Friday, November 25, 2011

Hi Girls

as you know it has been far too long since i posted.

i have not been up to much "girlywise".  i was made the secretary to a Master running a bit of a sissy group on yahoo, but after a busy start (where i was too busy to post anything on here about it), the group looks like it is dying and the Master does not seem interested anymore.  i would post the name of the group, and if it takes off i will do, but at the moment i feel i would be letting you down by doing so - its not worth joning at the moment.

i also have been in contact with a Mistress who asked if she could come and stay with me for a while!!  After the sissy dreams cleared, i realised that my wife may not like the idea so i had to say no.  i am one of Mistress' favourite sissys and we get on very well, so it was doubly disappointing.  i will ask her if i can link to her site, and i will post if i can.

anyway, looking to next week, i may, at last, have some decent sissy time.  if this happens i will take some photos as promised earlier and post them.  i don't know why some of you want to see me, but i will do what i am asked!!!!


As part of one of the Mistress tasks issued was to buy some frilly satin panties and so i did.  i am more of a bikini / thong type girl, but these panties are absolutely fabulous and i just looooove them!!!

as mentioned in my last post, i bought a black miniskirt and white blouse - a sort of young secretary look that i really love (i have an older secretary look that i will include later). so here are some photos to pass the time on......Hope you like them. xx


Anonymous said...

Love the pics...and those panties!
Sorry you can't have your Mistress visit you, lol! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely skirt and gorgeous panties. I'm hoping my wife will go out this afternoon so I can put on her bra and panties. She has small breasts and I love wearing her little bras. Anne cd

Jenny G. said...

Wow you look totally sexy, I so love perfect pink..