Monday, January 25, 2010

OK so no post for a while.....
this has been down to two reasons, lazyness and .......

i have been feeling anything but "girly" lately.  it all started last wednesday, i just stopped feeling girly.  i had no intention to wear any female clothes, no intentions or inclinations to look at any sissy sites or related information.  i think subconciously i wanted to be a man!!!

this has happened before, but i cannot recall having such a "swing" from been so girly to so "not girly".

today i am sort of half/halfm, but i believe that once i put a bra on, i will be back!!!

females just do not realise how lucky they are, they get to wear a choice of lingerie every day to suit theie wants.

Monday, January 18, 2010

ann summers

well my stuff has arrived, and i have tried it all on very quickly.  i hope to post some photos soon of me in for you all.

the suspender belt is what i have been after for a while (metal straps) and the stockings are nice.

the two thongs are a little disappointing, and i haven't tried the lube out (yet!)

however the biggest surprise was the basque.  it fits very well and looks fantastic.  i would highly recommend it, even at full price.

i will take some photos of me in my new wig, and my old wig and we can compare them together.  i am not convinced with the new wig yet - i think i look a bit "mumsy".......

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

shopping at ann summers
was a bit bored and needed a pickup, so i went and looked at the ann summers website (a sort of victorias secret chain for you americans, although they do have some more adult novelty items....)

the following is what i have bought and i can't wait to try them on.

Black suspender belt

lace top stockings (a girl can never have enough of these)

pue satin red thong (to match my red satin babydoll)

lila thong (thought this looked too good not to have in my panty draw)

booty lube (do i need to spell out what i will be using that for.....)

florence basque

on reflection, the florence basque is the most feminine thought of garment i have ever bought.  i didn't actually by it in my size (12-14) or buy it because i liked the look of it (there are sexier items in the shop).

i bought it because it was on sale - how much like a woman is that - i did this without thinking.  what a bargain (£7), but it unlikely that i will ever wear it.  maybe i just needed a fix of shopping bargain heaven to make me feel better!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yay (shouted jumping up and down clapping my girly hands)

i have a follower.  or should that be a stalker.

either way i am not bothered, but i take it as a bit of a compliment that someone is interested in what i write and what i am doing.  in case i have managed to hide this too successfully, i am NOT a film/pop/tv star, in fact i have not even tried out for "the next wannabee pop, dancing, ice skating bug eating idol".  or would i ever consider it.

although maybe sissy idol...............

anyway thanks to Andrissa for been the first.

Monday, January 11, 2010

another first....

due to the current economic climate, we have had to make some staff redundant.  our secretary who i worked closely with was one of the casualties.  our buyer (another female) took her place, but we were all told to "share out" answering the phone.

after several months of me saying good morning / afternoon at the wrong time on purpose (just to hear the caller get a bit flustered and lose their train of thought), i dceided today to try and answer with a more softer voice.  i wont say female voice, but definately a little bit more effiminate.

well it worked!! as someone answered "hello love (a term of endearment to all females in yorkshire)".

i felt really girly and blushed a little to myself.

also today, my new wig came.  i will comment on that later as i get used to it...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

playing computer games...

i have always loved playing computer games, and i still feel no different - or do i.....

i have a wii and enjoy wii fit (the female yoga trainer is so yummy).
i also have hannah montana dance game, high school musical dance game and all star cheerleader.

which sex did i pick for my cheerleader (need i ask), - she has a cute skirt and top and is very perky- oh to be her!!!

i am starting to feminise the way i play computer games - i even enjoy the shopping bit on hannah montana!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

as a follow on from part of the last post, i will let everyone (or anyone) know what task i have set myself for january (at least).

since we have started back at work i decided that i should try to be more girly and do more things that girls do, so the main task for january is to pee like a girl i.e. drop trousers and pee, not peeing standing up. i know many of you are thinking that this is so easy, however let me briefly explain how and where i work.

i work for a construction company, and as such, part of my role is to visit sites to ensure they are operating safely etc. when we habve a lot of work on i spend roughly half of my time on site, and half in the office.

if you are not aware, the toilets on a building site are not the cleanest and sometimes only consist of a chemical toilet which has often been vandalised and has no seat, or sometimes no toilet at all (pee in a bucket, or in a corner or behind a wall etc)

you can probably see that this is now slightly more difficult.

also in our office the gents toilets have urinals and one cubicle. not a problem you say - use the cubicle at all times. i agree, not a problem, except for the embarressment flushing the toilet causes as the noise of the water filling up can be heard in the main office and reception area! - everyone knows when you walk out what you have just done. this embarrasement is obviouisly more for me as i flush the toilet several times a day!! the girl on reception is bit of a busy body, and it won't be long before she asks me if i am on an high fibre diet!!

should be fun coming up with a response as to why i am not man enough to use the urinals, and suggesting i should use the ladies!!

i also will be going for a night drinking with the boys where the pub/nightclub cubicles are dirty and questions would be raised if i was seen going into a cubicle.

so for everytime i pretend to be a man and pee standing up, i have to carry out the punishment (with the porn running)

i am a girl and girls sit to pee.

however today i comitted my first indescetion and pretended to be a man and peed standing up, i had no choice - the toilets were just so dirty and smelly, no girl would have gone in there.

i accept that i have to pay the consequences and so on monday before my hopeful session, i will carry out the punishment. i.e.carry out and complete the punishment before allowing myself to cum. *sigh*

looks like my arms will be aching.....*sigh*

Thursday, January 07, 2010

an anal orgasm - with something extra......

wow, to all you girls that have never had an anal orgasm (or whole body orgasms as i prefer to call them), i suggest that you relax and keep trying as eventually it (and you) will cum.  having experienced several whole body orgasms i was not expecting what came next.

i have read on many occasions about milking a sissy and sissys who are able to cum without any penile stimulation (i.e. only from anal contact), but having tried this for several years and been unsuccesful, i thought it was either a myth or that i was not "wired up" that way.  it didn't bother me, i never got hung up about it, i was just happy to experience the whole body orgasms, which were fantastic (especially the recent ones).

however from what i have already wrote you can probably guess what i managed to achieve on wednesday 6th january 2010.  i was pounding my ass with my dildo and i had an ejaculation as well as an whole body orgasm.

to spell out and record exactly what happened, this is quite a long post (summerised above), so if you are not interested, don't bother reading the rest.  however like a girl who writes in her diary about the first time she has sex, i feel the need to do justice to this (at least to me) momentous occasion.

so here goes
i was extremely horny, and had been for a day or so (the previous day i had spent all day on my own in the office, just surfing sissy stuff).
it was also unexpected that i got home at lunchtime to be able to do this.

as soon as i got home, i stripped off, lubed up my rear and started to insert my largest butt plug (yes that is right - i went for the largest straight away!). i took this slowly and witha bit of pausing/relubing adn carefully waiting before taking a bit more i was able to take it all.  about 5 mins after it was all in, it began to feel a little more comfortable, and i was not afraid that it was going to pop straight out.

i am very turned on by masters and mistresses instructions, tasks and punishments.  i had been reading the sissymaster blog a while ago, and i remember his punishment for not following his rules.  it turned me on to try this out and now seemed the perfect opportunity.  below is a copy of the punishment (

If you break the rules, your punishment is as follows: Set a timer for 30 minutes. Go put a penny on the wall at shoulder height and hold it there with your nose. Keep your legs straight, and keep your hands above your head and not touching the wall or your head. Keep in this position until you hear the timer go off. I am serious about my rules, and breaking them will bring humiliating punishments that will not be fun or entertaining.

while i was gently taking in my butt plug, i was also surfing for some porn that would show a woman on top riding a cock for a decent length of time.  while i was doing this task i thought that i could enhance the humiliation of the the above assignment by instead of having a timer, i would use a 30min+ porn video, turn up the sound and be holding the penny in the next room. a sort of cuckold type humiliation hearing someone getting fucked while you are made to stand still.  i managed to find some "screaming" porn, where the girls were very "vocal" while they were having sex.

the humiliation aspect of this must really have got to me, as i stood in my butt plug and 4" heels only.  i was very turned on as i started the porn got into position.  well i can tell you that this is not a pleasant punishment.  my arms were aching after aboout 2 minutes and so were my legs.  my neck ached because the penny is at shoulder level (not normal nose level).  the screaming from the video was turning me on and i felt very belittled.

i only lasted about 8 minutes.  poor, i know.  but it was tough, i was horny and i was only "testing" the punishment.  however, i had already decided to use this punishment to punish me for not completing a sisy task i have set myself this month (more about to follow).

so i took of my heels, loaded up two different videos (both of noisy females) and paused them at the relevant points.  i got my dildo lubed up, butt plug out and sat on the dildo in time with the girl.

nothing particulary different here (only the videos were different)

howeverafter about 5mins when i switched to the second video, i noticed the girl leaning right forward (almost kissing the man) while still bouncing on his cock.  i tried this, it was a little uncomfortable and unnatural for me, however i did note that even when she was more upright,, she was very forward on the mans cock.  this may have been the key.  as i bounced in this more forward position i found myself copying the girl by screaming.

i was feeling excessively horny and i believe that i was hitting my prostrate continually.

i was feeling light headed and had to slow down a bit, but then built up speed again and just i was about to almost pass out with pleasure / dizzyness my cock started to squirt.  for every bounce down, more cum came out and with my cock (that was only semi hard) flopping about, the cum went everywhere - on my legs, carpet, arms, face etc

i then literally collapsed to the floor and was very very proud of myself!!!

the bits of cum that could collect up i gladly ate up without a single regret or remourse.

after regaining my breath, i rewarded myselfby having a normal "man wank" and i didn't eat my cum afterwards (which is probably my only regret).

so girls, i am converted.  i didn't think it was possible, but it is. take your time and hit the right spot repeatedly is the key i believe.

roll on monday......

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

a short story that i wrote in the style of sissystation
hope you all like, i will probably do a few more of these as time permits.
A day trip......

You start the day with your morning shower

Before putting on your tights

And beginning your daily make up regime

You begin your daily chores by doing the laundry

But mistress catches you getting excited about touching her panties

You must be punished

You are then told to grab your shopping bags

Mistress informs you that you are going shopping and then to the beach for some fun.
You are told by Mistress that you will need to buy a new bikini and this really excites you.

On the way to the beach Mistress decides to go to the harbour for some lunch and has you pose for a photo from a passing tourist.

Having gained a boost of confidence, you then decide to flash your panties, but Mistress does not approve

Mistress thinks you are been too saucy, so decides to skip lunch and head straight for the beach
The warmth of the sun relaxes Mistress and she helps you put on some sun screen

Mistress then decides to take a photo of you which shows how your new breasts are developing.

When you have finished posing, you put your bikini top back on and go for a swim to cool off.
When you return from your swim, Mistress is nowhere to be seen and a naked man has taken her place on your towel.

You are not sure if this is a test set up by Mistress or not, but you cannot miss an opportunity like this.

You soon forget to feel hungry as you begin to eat your own lunch!!

snow snow snow

we have a lot of snow at the moment, so much that i am the only one in work today, so time for a day of sissy searching etc on the net!!

the downside of this is that i cannot get home for any dressing, and secondly i was hoping to order some new lingerie and a wig, but i will have to wait now as i would not be at home to meet the postman.

i did order a wig, but asked for next day delivery charges, so it would be delivered today, however they havn't got back to me yet so it will probably be next week now. i ordered a short brown wig, mainly to compare the looks - i will post pictures and hope that someone comments on which looks best.

however i did have some "funtime" yesterday.

i was quite desperate to fell my dildo sliding in and out of my pussy, so i was very eager.

as soon as i got home i stripped off and inserted my medium butt plug (i don't bother with the small one at all now) and then i fixed my silicone breast forms to my chest. i don't normally stick these on when i am only home for a short while (i just insert them in a bra) but i just felt like it today.

after fixing my chest, it was time for the largest butt plug, which i gently and slowly took all the way in - i am now beginning to be able to take this all the way on a regular basis and up to a few weeks ago, couldn't take it all at all!!

once fully in i danced about a bit to get the sensations associated with a full pussy and then put on my sexy babydoll. this looked lovely against my freshly shaved chest and breasts. i watched some porn for a bit (searching for another video that has a girl riding a cock on top for a while - most of them have a scene with the girl on top, but only for a short while, i want to copy a girl really riding that cock - please post any suggestions)
so i put on my favourite video (see a few posts back) and copied the girl. i didn't suck any cock though - i was too eager to have it inside me. i rode the dildo like a real whore and then laid on my back and pounded the dildo in and out. i don't feel like that is a good position (on my back with my legs in the air) as my arms have to reach down to pound the dildo - NOTE TO SELF -must build a fucking machine.
while i was doing this it felt fantastic (apart from my strecthed out arm) and my legs were shaking uncontrollably, so much so that i had to stop!!!
felt wonderful for about 3 hours afterwards, alas with the snow i may have to wait until next week to try again...

Friday, January 01, 2010

a happy new year to all
lets hope you get what you wish for be it...............

a visit from the lovely Miss Courtney

your girl friend finally giving you what you want
a nice cock to suck ona nice cock to play withyou giving a man what he wants

or even both you and your man getting what they want!!!!
Lets hope that 2010 is a very sissy year.