Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disney Jealousy Part 2

so apart from wanting to be a princess, i was also in love with all of the teenagers and their fashions.  the tight shorts, the minnie mouse ears, very girly accessories, tinkerbell, belle, ariel.....the list goes on.

most of the teenagers (and i am talking 17-20 yr olds here), went around in groups of 6 or 7, often wearing similar t-shirts.  all with beautiful tanned legs, immaculate daytime make-up, long hair and just doing giggling girly things.

walking behind them in their tight fitting shorts, admiring their body shape and how the shorts fitted so well, wishing i had a body like that, NOT THINKING i would like to screw that!!!  it was very different.  some of this sissy conditioning has definately had an effect as i did not get even the slightest "twinge" of an erection whilst looking at the girls bottoms, just a twinge of jealousy!!  i am sure that 10 years ago i would have been trying to hide a bulge in my shorts.

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Charmane said...


I can _SO_ relate to this! But I have to admit that I am still torn between the wanting to have her vs. the wanting to be her feelings, because I have both!