Thursday, January 06, 2011

A new year, a new sissy??

i am not one for making new year resolutions, but i thought a bit more about it this year.
i have decided that in order to improve my sissyness i will do my best to stick to the following "training notes"

1) when masturbating, i will only do it as a girl as stated in a previous post.  i will not grab my cock and beat my hand up and down wildly. .

the goal of this is to be as close to a female as possible.  this should also cut out any "quickies" that i intend to have.

my only exception to this is when doing a milovana tease, but that tease mut be a training tease to make me more of a sissy.

2) i will study make up more.  i can do some basic make up, but i want to be more advanced.  i want to study colours, styles, application techniques etc.

i intend to watch and study all of the Lauren Luke videos on youtube along with her other tips.

to start this, i bought myself a nintendo ds for christmas.  there are some make-up games on there.

3) when playing games i will do my best to play girly games.  i have already bought a few of the imagine titles for the ds, along with some fashion and makeover games.  i hope to spend more time playing girly games than any other type.

4) i will also try to wear a bra to work more often.

5) i will try to watch more "training videos" such as the ones at adulthypnotic wishes and others that subliminally train you to act and think like a girl.

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