt i was getting near. i then touched my cock until i was about to explode, then let go but was very vigerous up and down the dildo. This resulted in a MASSIVE orgasm.

my whole body was shaking, my legs were having spasms and i was delirious. I can assure everyone reading this that if every orgasm felt this good then the world would be a happier place!!

my legs were still shaking 2 HOURS afterwards. if real girls have orgasms like this, then they are very, very, very lucky.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why is it that every now and again you get the overwhelming urge to dress up. It has probaly been a few weeks since i last dressed up and now i feel that i must get home as soon as possible, get my panties and stockings on before doing my hair and make up.

the major urge i have at the moment is to wear tights (or pantyhose). i MUST wear some soon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

well everyone (or should that be the only visitor i had!) i am still here and i am determined to get this blogging sorted.

expect something soon (maybe!)