Saturday, May 28, 2011

Girls at work

(charmane - see further down....!!)

In response to friedoline's kind comment on my post "before my holiday", i would like to expand more on the girl at work.  Julie was the only "real" female at work after my two favourite females were made redundant about 16 months ago.  i am still in contact with both of these other females and we meet up for a girly evening meal at least once a year.  i always make sure that i wear some mascara for this girls night out as they both know that i like to wear it.

anyway, back to julie.  as she was the only girl left, i knew that she had no-one to talk to regarding any girly gossip etc.  even though this was true, she is more of (but not quite) a tomboy than a girly girl.  i always mentioned when i was watching something particularly girly on tv, such as the fashion at the oscars, or other fashion programmes.

we didn't really have much in common, but i still mentioned every now and again, that when she was off, i would do her job in a skirt and heels etc.  she warmed to this and she used to tell the other (male)colleagues that i would be wearing my best skirt tomorrow etc.  i think she revelled in giving me a little embarrasment.

i told her that i wore cosmetics, including mascara.  she did tell others, but they either thought she was joking or just called me "a big poof".

i also told her that i wore tights every now and again to keep my legs warm.  as i sometimes worked outside, she thought this quite natural.

i showed her some latest female fashions and how much i liked them. we would chat about the practicalities of them etc.

at work i was considered to be a bit of a pervert, as i was always looking at girls on the internet, unbeknown to them it was for the fashion!!

julie once caught me reading some pages at the sissyschool, which had a banner advert at the top "trannies in trouble".  she said what are looking at there?  thats just something that keeps popping up.  are you sure? oh yeah i'm sure.

i always commented on her clothes, especially the rare occasions that she wore a skirt.

i must point out that there was never any dom / sub side to any conversations, just light banter, but if she was smarter she would have been able to put 2 and 2 together.  she could have them wrapped me around her finger!!!

Charmane - thanks for your kind comments...

having a chest, underarm, and eyebrow wax is NOT a typical male thing in the uk.  There is a bit of a move towards shaved chests after some of the more higher profile football (soccer) stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, but when i asked a few girls they all said that their men were either unshaven or maybe trimmed a little.  i am the only person i know with a shaved chest!!!

underarms shaving is just not a male thing at all, and the same goes for eyebrow shaping.  in fact with regards to eyebrow shaping, it is my understanding that most of the salons will not even know what a mans eyebrows should look like, and would give you a "thicker" girls shape anyway (as opposed to the thinner girls shape i have got).

as for my work colleagues, when i told them i had my chest and underarms waxed, they just said i was a big girl.

as for letting the girl at work know "officially", it is too late now as when i got back off hoilday, the office doors were locked and everyone had been sent away!!

hopefully in my next job, i can get a cute secretary who will help me.


Friedoline said...

Thank you for your extensive answer! It's nice to hear of real life experience and I admire you for your opennness in public. I for myself am pretty much in the closet, except sometimes in bed with my girlfriend.

Charmane said...


Thank you for your responses to my questions! I apologize for being stuck on this, but I have to admit that I'm still a little confused. Your SIL booked your appointment for a very girly salon treatment, and yet you say that you "didn't want my sister in law knowing about my girly fantasies". So I'm a bit curious about what exactly she thought was going on.

Still puzzled,

susanrhodes said...

my SIL knows that i shave my chest, and we discussed reducing weight in our luggage, if i had a wax, i would not need my shaver. she booked me in with her "waxer", nothing sinister, just a man going for a wax (there are no male salons). i am sure she didn't think i was going in there because i was a sissy.