Monday, November 30, 2009

A Fill In...

just a post to let everyone know what has been happening since my last post...

well in a word nothing.

i have dressed up quickly a couple of times, but i have not had time to blog about it.

i have tried the assignment a couple more times and each time it is better and better. i DEFINATELY recommend that anyone having sex with a dildo (or real man!!) copies the movements of a porn star - you will learn something - its not all about jumping up and down you know!!!

i am planning a decent session tomorrow that will include another copying of my favourite video.

to date i have not yet posted a picture of myself in this blog, so it is about time i did.

I Look like this

but wished i looked like this!!!

but alas it is only fantasy - for now!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

One lucky dildo and shaking legs again!!

i tried the assignment from my last post again today.

i lubed up my medium buttplug and inserted to help stretch myself a bit before moving onto my largest buttplug for some more stretching (i have not been able to take the large one fully, i am quite small and the plug is, well large!!! - it seems i havn'e the room to push it up).

after about 10mins and with a gaf to hold the plug in, i started watching and copying the video.

i was wearing a black padded bra, stockings and suspenders and my 4" ankle boots.

the video showed about 10mins of sucking, and my jaw was sore afterwards. my "pussy" was quite sore with the plug in as i bent over trying to get the same angles etc as the girl in the video.

i was relieved when the girl was ready to take the cock, as i was beginning to feel desperate for my dildo.

i copied the girl as close as possible and the feeling of the long cock sliding in and out at various speeds was FANTASTIC. one thing i did notice was that that at times the girl was shaking her booty onto the cock in a type of circle from front to back. this was quite unnatural for me to copy, but she was doing it with ease. note - this is something i must work on, especially if i upgrade to real cock!!

after the video was finished i was tired, not too sore, but with horribly shaking legs.

i hadn't cum myself, so i thought i had the thought to insert my large buttplug and suck my cock for a bit while i play with myself until i cum. i wasn't hard, and didn't actually get that hard either, however with all the dildoing i managed to finally (for the first time ever) insert the large plug completely - it was very filling. i stood up to test the plug, but the shakes in my leg caused me to shake it out immediately!!!

i then reinserted and sat down again, wanked (and sucked) until i came. the amount of sperm was large, the orgasm was pretty good too. standing up again, the plug remained, but i could not walk straight caused by the a combination of the plug and my jelly legs.

wow, is all i can say.

every sissy should have sex this way (copying the natural movements of a real girl) it will help you be ready for the "time"

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

talk about legs of jelly - i am going to be sore this afternoon!!

just had a right fucking off my dildo. i was following an assignment from sissybliss that invoved watching a porn flick (30min minimum) and then doing in it whatever the girl was doing in it.

for me i used this one

it is quite energy sapping doing all the work yourself, but the girl did it, so i followed.

i am shaking, quivering and my legs are beginning to ache a little. when the man came, i came as well, i wanked my clittie until i was about to cum, then concentrated on hitting my prostrate with the dildo. this produces several extra spasms of cum as i collapsed under the intensity of the orgasm and my tiredness.

feel great though (apart from my legs!!!)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

as i sit here today i am dressed in a black bra and thong, black tights and my red teddy from Ann Summers. i have my 4" heels on and i have done my make-up quite heavy and slutty.

i am still not sure whether or not to have sex with my dildo, but it is an option!!!

after looking at myself in a mirror, i look quite hot and i am sure that any man who likes us sissys would take me now.
feeling hotter and hotter as i type this. going to stop now and suck on dildo - he deserves all of my attention now!!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

no posts for a bit, but i will have to tell you about me dressing as a maid - it was so much fun!!

stuck at work today, so no "playtime"for me today, but i can't decide what to do tomorrow.

should i dress up and read a few stories, dress up and have my way with a dildo, or just masturbate to some sissy hypnotic files?

decisions, decisions, decisions...........