Friday, November 25, 2011

Hi Girls

as you know it has been far too long since i posted.

i have not been up to much "girlywise".  i was made the secretary to a Master running a bit of a sissy group on yahoo, but after a busy start (where i was too busy to post anything on here about it), the group looks like it is dying and the Master does not seem interested anymore.  i would post the name of the group, and if it takes off i will do, but at the moment i feel i would be letting you down by doing so - its not worth joning at the moment.

i also have been in contact with a Mistress who asked if she could come and stay with me for a while!!  After the sissy dreams cleared, i realised that my wife may not like the idea so i had to say no.  i am one of Mistress' favourite sissys and we get on very well, so it was doubly disappointing.  i will ask her if i can link to her site, and i will post if i can.

anyway, looking to next week, i may, at last, have some decent sissy time.  if this happens i will take some photos as promised earlier and post them.  i don't know why some of you want to see me, but i will do what i am asked!!!!


As part of one of the Mistress tasks issued was to buy some frilly satin panties and so i did.  i am more of a bikini / thong type girl, but these panties are absolutely fabulous and i just looooove them!!!

as mentioned in my last post, i bought a black miniskirt and white blouse - a sort of young secretary look that i really love (i have an older secretary look that i will include later). so here are some photos to pass the time on......Hope you like them. xx