Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chastity belt update

(especially for sissycrissi, but i had forgotten!!)
the belt works in a similar way to the cb-2000 series, in that a ring goes around your balls and cock and then connects to a tube that contains your cock.  the bigger advantage of this new belt over my previous cb-2000 is that i cannot touch my cock at all, so i cannot cheat and bring myself off like i could with the cb-2000 (see earlier posts).  it also is very comfortable to wear and i have urinated in it several times and it is easy to clean up afterwards (there is a small hole in the end of the tube)

getting fully erect is not possible, but not THAT painful either.

the disadvantages of this new belt is that it tends to "nip" at where the ring joins the tube and is very difficult to put on when hard/semi-hard.  to be honest i am also not convinced as to the material - it looks like stainless steel, but i gues it isn't, so some people may have an allergy to this, although i don't.  i also read that many people could escape from their cb-2000, so i guess that you could from this, although i know that i cannot.

overall - very happy with the belt for my purposes (to stop me wanking when i am alone in the house) and feels comfortable, but if you intend to go for prolonged periods of chastity (weeks instead of days) then maybe this belt is not for you

Monday, June 28, 2010

Its been a while
since my last post, but like many others (maybe a sissy virus) but not a lot is happening in the sissy world.  Some girls are feeling unwell, some girls have nothing to say and worst of all, some girls have nothing to do!!

i still dress the odd time, but at the moment my biggest thrill is following orders (such as the girly webteases at http://www.milovana.com/ i do not do the ones created "for real men" - i always look for tags with sissy, blow job or dildo in them)

i guess that i just like following orders.  i adore websites like sissystation that give a series of assignments leading to feminity, and websites that give assignments or tasks.  i am "quite" brave and generally try to do any assignment i see, unless i have done something similar in the past.  i especially like pleasing a master or mistress who administers the assignments.

some thing i have done in the past
- going for a drive in a short skirt
- shopping for a skirts, tops, lingerie etc several times
- wore a skirt and heels out
- bought backzip trousers while carrying a purse
- wore basic makeup while out
- wore a bra/panties/stockings etc to work (although not in summer!!)

i need to "get girlie" again and do some more shopping or any assignments i can find.

Monday, June 07, 2010

needing motivation
as i mentioned in a previous post, i just need a little motivation to start pushing my sissy self a bit more.  its not that i don't want to dress, its just that i feel it is often not worth dressing.

i do feel great when i do dress, but i often feel it is pointless, and i could just do whatever i was doing dressed as a male.  However i have noted that if i have a reason to dress, such as directed by an assignment or by website etc, then i am really into dressing.  i believe that this is my submissive side coming out, i will do whatever i read (e.g. assignments) or am told what to do and i absolutely love it!!

i just need some motivations or instructions from someone to make me more girly.

i have taken this in hand and purchased another chastity belt, quite a cheap one from ebay, but one that i hope i cannot escape/cheat on (unlike the Cb-2000 i bought previously which was rubbish - see earlier posting)

i bought this

i will get the chance to try it out today, and i hope it works.

my idea is that i will lock myself up at work, and then go home, unable to touch myself etc.
i am sure that this will help me.

however if anyone wants to give me any instructions or an assignement etc i would be very willing!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

that horny feeling is back
i am sat here typing in my short black dress, 4"heels, black tights, thong and bra, ruby red lipstick and with my eyes done all black and smokey.

i am horny, i fel feminine and when i slipped into my dress and tights, i somehow felt very "comfortable" as though it was maent to be.  i have been a bit up tight and stressed recently, but i feel very calm and in control at the moment.

i really need to read some girly porn......

anyway - i just love the skirt, blouse, shoes and legs in this photo.  oh how i wish i looked like that..!!