Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disney Jealousy Part 3

The Disney Princesses themselves

all of the princesses looked fantastic. Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Mulan and Tiana

Now, leaving aside the dreams of becoming an actual princess and been swept of your feet by a handsome prince to live a life of luxury and lace, what a fantastic job the girls have who are the disney princesses.

can you imagine going to work everyday, knowing that when you get to work the following will happen:-

make up done by a professional so that you look immaculate, glowing, radiant
you have to wear some lacy underwear fitting of a princess
you get to wear a fantastic dress all of the time
you get to dance with a handsome prince
you get to kiss a handsome prince
people cheer when you dance/kiss the prince, reinforcing that this is something everyone wants you to do
you have to act super girly
fireworks go off when you kiss your prince (imagine what happens when you have sex with him!!!)
little girls want to be you
boys want to date you
you get paraded around for everyone to see at least once a day

wouldn't that be a dream job.

you could then go home and be a slutty tart!!!
Disney Jealousy Part 2

so apart from wanting to be a princess, i was also in love with all of the teenagers and their fashions.  the tight shorts, the minnie mouse ears, very girly accessories, tinkerbell, belle, ariel.....the list goes on.

most of the teenagers (and i am talking 17-20 yr olds here), went around in groups of 6 or 7, often wearing similar t-shirts.  all with beautiful tanned legs, immaculate daytime make-up, long hair and just doing giggling girly things.

walking behind them in their tight fitting shorts, admiring their body shape and how the shorts fitted so well, wishing i had a body like that, NOT THINKING i would like to screw that!!!  it was very different.  some of this sissy conditioning has definately had an effect as i did not get even the slightest "twinge" of an erection whilst looking at the girls bottoms, just a twinge of jealousy!!  i am sure that 10 years ago i would have been trying to hide a bulge in my shorts.

Monday, May 30, 2011

My plans for tomorrow.

these are my plans for tomorrow along with the fantasy that goes with them - i have the house to myself!!
i have a lot of things to do on my computer, so it will be secretary susan and my "boss" is my favourite 8" dildo.


after waking at 7.30am i will take a quick shower, douche myself and ensure that i have no hair where i shouldn't.  i will then attach my breast forms, put on my bra and panties, then go downstairs for my breakfast.

once i have finished my breakfast, i will go back upstairs and get dressed ready for work.  this will include a black garter belt and stockings, a dress or skirt/top, and 4" heels.  i will then do my make up (i have been studying make-up videos for a couple of days now so hopefully i will have a good daytime look), put on my wig, pick up my handbag and hopefully get to work (sat at my computer) before 9.

some other rules i have set myself for the day include never been apart from my handbag (i.e. taking it everywhere with me) and retouching my lipstick/lip gloss every 1/2 hour.

when i get to work, i find that my boss has sent me an email saying that he won't be in the office until 10.30, but i had better be ready for him them.  i know what this means, my boss has a very frigid wife and won't have had any sex all weekend, so he will be very physical with me when he gets in.  i prefer it when he is kind and loving, but i have to accept that i am the other woman and i have to serve his animalistic needs.

i get on with my work until 10.00 when i go and insert a medium butt plug to begin stretching myself for him.  at 10.15 i will try to call my mistress for a session on wednesday or next mon/tue/wed.

at 10.20 a further email arrives from my boss stating that he is on his way does not want to waste any time when he gets in.  i panic a little and rush to insert my biggest butt plug.

at 10.30 my boss walks in, dressed immaculately in a designer suit and says "morning susan, could you be a darling and bring a coffee into my office".  "yes, right away sir, i have some brewing for you" i reply.  this is of course coded jargon between us.  i recheck my make-up, stand up, straightening my skirt, and go get a coffee, but we both know it will never be drunk.

knock knock on the office door, "come in and close the door behind you".  "where do you want me to put this" i say holding out the coffee.

"you can put that on the side table, i want you to come over here" as he points to his lap.

i sexily walk around his desk and slowly kneel at this feet, looking up to him as i take off his shoes and run my hands sensually up his legs.  "i don't have time for that" he barks, snapping me out of my trance and reminding me to hastily take of his pants and boxer shorts while he takes off his shirt.  his cock is already rock hard and i wast no time taking it into my mouth and giving him a blow job for over 20 minutes.

eventually he says "stop that and get yourself ready".  that means strip down to my underwear and remove my panties and butt plug. he then points to the desk.

i know how he wants me, bent over, grabbing the far side of the desk for stability.  he is soon to his feet, and i feel his cock pushing against my throbbing pussy.  then, with one push and a sharp intake of breath from me, his beautiful cock is inside me.  it feels like an eternity, but only a few seconds before he rhythmically starts to thrust in and out and i let out some soft moans.  after about 10 minutes of frenzied thrusting, he says "i am getting tired bitch, time for you to earn your money" and pulls his cock out of my now gaping pussy.

he then lays on the floor, waiting for me to straddle him and ride him like a cowgirl.  i am quickly on top of him, lowering myself onto his cock, letting out another gasp as i take it all in.  i then begin to ride him and ride him, trying to maintain the pace that he had set.  i keep this going for 20 minutes (or until i orgasm without touching myself) until he (and i) can take no more.

as i climb off him, bend back down to suck off all of the cum produced off  his cock.

i then pull up my panties, get dressed and touch up my make-up before going back to my desk for some more work until he calls me again.

12.30pm, another email - redo your make-up to something more suitable for a nighttime and put on a party dress.  i do as he says, but before the clock strikes 1.30pm i am back on his cock again....


i think wednesday will be similar, but if my company car is not repossesed, i may go and buy some clothes and make up if i can't see a mistress (which will be my first time)
Disney Jealousy Part 1
i had a good time on holiday in disneyworld, but as the holiday went on, i found myself getting more and more jealous of the girls and women around me.

as you can expect, there were lot of girls dressed as their favourite princesses and i wished that i could try on some of the dresses. cinderella blue, snow white yellow, sleeping beauty pink, minnie mouse with a bit of lace showing, they were all to dream about.

one thing i was soooo jealous that i couldn't do was the bibbity bobbity boutique, which is described by disney as the following....

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a beauty salon where little girls are magically transformed into little princesses at 2 locations: World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney Area and Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom theme park.

It's hard not to feel as happy as a princess in this charming little boutique, owned by Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and operated by Fairy Godmothers-in-training. The boutique offers multiple hair styles, nail color, make-up and a total package including Disney Princess costume and photographs.

Girls 3 years old and above can choose from 3 hair styles — Fairytale Princess, Disney Diva and Pop Princess — in 3 available packages:

•Coach Package includes hairstyling and shimmering makeup — starting at $49.95 USD plus tax.

•Crown Package includes hairstyling, shimmering makeup and nails — starting at $54.95 USD plus tax.

•Castle Package includes the Crown Package plus the Imaging Package (one 6" x 8" and four 4" x 6" photos in a princess-themed photo holder) and complete costume of your choice with accessories — starting at $189.95 USD plus tax.

The optional Imaging Package includes one 6" x 8" and four 4" x 6" photos in a princess-themed photo holder.

The World of Disney Store location offers a wide variety of beautiful accessories — including ponytail hairpieces and tiaras.

although not cheap, seeing the girls come out, all made up and glittery made me so jealous that i just wanted to go in there myself!!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"another push from your father and you would have been a girl"

this was said to me by a work colleague a couple of weeks ago (i didn't have time to write this back then).  i was leant against the boot (trunk) of my car talking to the building site foreman.

my colleague said him and his mate were looking at me from on the site and they said everything about how i sat, acted, posed and moved my hands was just like a girl.  it seems i was leant against my car, legs slightly crossed, limp wristed and just acting in a girly fashion.

ok, without the hot body and skirt, but i was leant something like this....

maybe all this training etc is finally beginning to pay off.  i am now acting subconciously as a girl.  YAY!!!
Wicked Michaels Feminisation Guide

Just a short note to let everyone know that No. 32 posted earlier was the last in the feminisation guide before the website was pulled.  there is no continuation from there unless someone wants to continue it on.

I do have some other feminisation guides (also incomplete) that i will post in due course.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girls at work

(charmane - see further down....!!)

In response to friedoline's kind comment on my post "before my holiday", i would like to expand more on the girl at work.  Julie was the only "real" female at work after my two favourite females were made redundant about 16 months ago.  i am still in contact with both of these other females and we meet up for a girly evening meal at least once a year.  i always make sure that i wear some mascara for this girls night out as they both know that i like to wear it.

anyway, back to julie.  as she was the only girl left, i knew that she had no-one to talk to regarding any girly gossip etc.  even though this was true, she is more of (but not quite) a tomboy than a girly girl.  i always mentioned when i was watching something particularly girly on tv, such as the fashion at the oscars, or other fashion programmes.

we didn't really have much in common, but i still mentioned every now and again, that when she was off, i would do her job in a skirt and heels etc.  she warmed to this and she used to tell the other (male)colleagues that i would be wearing my best skirt tomorrow etc.  i think she revelled in giving me a little embarrasment.

i told her that i wore cosmetics, including mascara.  she did tell others, but they either thought she was joking or just called me "a big poof".

i also told her that i wore tights every now and again to keep my legs warm.  as i sometimes worked outside, she thought this quite natural.

i showed her some latest female fashions and how much i liked them. we would chat about the practicalities of them etc.

at work i was considered to be a bit of a pervert, as i was always looking at girls on the internet, unbeknown to them it was for the fashion!!

julie once caught me reading some pages at the sissyschool, which had a banner advert at the top "trannies in trouble".  she said what are looking at there?  thats just something that keeps popping up.  are you sure? oh yeah i'm sure.

i always commented on her clothes, especially the rare occasions that she wore a skirt.

i must point out that there was never any dom / sub side to any conversations, just light banter, but if she was smarter she would have been able to put 2 and 2 together.  she could have them wrapped me around her finger!!!

Charmane - thanks for your kind comments...

having a chest, underarm, and eyebrow wax is NOT a typical male thing in the uk.  There is a bit of a move towards shaved chests after some of the more higher profile football (soccer) stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, but when i asked a few girls they all said that their men were either unshaven or maybe trimmed a little.  i am the only person i know with a shaved chest!!!

underarms shaving is just not a male thing at all, and the same goes for eyebrow shaping.  in fact with regards to eyebrow shaping, it is my understanding that most of the salons will not even know what a mans eyebrows should look like, and would give you a "thicker" girls shape anyway (as opposed to the thinner girls shape i have got).

as for my work colleagues, when i told them i had my chest and underarms waxed, they just said i was a big girl.

as for letting the girl at work know "officially", it is too late now as when i got back off hoilday, the office doors were locked and everyone had been sent away!!

hopefully in my next job, i can get a cute secretary who will help me.
3 weeks on

it has now been over 3 weeks since my last orgasm, and i am in a very very girly frame of mind.  i have not been able to dress up or play with myself for this period at all, so i am especially horny.

the last time i returned from a holiday like this, i attempted a task set by charmane that she had written for a crossdressing tasks yahoo group in the style of "sissyschool".  i did my best to complete it and maybe i will post our dialogue of what happened - i am sure it will raise a smile!!

anyway, the question is what to do now.  i don't want to waste this opportunity.

i am toying with the idea of visiting a mistress and getting some "feminisation training".  i am thinking that i would like something along the lines of getting dressed, walking, sitting, make-up etc and if i didn't perform well enough, then a few swats of a cane would be necessary to make me concentrate.  then onto cocksucking and having her take me with a dildo, again with a training element (e.g. you are not backing onto the dildo enough, show me you want it susan etc etc).  i f i am honest, i wouldn't be bothered whether i was allowed to cum or not, but if i did, then i would have to clean up with my tongue......

or maybe a trip out dressed en-femme, or a little shopping spree for a complete new outfit.

i am just undecided at the moment.

Friday, May 27, 2011

An every day reminder

as i may have said, i have returned from 2 weeks in disneyworld in florida.  had a really good time, but more about that in another post..

while i was there, i treated myself to a new hairbrush.  i could have got a red and black one with mickey mouse on, but i wanted something that would remind me of my girly self every morning, so i went with this one...

rapunzel - i watched the film and she is quite a dreamer, so i thought it was fitting that from now on i will be using this hairbrush every morning.  it also comes with a small compact mirror that i can use to check my make-up!!

i am sure that you will all agree that this is just perfect for me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


A big thank you to all of you who have visited my little blog.  i have just passed 100,000 views, which is a staggering amount of interest in a sissy like me.

i would especially like to thank all of you who have commented and emailed me in the past.  it is great to find friends of similar interests and if there is any quality work in this blog, then i will try to keep it up.

i do have a few more things to post that will be of interest to you all, so please follow me and/or keep checking back

best regards

susan xx
Before my Holiday

some of these posts are not really in chronological order, but its my blog etc etc.....

just before i went on holiday i was booked in by my sister in law for a chest, underarm and eyebrow wax at a beauty salon called "chill".  it is the salon that she uses regularly.

the place itself was clean, smelt girly, but was (disappointingly for me) all neutral beige tones.  i was hoping for soft pink everywhere.

the girl dong my waxing was okay, only a little chatty (which suited me as i did not want my sister in law knowing about my girly fantasies), and very professional.

she started with a chest wax.  the wax was hot, but not unbearable.  she rolled it on with a sort of roll on deodorant applicator that she kept putting back on the stand to heat up the wax.  she then put the strip over and then quickly yanked.

it hurt

a lot

having had my eyebrows waxed somewhere else before, i noticed that she did not put her hand directly onto the area to limit the second wave of pain hitting my chest after she had pulled.  this made it more painful, and i am quite sure that she did it on purpose.  the final result on my chest was actually disappointing, apparently due to the fact that since i shave, the hairs were snapping instead of been pulled out.  my chest was red when i left.

the underarms was better, still painful, but i was more happy with the result, and i will have my underarms waxed again, but probably not my chest.

so then it was my eyebrows....

she asked how i wanted them.  "separated and lifted" i said, adding "a bit more feminine"

now i was at her mercy.

the last time i had my eyebrows done, they were not as "girly" as i had hoped, even though i had said the same thing, but they were a lot neater on all sides.

this time they were more separated, and more arched, but the top could have been better.

however i did not think much to it, until i went to work, and the girl at work said that they had waxed too much off and just before i prompted her, she said they look more like a girls.  another work colleague agreed that they looked like a women's eyebrows.  success!!!!!!!!!!!

i am now trying to keep up with the shape and making sure that the hairs are kept short before i have a another waxing in the near future (underarm and eyebrows)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

when real life gets in the way.

i have not blogged for a few weeks now, for a couple of reasons as below.

1 - i have been on holiday to florida for the past 3 weeks and,

2 - i was unfortunately made redundant (actually while i was on holiday!!, although i knew about it before i went).  i have worked for the same company for the past 18 years and due to the recession etc, we have just had no work coming in, and the company has been wound up.  i was lucky enough to only work 5mins from home (and a proper 5 mins - sometimes only 3mins!!).

this is obviously going to have an effect on my feminisation, as i will not be able to have my 2 hour girly "lunch breaks" anymore.  but until i get another job, then i will be able to dress up even more..??!!

anyway, life sucks and we all have to get on with it, so sorry for this depressing post, but there are some better posts to come in the near future.