Thursday, April 09, 2015

bit of shopping

So i have had a girly shopping spree.

i have been searching for a perfect dress again in case i managed to arrange another meeting - i want to wow any man who sees me!

So after the zipper accident on the previous black dress i decided to buy the same dress again in a larger size.  So i did.  It came, i tried it on and the zipper broke.  This time instead of the zip splitting in the middle it split from the bottom.  Apart from the frustration, this is when i had a lightbulb moment.

Why not get a stronger zip put in it as obviously this is a zip problem.  i was at home trying this larger dress on so i had access to some pins to see what it looked like.  it didn't fit as well as the smaller size, so now i am torn as to buy the smaller size again (i threw the last one out) or just go with the larger one with a fixed zip.

i am losing weight though and the smaller one did feel better!!

so i have just ordered another, from amazon this time (same dress but less wait time)

However i have also ordered and got the following

A pink skirt 15" long

This is quite short, but was described as zip fastening - its not, just an elastic waist.  Not sure what i would wear with (but i did drive home in it today!)  more of a beach cover up skirt really.

White peplum dress

this on the other hand is lovely
it is quite tight fitting and the picture does not show a bow that is tied at the rear around the waist.
it is short, but not short enough to show my panties, and very feminine.  i just don't know when i will find a suitable occasion to wear it - maybe a wedding, formal night out.

i also don't have any shoes that i think go with it. i think that with a plain white dress i need some statement sandals.

it is not a dress to wear suspenders and stockings beneath - just shaved legs, but some nice white underwear wouldn't go a miss

stripe dress 30.3" long

i bought this on a whim.
i was not sure if i would like it, but the measurements said it was very short.  it is.
it barely covers my bum
i think unless you are going for the tarty look, then tights and big pants are a necessity!!
i do like it though!!

if anyone has any suggestions on how, where or what i should wear with the dresses above, please let me know