Monday, August 11, 2014

#2 Female Appreciation

The idea of this seminar is to introduce you as to what you should be looking at when you see a female

I suspect that currently when you see what is considered to be a young attractive woman you will think she is hot and /or sexy.

You notice her ass, her breasts, her legs and possibly her hair before you see her eyes and smile.

However, this needs to change.  This seminar is intended to be a guide to how to view woman so you can learn from them and become a better sissy - you do want to become a better sissy don't you?

Seminar Topic

So when you look at females from now on you need to appreciate  the trouble she has gone to.  for the first couple of weeks you need to study their mannerisms, how they walk, how they talk, how they carry their hands etc.

But this stage should not last too long before you move to the important clothing appreciation.

When you see an attractive woman in public, you must de-sexualise her from your brain so you can look at her and learn.

You need to disassociate your sexual urges from looking at the girl and focus on the important things you should be looking at.

So when you do see any girl you should look at the clothes she is wearing, not her "assets".

You need to be able to describe what she is wearing, what looks good about the clothes and what doesn't, although the "doesn't bit will not be relevant for a while until you have more experience of woman's clothing and how to put an outfit together (a future seminar will detail this)

You need to focus on the little details, so you can describe to your tutor what a particular girl was wearing in detail.

for example, in the picture above, the girl is wearing a royal blue dress that finishes mid-thigh.  the dress is quite form fitting with short puff sleeves a rounded v-neck and a peplum.  The girl accessorises this with a white clutch, large white bracelet and several strings of pearls.

You must not focus on anything sexual, in fact after time you should be able to look at 10 photos, describe the outfits and not even notice how big the girls breasts are.  This will come in time if you practice.

This does not stop at fully clothed girls.  If you see a naked girl (but come on, do not kid yourself!!), focus on her make-up.  if she only has underwear on, then focus on the colour, style and type of bra etc.

looking at fashion websites and magazines will help a lot with this and you should factor in some time for this.  Maybe instead of looking at sport on the internet, spend that time looking at fashion.

After a couple of weeks you should be walking down the street with your head buzzing, just describing what females are wearing.  If possible, try to remember or find out where some of the outfits come from.