Tuesday, January 25, 2011

not feeling girly at all

i am just not in the mood.  i have a cold which i can't seem to shake off and i just don't have the desire to dress.  at the moment, i just do not seem to be into been a girl.  i still read my favourite websites and blogs.  i am still masturbating like a girl, but i just don't have the will to dress etc.

maybe its just the weather?
or my cold?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

second masturbation.....

following on from yesterdays first orgasm of the year, i looked forward to having another go.

this time i decided to use a little KY jelly as a lubricant on my sweet spot, and only use the small vibrator.

i laid back on the bed, legs spread, with thoughts of a big man taking me. i gently began to use the vibrator, with a minimum of movement.  what i did notice was that at times i would be hitting the spot perfectly and it was wonderful, but then the vibrator must have just slipped off a bit and although pleasurable, the build up to an orgasm was not happening as it was when i was hitting the spot.

i did find this slightly frustrating, as i was feeling myself building to an orgasm, and then without seemingly doing anything different, my build up was decreasing.

however i did eventually get there, but it was different to last time and pleasurable in another way. just prior to the orgasm my head a shoulders all felt different and as i reached orgasm, both of my hands started to buzz like the vibrator (felt a bit woolly too) and i had a temporary loss of feeling in them (because they were buzzing so much - a bit like when you sit on your hands for a few minutes and then get up)  my cock was obviously also buzzing (due to the vibrator).  i did not actually feel myself cumming and i had to sit up to see if i had actually cum!!

i could definately get used to this type of orgasm...!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Masturbation of the year........

yesterday, i had my first masturbation of the year, and whilst i did not strictly follow my rules, i believe i did something that you would all approve of.

whilst sorting out some of my girly stuff, i found a small vibrator, similar to a maglite torch in size, taking two AAA batteries.  so instead of rubbing my cock with my little finger, i lubed up by using some saliva (which i had to keep topping up) and then placed the tip of the vibrator on the sensitive bit below my cock head.

i was already hard after thinking about something which i will hopefully blog about in the next couple of weeks or so.  i did have to move the vibrator slightly to increase the sensations, but it was very slight.  the orgasm did build up slowly, and was not "earth shattering" as i came, although it was very pleasurable.  the cum did a bit of a spurt, but nothing like it did to when i used to jerk like a man.

overall, satisfying, and something that i could (and will) get used to, but nowhere near as good as the anal orgasm i had (see earlier posts).

Thursday, January 06, 2011

A new year, a new sissy??

i am not one for making new year resolutions, but i thought a bit more about it this year.
i have decided that in order to improve my sissyness i will do my best to stick to the following "training notes"

1) when masturbating, i will only do it as a girl as stated in a previous post.  i will not grab my cock and beat my hand up and down wildly. .

the goal of this is to be as close to a female as possible.  this should also cut out any "quickies" that i intend to have.

my only exception to this is when doing a milovana tease, but that tease mut be a training tease to make me more of a sissy.

2) i will study make up more.  i can do some basic make up, but i want to be more advanced.  i want to study colours, styles, application techniques etc.

i intend to watch and study all of the Lauren Luke videos on youtube along with her other tips.

to start this, i bought myself a nintendo ds for christmas.  there are some make-up games on there.

3) when playing games i will do my best to play girly games.  i have already bought a few of the imagine titles for the ds, along with some fashion and makeover games.  i hope to spend more time playing girly games than any other type.

4) i will also try to wear a bra to work more often.

5) i will try to watch more "training videos" such as the ones at adulthypnotic wishes and others that subliminally train you to act and think like a girl.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Masturbation feminization

the following is an exert from a milovana tease located here  http://www.milovana.com/webteases/showtease.php?id=8159

i have removed some of the things from the tease, but in essence the following is what i am going to try to do when i want to masturbate.

So Sassy, So Sissy, stripped of all masculinity

Masturbation Feminization

Heres what you must do – every time you mastubate you must be:
*In a girly position
*Moan like a girl (say ohhhh alot, pout and round your lips!)
*Say girly things (like fuck me harder, your cock feels so good)
*And think girly things.

The plan is to have you do this so much that it becomes natural to do this… Can you imagine the humiliation you will feel if you do this right and being a sassy sissy girly girl is only way you act when your “getting busy” and you do this in front of a girlfriend/wife/whatever on accident!

EVERY TIME you masturbate you MUST:
*Wear at least pretty panties, full lingerie would be better, the more cute and girly the better. Blush your pussy and clitty and wear your perfume.

*NO STROKING!!! Now you can only use the tip of your little finger to slowly circle and caress the tip of your very cute pink little clitty. Your climaz will take time to build but that is just like a girl experiences it, you will experience the same.

*Masturbate in a girly position:You must be on your back with your leg spread like a girl would be or something of that nature.

*Moan like a woman would: No pathetic loser or guy grunts and moans… use a high pitch voice and moan like the girly girl you are fast becoming, pout and round your lips as you ohhhhh in lust.

*Say girly things: While your masturbating say out loud things like “Oh your cock feels so good” “You make my pussy so wet” Picture a guy fucking you and get used to telling a guy how his dick makes your pussy feel! After all… that’s your new pink girly pussy!

*Think Girly Things: DO NOT THINK OF SEX WITH A WOMAN… you’re a cock loving slut… Think only of dicks and balls and taking cocks in your pussy and mouth.

Any time you think of sex with a woman, or moan like a guy you are to hit your balls hard… This should begin to reprogram you into thinking being a guy is bad/painful… and the only time your allowed pleasure is when your being a girly girl slut!

Consider it half reprogramming and half training for the boyfriend you will be pleasing one day!

hopefully this will help in my feminization - no quick pulls for me!!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

toys and tools

continuing on with stuff.....

i especially like the second one.  we should all know that off by heart!!!