Friday, December 06, 2013

recent thoughts...

some recent thoughts of mine

I was browsing in a supermarket, not looking at anything particular and I saw a dress and my first thought was that it would look good with some black tights and silver heels.

i went out drinking with a couple of friends, and the first time i have gone out in a long while.  made sure that i continued to sit to pee like the sissy i am.

i have found myself looking at mens crotches

I was sat in a conference with lots of other men and  4 other females.  There were only  5 people in the room with their legs crossed, the rest were slouching about.  bet you can't guess which "man" had his legs crossed!!

photos of shemales do not interest me, as i see myself as a sissy so i cannot see the point of looking at shemales unless i am jealous of their clothes etc.  i certainly do not get turned on by them.

it appears there is so much sissy in me it is spilling over into my (percieved) male life!!