Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Driving in a dress (well skirt actually...)

i had to go visist a site today and as i had all of my girly things in the car with me i thought i would drive en femme.  i left the office dressed as a male (a male in a thong!!), then went to a local industrial estate which was a bit quieter so i could get changed in the car.

i took off my shirt and put on my bra and then my shirt as fast as possible so no-one could see me.  i then took off my shoes and socks and off came my trousers. i wiggled my butt into my 21" long black pencil skirt and managed to fasten it and zip it up whilst in the drivers seat.

my breast forms were dropped into my bra, then after a quick brush, on went my wig, earings and lipstick.

i then put on my 4" heels and got out of the car, locking all of my male clothes in the boot (trunk for you usa sissys!)

i am not sure if anyone saw me, but i straightened my skirt, and hopped back into the drivers seat and drove off.  it was very hard driving in heels and i regretted not having some flats for driving, then to change into heels later.

it was a fun, but ultimately uneventful drive for the next 90 minutes.  i tried to make eye contact with people and other drivers, but i don't think anyone noticed.  i was hoping to get stuck in a traffic jam where a horny trucker could see my legs etc etc, but it wasn't to be.

my destination was an asda store (now owned by walmart so i think everyone know what to expect when i got there).  i drove into the car park and towards the far corner of the car park.  i parked up, and someone parked up about 2 spots away at either side!!  after waiting for them to go, i was about to get out when a landscape gardener and his mates in his little pickup drove very slowly past me, definately looking for me.  i think they must have seen me when i drove in.  they then drove up the car park a bit and parked up in a strange location (i.e. not in a marked bay) facing my car.  i panicked a little and drove to another location which was busier. (ok i know some of you will be thinking about fantasies here, me with 3 men, but it wasn't really like that)

i waited for any people to pass by, which seemed an age in a busy supermarket.  i then got out of the car and went to the boot to get my male clothes.  i think the trolley guy saw me, but he didn't do/say anything.

after getting changed back, i put my (proper) clothes back in the boot.  whilst i was getting changed the landscapers drove past again. i am sure they wanted to look at me!!

i was still in a girly buzz so i went and bought some facial wipes to remove my make-up (this was why i only wore lipstick as i couldn't remove it - but can now), some matt clear nail polish and some eyelash curlers - never had a pair so this is something new to me.

all in all an uneventful trip, but satisfying to get back in a skirt for a while.

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