Monday, June 07, 2010

needing motivation
as i mentioned in a previous post, i just need a little motivation to start pushing my sissy self a bit more.  its not that i don't want to dress, its just that i feel it is often not worth dressing.

i do feel great when i do dress, but i often feel it is pointless, and i could just do whatever i was doing dressed as a male.  However i have noted that if i have a reason to dress, such as directed by an assignment or by website etc, then i am really into dressing.  i believe that this is my submissive side coming out, i will do whatever i read (e.g. assignments) or am told what to do and i absolutely love it!!

i just need some motivations or instructions from someone to make me more girly.

i have taken this in hand and purchased another chastity belt, quite a cheap one from ebay, but one that i hope i cannot escape/cheat on (unlike the Cb-2000 i bought previously which was rubbish - see earlier posting)

i bought this

i will get the chance to try it out today, and i hope it works.

my idea is that i will lock myself up at work, and then go home, unable to touch myself etc.
i am sure that this will help me.

however if anyone wants to give me any instructions or an assignement etc i would be very willing!!!

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sissycrissi said...

Well, how did the device work?