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caps and caps

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just found this when looking at some old posts that i had not made.  it is part of a series that i intend to continue when i get round to it.  i have since left that compnay, but the post still stands!!!

No 3 The Sceretary

i work as a male executive in an office.  currently there is only one female employed in the company and she works with me as the only two people on the ground floor.  due to the constraints of the credit crunch etc we had to let 2 other females go who worked with me, and the remaining one moved from upstairs, down to be with me.

the other two females i worked with were fantastic.  one was a financial controller, about 42 yr old, always dressed in business attire.  the other was a perky 21 yr old, dressed in young fashion.  us 3 hit it off like wild fire and i had no problems telling them that i plucked my eyebrows, shaved my chest/underarms, that i was wearing tights because it was cold (as if that was the only reason!!) etc etc.  we were like 3 girls together and i was so upset when it changed.

anyway, onto my fantasy....

the look of a woman in a business suit, fitted pencil skirt, tight blouse, heels makes me go weak.  i also feel the same when i am dressed like that.  it instills some feminine confidence in me to dress this was, and my adventures out have generally been wearing a short black pencil skirt and blouse.

i think it must be the look of near perfection, the amount of time taken to achieve the look, me as  a sissy knowing that being a secretary and dressing that way takes a lot of time in a morning, time that i wish i was spending before grabbing a coffee on the go, running some errands for my boss, before some dictation....

secretarys are not paid enough, if i was a secretary then i would demand that i was allowed to suck off the boss and at least one other worker everday.

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What would a real man say....????

on seeing a model in her panties and bra ?

my first thought was cute bra and panties

seeing a picture of a girl bent over with only a thong covering her pussy / ass?

my first thought was nice panties.

on seeing a girl with a tight body and short skirt ?

my first thought was nice legs, i wish mine looked like that.

on seeing a girl with a slender but curvy body ?

my first thought was that i bet she could keep her boyfriend happy with a body like that.

on seeing a model in a tight fitting pencil ?

my first thought was i wonder how i would look in that

on seeing a skintight minidress on a model ?

my first thought was i wished i looked that good and could wear that

on seeing a bright red wrap dress with a fully flared skirt on a model ?

my first thought is where can i get one of those

on seeing a girl with hot brown smokey eyes ?

my first thought was nice make up, how did she do that

All of these have happened to me in the past week.  i wonder if i am a real man?

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 desktop wallpaper

as i have already said, i have started a new job, and i am starting to settle in.

what i do want to know form you girls (yes, i am asking for a bit of interaction) is what do you have as your desktop wallpaper, and what do you think is suitable for a sissy / girl in training like me.

i can't obviously have a big cock or anyone naked looking at me (my back is to the window), and sometimes (maybe once every 2 weeks) someone shows me something on the computer, so they will see the desktop.

has anyone any ideas / suggestions?

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Hot story
i was searching around the internet for a hot story / advice on been with man and serving a man, when i came across the following story.

the link to the story is here -

but it made me so hot that i just have to post it all here.  it is the start of a story rather than a whole story, so i hope the author writes some more, but it was emough for me, i was too excited to read much more.  the last few lines really got to me, how would someone who doesn't want it handle a situation like that!!



Synopsis: A teenage guy is blackmailed by his employer and is quickly enslaved and feminized.With a gulp and creeping wave of fear attacking his stomach, Don rang the door bell.

A pause.

Stillness. A small bush in the garden rustled. After forever, the door creaked open.

“Ahhh, Don! Why don’t you come on in?”

“Yeah, sure….” Don mumbled, warily stepping into the house.

“I’m glad you arrived on time. I appreciate that in people.”

His name was David, but he insisted on “Dave.” Dave employed Don at his local shop, and Dave had invited Don to his house at 7 o’clock. In all fairness, Don had no choice to go. Dave had approached him right before closing and slipped him a manila envelope.

“My house. Seven. Or this gets out.”


“My address is in there. Seven o’clock sharp. Lock-up or they get sent out immediately!” He pointed a finger at Don, as if accusing him, and rushed from the shop.

Curious, Don dumped the contents of the parcel onto a nearby counter. It was stills of him with the register open, looking suspiciously at the door. The next few showed him stuffing his pockets with cash. Don was shocked. He quickly looked up to the spot where the camera had been positioned in order to take these shots. Sure enough there was a compact one in the corner of the store, fixing itself stoically onto the now terrified Don. How was this possible? He had been sure there was no camera watching him, it was only a run-down mom-and-pop store! He had done it only because minimum wage didn’t satisfy himself any longer!

He looked down again. There was a small slip of paper detailing Dave’s address. Shaking his head in fear and stowing the photos back into the envelope, he frantically left the shop, just barely remembering to lock up.

Now, though, he was at Dave’s house, and it was seven o’clock sharp. He had gotten here by taxi. Dave was ten years Don’s senior, making him twenty-eight. He spoke with a sort of regal, sophisticated air that belied his status as a small shop owner, and was always impeccably dressed. Don, on the other hand, showed up in the uniform of a freshman undergraduate: jeans and t-shirt, his only nice item the sneakers on his feet.

“W-why do you want me h-here?”

“I want to cut a deal with you, Don.” The corner of his lip turned upward.


“Yes. I’m sure you don’t want those pictures getting out to your parents, your friends, and future employers. Most of all, you don’t want it sent to the cops, do you?”


“I thought not. I am going to just come out and say it, Don. This is what we are going to do: you are going to become my slave. My real, honest-to-goodness, no limits slave. You will do whatever I say, when I say it, and you’ll be happy about it. You’re my bitch now, and I expect you to get used to it very soon. My first rule is that you always, in every sentence you say, call me Master. Can you do that?”


“Yes or no? I can send this out right now. It’s your choice.”

“I… Y-yes. Master.” The last word seemed so strange on his tongue.

“You agree to be my slave?”

“Y-yes Master.” He shivered.


Don obeyed, his shaking knees glad to rest on a hard surface.

“You will devote yourself to my pleasure, with your entire mind and body?”

“Yes Master.” Why did he insist on torturing him?

“I want you to repeat that. That’s my second rule: if I ask you anything you are to say, ‘Yes Master’ and then complete the sentence by repeating what I just said.”

“Y-yes Master, I will devote myself to your pleasure… with, uh, my entire body and mind.”

“I want you to make a pledge to me. Take a minute and think of something nice.”

“Y-y-yes Master.”

It was only about twenty seconds before Don couldn’t stand the silence any longer but realized it wouldn’t go away by itself.

“I promise to devote myself… and always listen to you… and to do a good job. Master.” Don gulped.

“Surely you can do better. This is a serious pledge you’re making. You’re promising to be my completely owned slave and devote your entire will to me! Also, my third rule is that you never use ‘I’ in a sentence. You are refer to yourself in the third person, such as ‘this slave.’ Try it again.”

“Yes Master. This… slave promises to devote… itself to your pleasure, to always obey you….”

Dave finished the sentence for him.

“…And to do so enthusiastically?”

“Yes Master.”

“Better. We’ll work on it. Your first assignment is to memorize that Pledge. Now what do you say?”

“Yes Master… this slave will memorize that Pledge.”

“Good, you’re a quick learner. Now we are going to address what your slavery to me will entail. You may rise and sit on the couch.”

“Yes Master.” Don got up and forced himself to the couch. He was in a haze, almost like a dream state. He was glad to turn his back and cover his reddening face momentarily. Nobody gives him orders on where to sit!

“First, Don, I’m going to admit that you have the power to end your slavery any time you want. You can tell me that whenever you desire, and no harm will be done to you… at least physically. Because if you do take that route, I WILL send out those pictures within five minutes of you gaining your freedom. Are we clear on that?”

“Yes Master,” Don grumbled.

“Excellent. Secondly, when I say you will be used in any way I wish, I mean it. You may be working on my behalf. You will be cleaning my house, cooking my dinners, and acting as my general servant. But most of all, Don, you will be my sex slave.”

Don’s heart dropped. A lump started advancing its way up his throat and his body pushed back, swallowing in an attempt to force it into his stomach. Dave… Dave couldn’t be gay. How was such a vile and revolting thing possible? Certainly he couldn’t have expected Don to take kindly to that!

“Yes, Don, I am gay. Or to be more precise, bi-sexual. Don’t worry, though. You will remain perfectly straight. There just may be some… modifications… to make that possible.”

Don sat in silence, or to be more precise sat with his mouth agape and body paralyzed by the unfolding events.

“You see, Don, you are not going to be a male anymore. As of this moment, in fact, you are not to consider yourself a man. I certainly don’t regard you as one. No, to me you seem like a perfectly sweet and innocent, if a bit na├»ve and silly, teenage girl. Sure, your hair isn’t long, your voice is too deep for my liking, and your breasts haven’t developed yet. But we’ll get there, and within a few months you’ll be my feminine slavegirl, and with a little luck maybe even my girlfriend. I’m getting ahead of myself, though. What’s your gender, slave?”

Don’s mouth was still agape, and his eyes were becoming wider by the second. He closed his hands in hopes that Dave wouldn’t see them shaking.

“Slave, I asked you a question. What. Is. Your. Gender.”


“’Uhhh’ is not an acceptable response, slave. Do not make me ask again.”

“Ummm… female. Master.”

“’This slave’s gender is female, Master,” Dave coaxed.

“This slave’s gender is female, Master.” Don gripped the armrest in a mixture of fear and anger.

“About time, slave. Like I said, you are female, and from this point forward I expect you to act like a female. By this I mean a real one, slave, not some exaggerated sissy who’s a closest homosexual. Now do you see, slave? You will remain straight after all!” He chuckled.

“After all, a girl is nothing without her man, and I’ll ensure that you’ll always be by my side and ready to please. You’re my little feminine project.” He winked, and Don shuddered.

“You may not like it, slave, but this is your new reality. Who is your owner, girl?”

“Y-you are, M-master.”

“Good girl. Now, first things first. I don’t think ‘Don’ is an appropriate name for my little girl. I finally decided on ‘Natalieslut’ just yesterday, so from now on that’s your name. The ‘slut’ tacked on at the end is a symbol of your slavery to me. If and when you decide to become my official girlfriend it will be removed as a gift to my future baby doll. However, I am the only one allowed to call you ‘Natalieslut.’ You will continue to speak in the third person, but you will never call yourself that. I’ll give you a list of acceptable words to use later but right now I just want you using ‘slave’ and ‘girl.’ Now, what is your name, slave?”

“This slave’s name… is Natalie… slut, Master.”

“Again, slave. Try saying ‘this girl’ now.”

“This… girl’s name is Natalieslut… Master.”

“Good girl! Very good. Does the name ‘Don’ mean anything to you, slave? Do you know anybody in this room whose name is Don?”

“No Master.”

“What do you say to your owner for giving that slavemeat a proper name?”

“Thank you for.. giving this slave a name… Master.” Don, or Natalieslut as he- or she- is now known, felt even more heat flushing her face.

Dave nodded. “We have a few more things to accomplish on your first night of slavery, Natalieslut. I will let you ask a few questions before we begin, however. Do you have any, slave?”

“Yes Master.” Her brain was positively exploding with them, in fact.


“Is there any way to get out of this?!? Please! I’ll do anything! Anything!”

“No, slave, there is no way to get out of this without the blackmail being released. If I hear you use the word ‘I’ again I will immediately end this time for your questions.”

Natalieslut’s shoulders slumped.

“Yes Master… Ummm… how long is this slave… well, going to be your slave for, Master?”

“For however long as either of us desire. Of course, if you decide to break away there are consequences to that decision. You know that.”

“So this… relationship could go on forever?”


Natalieslut gasped, and Dave smiled knowingly.

“That’s why it’s very important to be pleasing to your owner, slave.”

“How… how is this slave going to act like a girl?”

“Well, it’s very simple, slave. You’ll be observing how girls act from now on and attempt to imitate them, as well as taking individual lessons from me on how I expect you to act. These will cover everything from walking, talking, dressing… the list goes on and on. You are now my property, Natalieslut, and I WILL get full use of it.”

“Yes… Master.”

“How are we going to, um, do this while this slave’s at school, Master?”

“I was planning on telling you this tonight, but I will tell you now seeing as you asked. You will still go to school and complete your studies for appearances’ sake, but it is entirely secondary to me. If I feel you are slacking in serving me I do have the right to have you drop out. I will also ensure you are keeping atop your studies, however. If you get anything less than a certain mark you will be punished. Additionally, I think having you minor in ‘Fashion’ would beneficial to both you and me.”

“Yes Master. How will… umm, how will things be with vacations? I do have to go home over break.”

“I make that decision from now on, Natalieslut,” Dave said coldy. “Again, however, to keep up appearances you will in all likelihood be sent home for the holidays. Before and after the breaks, however, I will expect a renewed amount of fervor in serving your owner, and I may assign you tasks over break to keep you focused on me and your new role in life. Speaking of which, slave, what is your gender?”

Natalieslut sighed.

“This slave is a girl, Master.”

“No sighing, slave, you should be proud of being my slave girl. Being enthusiastic IS mentioned in your Pledge, and I will not tolerate anything below a simple and blissful contentment. Remind me, what is your Pledge again?”

“This slave promises to… devote herself to your pleasure… to always obey you, and... to do so enthusiastically.” Natalieslut was a bit surprised she remembered the entire spiel.

“Good. We’ll work on that… or rather, YOU’LL work on that. I expect it to be down-pat by tomorrow evening. Also, every time you repeat your Pledge I want you to kneel and kiss my feet at the end, just for future reference.”

“Yes Master.”

“Any other questions?”

“Yes Master. Umm, you said I- this slave- would be cleaning your apartment? How is this slave going to get over here? I- she- doesn’t have a car. Master.”

Dave smiled crookedly. “I was also going to tell you that later this evening, slave. You will be moving in with me, in this house. This is your home now.”

Natalieslut’s jaw slowly opened.

“A slave needs to wait 24/7 on her owner. Besides, as my property she belongs in my house. So yes, Natalieslut, this is your new home. I do not want to hear any objections.”

“W-when is t-this gonna happen, Master?”

“Tonight. Do you have any more questions?”

“N-no, Master.”

“Okay, then we can proceed after you Pledge yourself again.”

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut rose from the couch and, with a weight in her chest and the look of a scared animal, walked over to Dave and knelt before him.

“Master, this slave promises to devote herself to your pleasure, to always obey you, and to do so enthusiastically.”

Bending over, she, while closing her eyes in defeat, offered a small kiss to each foot of her new owner.

“Good, very good, slavegirl. I’m pleased with you tonight. You made a solemn promise to devote yourself to me, your new owner and Master, and I intend to hold you to it. If you constantly seek to be pleasing, you will be rewarded. If you fail, especially in reluctance or loathing, you will be punished severely. You are my slavegirl, now, Natalieslut. The entirety of my command over you begins now.”

“Yes Master.” Natalieslut gulped.

“I want you to rise and strip completely, right now. Any hesitation and you will be given your first punishment.”

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut rose to her feet and, not looking her Master in the eye, proceeded to remove her clothing. Slowly, and with some hesitation, she removed her boxers.

“That is the last time in your life you will ever wear boxers, Natalieslut,” Dave said happily. Natalieslut merely turned an even darker red, and her penis, the strange bit of anatomy on her body, noticeably shrunk.

“If you draw this body away from its owner you will be punished, slave. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Don’t worry, though, I will not be touching that peculiar body part you have down below tonight. I don’t wish to cause my girl undue trauma, especially on her first night. What do you say to that, slave?”

“Thank you, Master.”

“That’s right. Now, this is what’s called a body inspection. You’ll be getting these often, most likely very few days in the winter and every day in the summer. You will strip completely down to your skin and you will offer this body own for inspection. This allows me to ensure you’re caring for your body the way I direct you, makes sure you’re healthy-looking, lets me check how your exercise and diets are going, and allows me to check you’re keeping yourself sexy. It does a lot of things, Natalieslut, that’s why they’re so important.”

“It’s a good thing you’re so short and skinny,” Dave continued, “because it makes you look so feminine, which is good for me, and lets you keep a looser diet than I’d normally allow, which is good for you. I suppose we’re both winners in that sense!”

“Yes Master.”

“Now, what are these?” Dave said, suddenly grapping his nipples with his entire palms.

“Ahhh! Nipples, Master!”

“Well, yes, slave, but they are also your titties. You will be given a list of names to use for every body part I desire, but for now I want you to think of these as ‘titties.’ And I want you to use ‘titties,’ too, not simply ‘tits’ because your’s are still tiny A-cups. What are these, slave?”

“Titties, Master!”

“And who do they belong to?”

“They’re your’s, Master!”

Natalieslut was really beginning to feel uncomfortable with a man touching her.

“Remember my rule about repetition, slave? Or are you too stupid?”

“Sorry Master, they’re YOUR titties, Master!”

“Better,” Dave said, releasing his hands from her. “In time those titties are going to make two wonderful toys. Now, what is this?” He pointed to Natalieslut’s mouth.

“My- your- mouth, Master.”

“Actually, slave, this is hole #1, and that is what you will call it. Hole #1 is for cocks to have a nice warm and soft bed to lay in, eh?”

He grinned devilishly. Natalieslut could only shudder and close her eyes in protest.

“Moving on… what is this, slave?” He gave her a light slap on the butt.

“Mpfff! Your… butt, Master.”

“That’s correct, and you may occasionally refer to it as that. However, it is also ‘hole #2,’ ‘jigglecheeks,’ and ‘sweetcheeks.’ You may not swear and refer to it as your ‘ass.’ I also require that you never lock into using one word in reference to your butt. I want my girl to be sexy with her voice and word choice, so I expect a little variety. Now, without using the word ‘butt’ because you already referred to it as that, what is this?”

He smacked it harder now, which startled Natalieslut and caused her to softly cry out.

“Ahhhh! Ummm… your, uh, sweetcheeks, Master.”

Natalieslut would have turned a deeper shade of crimson had it been possible.

“I expect you to remember all of those, and to use them. If not, you will be punished. It’s that simple. Whose pleasure do you exist for?”

“This slave… exists for your pleasure, Master.”

“Excellent! Good girl. Now, as regards to THAT,” Dave said, pointing to the penis, “we will simply refer to it as your ‘awkward part.’ It has no other name, as girls obviously do not have penises. Do not expect to get any pleasure out of that… thing. Girls can only GIVE pleasure to a cock and receive pleasure from doing so. Because they do not receive direct pleasure from a cock, neither will you.”

“Yes… Master,” Natalieslut said, trying to not envision performing any sexual activity with this man.

“Unfortunately, girls also don’t hair. Your body inspection is over. I want you to go in the bathroom and take a shower. There, you will find Nair and shaving cream with razors. Take your pick, but if I find a single hair from the nose down in your next body inspection I will punish you. This includes facial and pubic hair. A towel has been placed out for you. You will also find nail polish on the counter. You will paint each fingernail and toenail with care. You only have forty-five minutes, so get to it.”

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut walked across the living room to the nearby bathroom. She was halfway through closing the door when Dave instructed her not to close it.

“Slaves have no right to privacy from their owners. If you ever close a door that prevents me from seeing or getting to you severe consequences will follow. Again, no objections. Just obey,” he finished haughtily.

“Yes Master,” Natalieslut said, leaving the door ajar.

Fifteen minutes later Natalieslut was summoned, bare naked and with the air raising goose bumps on her hairless skin, to the master bedroom. Natalieslut grimaced upon thinking of the depressing joke, “master bedroom.”

The room was as bare as her skin. Nothing but a single bed against the wall, a small desk, and a dresser occupied it, and they were all of a dull gray color. A tiny closet was at the end of the room, and a laptop was the only object that resided on the desk.

“Love your skin, Natalieslut,” Dave said with a wink. “Let’s see those nails.”

Natalie presented her fingers like she thought a female might do. They were now a hot pink and even Natalieslut had to admit they looked good.

“Oh, wonderful! You look sexy with that color, Natalieslut.”

“Thank you Master,” Natalieslut forced from her throat.

“When a man compliments you I want you to say not only thank him but tell him it’s for his pleasure. Understand?”

“Yes Master, thank you Master. It’s for your pleasure.”

“Good girl. Now, I just wanted to dress you for your ride back to your apartment and also show you a few things. All of your clothes are in this bottom drawer of the dresser, except for a few fancier outfits which sit in the closet. You, however, are only allowed in this drawer when doing laundry, or fetching clothes. Every night I will lay out the clothes you are to wear the next day on this desk. At the moment you don’t have very many clothes, and that’s because you’ll be doing a lot of shopping yourself. Girls know about clothes, and while I must approve every item you buy I will usually let you select your own stuff to add to your wardrobe. A girl has to look good for her man, you know! Anyways, you also have the responsibility of ensuring my clothes are cleaned, organized, ironed, and in the drawers I want them in.”

“Yes Master.”

Opening the bottom drawer, Dave continued.

“Now, I already have twelve pairs of approved panties for you to wear. Seven of them are “days of the week” underwear. I thought they were cute, they say the day on the front and on the back include hot phrases in cursive like, “Tush Tuesday” or “Sexy Saturday.” With these you can be my walking calendar as well! They’re bikini style panties. I also have two pairs of hipster panties, which are pink and white. You’ll eventually decorate these to add to their sexiness. I also bought two pairs of thongs: one black, the other hot pink. I thought the lace on the waistband would look really sexy on you, so I couldn’t pass them up. Lastly, I bought you a single “naughty” pair of panties. I’m not going to show it to you because I want it to be a surprise, but I think you’ll like it. You’ll be performing for me in it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!”

“Yes Master,” Natalieslut said, her lips tightening.

“I also bought you eight training bras and two sports bras for those puny little titties of your’s, not including the matching “naughty” bra. When they grow I’ll buy you some more. All of these will be decorated as well.”

Natalieslut had no idea what he meant by “when they grow” but right now she didn’t want to find out.

“There’s also two bikinis in here but those probably won’t be used until summertime. Now, in regards to outfits, you only have two at the moment. One is a sundress, and the other is jeans and a shirt. You’ll be wearing the jeans and shirt for tonight, so here they are.”

He pulled them out. The jeans were just jeans, but the shirt was definitely a shirt for females. The sleeves were extra short and torso was defined with a slight hourglass shape. The material was also much lighter.

“And here’s your panties and bra.”

This time he pulled out the black “Sexy Saturday” pair, the words spelled in a glittery silver, and a black training bra. Natalieslut moved to put them on.

“Underwear inspections will occur randomly. If there are any stains, marks, or rips in them you will be punished. If they need to be replaced you will be dealt an especially harsh punishment.”

“Yes Master,” Natalieslut said, slipping on the training bra. It felt tight on her chest, like it was strangely imprisoning her.

“What day is it, slut?”

“Saturday, Master.”

“When you’re wearing the day-of-the-week panties I want to hear the word that corresponds with the day.” He smiled. “I’m also sick of hearing that ugly voice coming from the hole #1 I own. I tolerated it up till now but I’m getting tired of it. I think now would be a perfect time to practice your feminine voice, the voice you’ll be using from now on. Don’t sound like a sissy or have an overly airy, light voice. Trying to sound natural but sexy at the same time, what day is it?”

Natalieslut swallowed and slightly shook her head as if to clear it.

“It’s Sexy Saturday, Master!” she said positively, showing a little teeth.

“Oh very good, slave! You have a nice voice, I think it’s perfect. Light enough to excite me but deep enough to pass as a real girl. I’m very pleased with you tonight, slave. Pledge.”

Natalieslut dropped to her knees. In her new voice she proclaimed:

“This slave promises to devote herself to your pleasure, to always obey you, and to do so enthusiastically.” She lightly kissed her Master’s feet.

“Good girl! I honestly expected you to put up more of a struggle tonight, but so far you’ve been obeying my every word. That is, after all, a girl’s purpose. But it is not enough to merely obey me, Natalieslut. You must love your owner as well, with all your heart. I do not expect to woo a girl so rapidly, however. I don’t think you’re a loose girl at all! But in time you’ll be loose for me, and you’ll grow to love me, and your enthusiasm for service will be real. You are happy being my slavegirl, aren’t you, Natalieslut?”

“Y-y-yes Master,” she flushed, a new wave of terror and disgust assaulting her with his talk of future love.

“Good.” He smiled. “Put on the rest of your clothes.”

She obeyed.

“Turn around, show me that ass!”

Cringing, she turned. A guy, a GUY, wanted to check her butt out.

“Aww, that’s cute. It’s gonna be put to good use, too,” he said, licking his lips at the sight of it. He had good fortune with the sizing. The jeans sat snugly against her legs and rear.

“There are two more things to accomplish before we leave. Number one, I have a selection of wigs for you to wear. I want you to select the one that you think best fits you. After you choose one, the rest will be discarded and that will become your hair style for the time being. The wigs are in the top drawer. Make your pick.”

Natalieslut took a few steps towards the dresser and opened the drawer. There was an assortment of wigs: blonde with curls, brunette with waves, jet black and straight… Natalieslut definitely didn’t have an image of herself as a girl, so she picked one at random. It was blonde and straight, about shoulder length.

“Ahh, so my Natalieslut is a blonde. Not a bad pick. Okay, put that on.”

“Yes Master.”

“Number two… I want you to kneel.”

“Yes Master,” said Natalieslut, sliding to the floor. She was beginning to hate doing this. Dave went to the closet and grabbed something from the top shelf.

“I have a variety of these in all sorts of colors so you can always be matching, but here is your first collar.”

He moved to the kneeling figure and placed a pink collar around her neck, the color matching her nails.

“I think pink is a great color for my little blonde slut. This collar is only to come off when you are switching it for another or when you shower. If you are caught without it at any other time you will face major consequences. I will consider it a grave insult against me.”

“Yes Master.”

“Thank me for your collar, and Pledge yourself again to me.”

“Thank you for this collar, Master. This slave promises to devote herself to your pleasure, to always obey you, and to do so enthusiastically.” She brushed her owner’s feet with her lips, and realized she definitely had the entire Pledge memorized now.

“Good girl.” He softly stroked the wig. “You may rise.”

“Yes Master.”

Dave slipped something over his hand, attaching it to his wrist.

“Let me see your hand, Natalieslut.”

“Yes Master,” she said, offering it.

He took it and did the same to her wrist. It was a small leash.

“During your slavery we are going to be attached to each other quite often. It’s great for bonding AND bondage, I feel.”

He winked, and Natalieslut realized with distaste that she had not even one foot of space to maneuver. She was literally trapped at Dave’s side, and, he being much bigger, could easily direct Natalieslut’s path.

“When we walk together like this on the leash I want you to take your free arm and wrap it inside the arm you’re connected to. I’d also like your head to rest on my shoulder. You’re just a tiny and shy teenage girl, after all, and you need your big, strong man to take the lead. So, let’s see it.”

“Y-yes Master.”

Natalieslut tucked her arm in the space between Dave’s and his body, and, with some hesitation and disbelief that she was actually doing this, put her head on his shoulder.

“Awwww, that’s sweet, my slavegirl needs my affection. Now, when we walk I always take the lead. Are girls meant to be in charge, Natalieslut?”

“N-no, Master?”

“That’s right, good answer. Who belongs to be in charge then?”

“You, Master.”

“Also correct, but I mean in general, slave.”

“Ahh… men, Master?”

“Good girl! Do you love men, Natalieslut?”

“Ahhh… well….”

She couldn’t admit it. No, she didn’t like men. She didn’t like men at all!

“I expect you to be attracted to them, Natalieslut. Not liking men will be cause for punishment soon enough. I do not desire a lesbian sex slave, after all. Enthusiasm in serving me is part of your Pledge, and I will soon expect eagerness to please your man sexually. For tonight, however, I understand your lesbian tendencies. We will work on that. On the way to your apartment and back I want you to pick out one man in passing you find sexy and describe what you like about him. Understand?”

Natalieslut gulped.

“Y-yes, Master.”

“I ask again: do you love men, Natalieslut?”

“Ahh… yes, Master.”

“Have you forgotten the rule about repetition, slave?”

“No Master. Ummm… this slave… loves men, Master.”


“This slave loves men, Master.”


They walked to the front door, where Dave had Natalieslut put on a pair of girls’ flip-flops. Until now the thought hadn’t occurred to Natalieslut that they were actually going out in public. Panic set in. She was dressed in girls’ clothes with painted nails and a wig and handcuffed to another guy. She couldn’t go out like this! Still, she was in no position to resist. Not only did the blackmail prevent her, so did her owner’s stride. She was literally being led along.

Dave temporarily removed the handcuffs near the car, mentioning that he wanted to test her willingness to obey before they reached the apartment. They got into it after a short demonstration on how a lady enters a car, bending at the knees and letting her rear rest on the seat before bringing her legs along.

“And now would be a perfect time to practice your sitting,” Dave continued, starting the car. “Girls sit with their legs together or crossed, their hands flat and resting on their laps, and their backs straight. If you sit any other way you will be punished.

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut did as she was told, sitting up straight in her seat and pushing her legs together. It was not altogether uncomfortable, but she was definitely not used to it.

It was only about a five minute ride to Natalieslut’s apartment. When they got out of the car Dave immediately handcuffed Natalieslut to him.

“Do you like being handcuffed to your Master, slave?” he asked as they strolled across the parking lot.

Natalieslut sighed. She obviously didn’t but she knew better than to deny it.

“Oh yes Master.”

“Give me three names for this,” he quizzed her, taking his handcuffed arm and grabbing Natalieslut’s butt.

“Butt, sweetcheeks, and hole #2, Master.”

“Good. Who does it belong to?”

“It belongs to you, Master.”

“Yes, it does, but you’re forgetting your rule about repetition again. You really are lucky it’s your first night and we have a lot to do.”

“Sorry, it’s your sweetcheeks, Master.”

“Better. And I can use these sweetcheeks whenever I want?”

“Yes Master, you can use these… sweetcheeks whenever you want.”

“Why can I do that?”

“You can use these sweetcheeks whenever you want because you own them, Master.”

“You’re learning quickly, slut. Now, what are these?” he pointed at her chest.

“Your titties, Master.”

“Do they have any other name?”

“Well, umm, they do, Master, but this slave doesn’t know them yet.”

“That’s right. I’m asking you these questions to reinforce your role, as well as seeing how fast you’re learning. Your life’s been turned completely inside-out tonight and there’s a lot of new information you’ve been given. Also, however, I want to keep you on your toes. You need to be ready to serve at all times, and in order to do this you need to be constantly thinking of me.”

“Yes Master.”

“Don’t forget I want you to find one hot guy on this trip.”

“Ummm, yes Master.”

They reached the main entrance. Luckily Natalieslut’s apartment was on the first floor so the possible exposure to other people was minimal.

“I want you to pack your toothbrush and three complete outfits in case you’re ever in a situation you need to be in male clothes for. I’d also like your iPod, cell phone, phone charger. Everything else is to be left here. We’ll end your lease another day, I’m really not up to it tonight.”

Natalieslut did it all in ten minutes. They were out the door in another two.

“Master… ummm… that guy’s… kinda cute,” Natalieslut murmured, remembering her small assignment.

“What’s that slave? Speak up.”

“That guy’s kinda cute, Master.”

“That guy over there?” He pointed to a clean-cut man in a suit walking to his car.

“Yes Master.”

“What do you find cute about him, slave?”

“Well, uhhh…”

“Surely you must have a few reasons, girl.”

“Uh, sure, Master.”

“What are they?”

“Well, uhh, this slave likes the suit he’s wearing.”

“You like a man in a suit, girl?”

“Yes Master.”

“Repeat it.”

“This girl likes a man in a suit, Master.”

“What else do you like?”

“He’s… he’s big, Master.”

“Do you like big, strong men, Natalieslut?”

“Yes Master, this girl likes big strong men,” she repeated softly.

“Do you know why you like big, strong men, girly?”

“No Master… uh, haven’t really thought about it.”

“I think it’s because all girls like big and strong men to protect them. I also think girls see big, strong men as dominant. Do you need to be dominated and controlled, slave?”

“Yes Master, this girl needs to be dominated and controlled.”

“By who, slave?”

“By big, strong men, Master.”

“Good. Do you think his look would be improved if he grew facial hair?”

“Uhhh… no, Master.”

“Why not?”

“Ummm… probably because he’s clean-cut, Master.”

“So you like big, strong men in suits who are clean-cut?”

“Uhh, yes Master.”

Natalieslut was growing increasingly uncomfortable with the questions.

“I think that could define me, wouldn’t you say, girl?”

“Yes Master, it could.”

“Overall, how would you rate him? I mean on a scale of one to ten?”

“Ummm…” Natalieslut laughed nervously. “Maybe an… eight, Master?”

“An eight? That’s pretty good. How would you rate your owner?”

Natalieslut again laughed nervously, but louder this time.

“A ten, Master.”

“A ten?!? You think I’m the best looking man in the whole world?”

“…Yes Master.”

“Good girl, I want you to think that. I want you to repeat it as well.”

“Master, you’re the best looking man in the whole world.”

Dave smiled.

By the time they got back it was almost nine o’clock. Dave had removed the leash from their hands and they were sitting in the living room. Dave was instructing Natalieslut what to do the next morning.

“When the alarm goes off at six you’ll immediately go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. You’re allowed to take as long as a shower as you want, I know how you girls are… having to shave everywhere, having to wash your hair…. However, if by seven you aren’t dressed and gently waking me up you will be punished. It is your responsibility to wake me up in the morning, and if my alarm happens to ff at 7:05 because you aren’t ready you will be punished. Unlike a girl like you, I actually have work to go to. After you wake me you’ll start working on my breakfast. I’ve been preparing to make you my slave for a week so I had time to make a small menu. It’s on the kitchen counter. If you don’t know how to make an item right now, that’s okay. You’ll be trained in cooking later. When I get out of the shower by meal should be ready for me on the table, though. Any questions?”

“No, Master.”

“Good. We have an hour until bedtime so I’d like to do one or two more things before then. First, go get my laptop and USB cable, slavegirl.”

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut rose from the couch and fetched the laptop in his bedroom.

“Here you are, Master.”

“Good. After you bring me something you are to say just that with a smile on your pretty little face. Then I want you to stand next to me and place each of your hands on my shoulders, lightly massaging them.”

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut immediately obeyed.

“I picked out your new music selection, slave. You’ll be required to listen to the playlist at least twice when I’m away at work.”

He pulled out Natalieslut’s iPod from his pocket and connected it to the laptop via the cable.

“Say good-bye to all your old music, girl, that stuff is forbidden now.”


Too late. Dave clicked the “Restore iPod” button, clearing the entire memory.

“I don’t see what your objection is, Natalieslut. You know girls don’t listen to whatever was on the iPod before.”

“Y-yes Master….”

“What’s more important, slut, your old music collection or your owner?”

“This girl’s owner, Master.”

“So why did you act like he wasn’t?”

“This girl… doesn’t know, Master.”


Natalieslut fell to her knees and faced her Master.

“This slave promises to devote herself to your pleasure, to always obey you, and to do so enthusiastically.”

She kissed his feet.

“Hmmm, let’s see… you didn’t devote yourself fully to me and you certainly didn’t do so with enthusiasm. As punishment, you can listen to this playlist three times a day. Right now you don’t love the kind of music your owner approved for you, so it has to be played frequently for you to grow to like it.”

“Yes Master.”

“Hands back on my shoulders.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now then, I put some Justin Bieber on the playlist, but I don’t know how much you’ll like him. Some girls love him, others hate him. What’s your opinion, girl?”

“Ummm, this girl doesn’t really like that type of music, Master.”

“You’ll grow to like it. But what do you think about his looks?”

“Uhhhh… is this girl required to have an opinion, Master?”

“You’re required to judge every guy’s looks, yes.”

“Uhh, well he is sort of… boyish, Master.”

“Boyish good looks or boyish as in unattractive?”

“Ummm, the last one, Master. Unattractive.”

“Out of ten?”

“Two, Master…?”

“Fair enough. I understand you like big, strong men, not boys like Bieber. But I do want you listening to a few of his songs.”

“Yes Master.”

“So, here we are,” Dave said, finishing adding new songs to the iPod. “Your new favorite artists are the likes of Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Beyonce. For now this is the only music you are allowed to listen to.”

“Yes Master.”

“Well, here’s your iPod. You may leave it on my desk when not in use. When I’m not home I encourage you to use it, and when I am home I expect you to ask for permission first. I can’t have you having your headphones in and not hearing my orders, after all.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now, I want to detail what you will be doing tomorrow when I am at work. Number one, you will make sure a hot meal is on the table when I come back. Second, I want you listening to your playlist and, after that, find more songs from those artists to add to your iPod. I also want you to go online and use the computer to find ten men you find attractive. Open up a Word document and copy and paste the links so I can see them, then write a paragraph about each one on what you like, dislike, and your overall rating of them. I also have two videos I want you to view: one on make-up for beginners, the other on clothing. I may ask you questions about them when I return so you better be ready to answer them. The videos are near the television.”

“Yes Master.”

“Think you can remember that, slave?”

“Yes Master, this slave has a pretty good memory.”

“Excellent. Seeing as you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow, I think we should go to bed.”

“Yes Master, good idea.”

Nodding, he rose from his seat and walked to his bedroom, Natalieslut following behind him.

“There are a few rituals we will be conducting before and during bedtime, slave. First of all, you will be sleeping either in your underwear or naked. Your choice. Second of all, before bed you will kneel before me and thank me for allowing you to serve me today. You will then Pledge yourself again. So, let’s see you do that for starters.”

“Yes Master,” Natalieslut said, stripping down to her panties and bra and kneeling before him.

“You will bend over until your face and palms are on the ground before me.”

“Yes Master,” she said, following his directions.

“Say it.”

“Master, thank you for allowing this slave to serve you today.”


Natalieslut was a little confused. What else was there to say?

“Ummm… it’s an honor to serve you, Master. You’re such a big and strong man and this slave is happy to… ummm… be your property.” She blushed.

“Bow before me, raising your arms slowly until up in the air and then back down again.”

“Yes Master.”

Natalieslut’s raised her arms and head—and was greeted by the sight of her naked owner. She gasped audibly, her mouth wide open.

“Yes, slavegirl, this is my Cock. Do you approve?”

Natalieslut looked away, speechless.

“When my Cock is visible you are not to look away from it, Natalieslut. Focus on me.”

“Yes… Master,” Natalieslut said, forcing her eyes to rest on the man’s anatomy.

“It is an honor to serve and please my Cock, Natalieslut, and it is now your number one job in life. You will grant it the utmost respect. Now, slavegirl, I want you to give it one compliment before bedtime. Do not tell me it’s big, I know that already. I want you to think of something else.”

“Uhhhh, ummm, y-yes Master. Well, it’s… uhhh… gorgeous, Master.”

Her face went beet red.

“Repetition, slave. I will start dishing out punishments tomorrow.”

“Your Cock is gorgeous, Master.”

“Is it a ten out of ten?”

“Absolutely, Master.”

“Good. Because of your lesbian tendencies, which we will start to break down more thoroughly starting tomorrow, I want to introduce you to my Cock slowly. You seen it now, and I will be sleeping naked tonight. Now… bow again, and tell me what an honor it is to serve it.

Natalieslut touched the floor with her palms and nose again.

“Master, it is an honor to serve your Cock. It is… magnificent… and this girl looks forward to pleasing it.”

“I think that’s suitable for tonight. Tomorrow you will learn your Cock Pledge, which will be said whenever you begin to worship my Cock or first see it. Your cock worshipping will begin in earnest tomorrow night, but you will not be expected to touch a real one for quite some time, don’t worry. Now, Pledge yourself to me.”

“Yes Master. This slave promises to devote herself to your pleasure, to always obey you, and to do so enthusiastically.”

“I will expect that enthusiasm to carry over in regards to my Cock. However it is time for bed. Here,” he said, handing her the forgotten pair of his boxer briefs from the floor. “These are worn over your head each night. I want you overwhelmed and quite familiar with my scent, and I want to see you put them on.”

Natalieslut hesitated.

“It is an honor to wear my underwear on your head, Natalieslut.”

“Yes Master,” she murmured, swiftly donning the pair over her wig.

“And now for the biggest surprise… you do not have a bed. You will sleep with me every night. Don’t worry, sex won’t happen for a long, long time. But you will get used to being close to my body.”

“What--? Master, no—“

“It is not a suggestion, Natalieslut, it is a command. Or would you prefer to have the blackmail sent out?”

Natalieslut mulled it over. No, no… she couldn’t do that. With a sigh, she started towards the bed.

“Nuh uh uh, no so fast. First, there’s a pair of pink cuffs on the top shelf in the closet. Put those on your wrists.”

Natalieslut shuffled to the closet, grabbing the cuffs after a quick search and slapping them on her wrists. She went to switch off the light and stumbled back to the bedpost.

“Now get in bed with your man,” Dave teased.

Natalieslut slowly did so, aware that “her man” was completely naked.

“Lay on top of me and put your arms around my neck.”

“Yes Master.”


The cuffs were hooked together.

“Good night, Natalieslut. You’ve been such a good girl so far.”

Dave stroked her wig and shut his eyes. Having no choice but to rest her head on his heaving chest, Natalieslut did the same, with a lone tear running down her cheek.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hovering, a new experience.

having commited to been as much as a girl as possible, i am trying to sit to pee as much as possible.  i cannot see any situations except when out with my mates that i cannot do this, so that is my commitment.

i went to the toilets in asda (which are usually quite clean), into the only vacant cubicle, and all i can say is that the toilet was dirty and unflushed.  i was tempted to stand to pee, but wearing a thong reminded me that girls often have this problem, so after thinking "what would a girl do?" i decided to hover.

i was quite desperate to go, a little horny and having never peed like this, it was quite difficult.  my legs were shaking and tired by the time i had finished.

my legs ached as i walked out, but i was proud of myself!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Driving in a dress (well skirt actually...)

i had to go visist a site today and as i had all of my girly things in the car with me i thought i would drive en femme.  i left the office dressed as a male (a male in a thong!!), then went to a local industrial estate which was a bit quieter so i could get changed in the car.

i took off my shirt and put on my bra and then my shirt as fast as possible so no-one could see me.  i then took off my shoes and socks and off came my trousers. i wiggled my butt into my 21" long black pencil skirt and managed to fasten it and zip it up whilst in the drivers seat.

my breast forms were dropped into my bra, then after a quick brush, on went my wig, earings and lipstick.

i then put on my 4" heels and got out of the car, locking all of my male clothes in the boot (trunk for you usa sissys!)

i am not sure if anyone saw me, but i straightened my skirt, and hopped back into the drivers seat and drove off.  it was very hard driving in heels and i regretted not having some flats for driving, then to change into heels later.

it was a fun, but ultimately uneventful drive for the next 90 minutes.  i tried to make eye contact with people and other drivers, but i don't think anyone noticed.  i was hoping to get stuck in a traffic jam where a horny trucker could see my legs etc etc, but it wasn't to be.

my destination was an asda store (now owned by walmart so i think everyone know what to expect when i got there).  i drove into the car park and towards the far corner of the car park.  i parked up, and someone parked up about 2 spots away at either side!!  after waiting for them to go, i was about to get out when a landscape gardener and his mates in his little pickup drove very slowly past me, definately looking for me.  i think they must have seen me when i drove in.  they then drove up the car park a bit and parked up in a strange location (i.e. not in a marked bay) facing my car.  i panicked a little and drove to another location which was busier. (ok i know some of you will be thinking about fantasies here, me with 3 men, but it wasn't really like that)

i waited for any people to pass by, which seemed an age in a busy supermarket.  i then got out of the car and went to the boot to get my male clothes.  i think the trolley guy saw me, but he didn't do/say anything.

after getting changed back, i put my (proper) clothes back in the boot.  whilst i was getting changed the landscapers drove past again. i am sure they wanted to look at me!!

i was still in a girly buzz so i went and bought some facial wipes to remove my make-up (this was why i only wore lipstick as i couldn't remove it - but can now), some matt clear nail polish and some eyelash curlers - never had a pair so this is something new to me.

all in all an uneventful trip, but satisfying to get back in a skirt for a while.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Building site workwear

expressing my sissy side on a building site is not easy and my career choices are limited, however i have found these below....

on the building site i would love to wear this

or even clothes like these

i am sure that they would drive my co-workers wild
especially when i bring them a drink
or entertain them at lunch time

although my dream job on a building site would be the cute secretary, who dresses to please the boys, gets whistled at and then relieves the stress of the managers as and when they need it.......

i suppose there are still plenty of career options left for me....

Monday, August 01, 2011

Ok girls, how many of you have actually sissified your computer?

is what you are looking at now a mans computers or a girls computer?

you know what i mean.......

so how can you be without this

a pink keyboard
the ultimate girly accessory for your pc.