Thursday, December 29, 2011

if anyone laughs at the following then i won't post again (this year)

as i mentioned before, i had a sissy day planned just before christmas when i would be alone and able to dress fully.

i decided to follow a milovana tease (  )
which is a sissy workout routine.  i followed the tease to the letter and enjoyed it. i suggest all you sissys try it out at least once!!

i did my make up with a gold flash, and i t looked ok, apart from my eyeliner (i have not yet mastered liquid eyeliner and i don't get enough time to practice)

anyway, the tease involved the wearing of a chastity belt for a while.  i have one as mentioned earlier in my blog (not the cb-2000 - that was rubbish, but a metal one).  a while ago when i was tryingout the chastity belt, i had a padlock with 2 keys.  i put one key in my car and the otherone i put in my bag of girly clothes that i keep hidden.

as time goes on, i have changed cars about 5 times (company cars) and added more clothes and new bags etc etc.  you may see where this going now...

so without thinking, i put on the chastity belt as instructed by the tease and continued.  it was not until the end of the tease when i wanted to take off the belt (i didn't cum btw), that i hit the snag - no key.

i frantically looked in my clothing bag and couldn't find it, and i knew it was no use looking in the car.  a slight panic ensued....

i quickly through on some trousers and went to get my tool box from the garage.  when back inside i stripped off and using the junior hacksaw, i started to cut the shaft of the padlock.  immediately the saw slipped and cut the only part of my "manhood" that was exposed at the top of the tube (the rest been inside the chastity tube). i yelled and cursed and began to panic more.

aftre calming down a little i came up with the idea to file off the padlock, and it worked enough to make a groove for the saw, although this was painful as the action needed to do this meant the top of the chastity tube rubbed against the cut area. but it was that or nothing.

after about 20mins of sawing and filing i managed to break free, sweating like mad, with mascara running down my cheeks and in quite some discomfort from the earlier cut.

i just did not feel too girly after that scare, so didn't manage to take any photos or dress the rest of the day!!

it was only a small nick on my penis, but it hurt for days and i now know there is no way that i will be able to cut off my own dick!!

my legs were also sore from following the instructions in the tease and i couldn't walk straight for a couple of days.

looking back - IT WASN'T FUNNY!!!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

thought i was busted at work.....

so here i am 6 months into my new job and one of the guys from upstairs comes into our office (there are 3 of us) and went to my colleague and said "here - have a look at these photos of him", looking at me.

omg i thought, he has been looking on line and found my blog, or other sites where my photos are displayed and has downloaded them.  time to face the shame......

only after i had gone bright red with shame and embarressment thinking what photos he had, did they finally reveal it wasn't entirely like that......  it seem he has been messing with photoshop and using a picture of me in boy mode, had inserted my face over some others.

i won't bore you anymore, or show you the ones i believe you won't be interested in (the male ones!!!), but theses didn't turn out all that bad......for fakes......although i wish i had a body like any of them!!!

maybe my nose needs to be a bit slimmer...

Friday, December 16, 2011


wow - a momentus day passed this last week or so as i have managed to get 100 followers, or 100 people who are interested in what i have to say.

the prize (if there was one) would go to Jenny G.

i am hoping to post a few things before christmas.