Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi all
yes i am still here.
i havn't posted for a while, mainly because i havn't had much to say, or done much sissy related for a while.

i have dressed a couple of times, but not really got into it.
i have been keeping the subsissyguide group up to date, but not really active, sort of doing my job or going through the motions - probably like a girl faking an orgasm - i am doing what is required, but only superficially.  maybe i need some inspiration to step it up a little?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Don't real woman wear skirts or dresses anymore?

i mean who wouldn't want to wear a gorgeous skirt like the one to the left?
if i were a girl i woould ONLY wear skirts or dresses, i can't think of anything better.
i know the north of england is not the sunniest plavce in the world, but surely one could wear a skirt with some tights?
today - i have drove around a few areas and in total only saw 1 woman wearing a skirt (and it was hot - a sharp beige pencil skirt with ruffles at the bottom and a pair of killer heels).

why don't more woman wear skirts?

woman always get excited about getting a new dress for a party etc, but they could wear skirts at any time......