Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi everyone
i know it is a long time between posts, not much has happened, apart for the fact that i am still masturbating like a girl and i am loving it.  it really does make you feel extra girly if you know that you cannot just jerk off like a man, but have to be patient using either one finger or a small vibrator.

however, i am posting to let you that over the next few weeks i will be posting a feminisation guide that i downloaded off the web a few years ago.

some of you will have seen it, some not, so i post it all for you to look and enjoy.

it was written by Wicked Michael, a male domme who lived in Dublin, Ireland.  he enjoyed blackmailing, sissys and associated activities!!  alas the site is no more, but i hope that you will enjoy this anyway.
a photo dump

having had problems in the past with other photo hosting services i have decided that for the moment, i will just use this blog.

so this post is not a post at all, but a set of pictures some old, some new where i will link to, add, remove, etc etc.  so nothing special (sorry!!)

i have a good idea to post in the near future.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thanks for the comments alby and sissycrissi,

i do not have a close up of my nails as they were done in a bit of a rush (my instructions were - paint your nails NOW), and were not the best i have ever done them.

i loved having my nails painted, it is something that is so feminine, so girly.  something that a real man would just not do.  watching myself type with painted nails was such a turn on, flashes of red darting about the keyboard.  girls just do not know how lucky they are.
 i am currently craving soem real guidance and humiliation.  maybe i will get my fix of it soon!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

finger nails - just a quick post to add a picture of my fingernails.

an online mistress has asked me to do this.  hopefully it will lead to further training!!