Monday, April 16, 2018

Cuckold Pornstars

The following is a report i had to write after joining a Cuckold site for her and giving a review.
Hi Mistress
To complete my latest assignment for you, you asked for research into 3 of my favourite porn stars from the cuckold site.  i have also put in a small section about the scenes they are in and what i enjoyed watching.
Over all i think Flower Tucci was the most dominant and how i would want a cuckoldress to be.


katie kox

Inline image
Born December 17 1985 in Las Vegas
Birth Name  Amanda Savini
Height 5' 6¼" (1.68 m)

Katie Kox started in the adult film industry in 2009, while continuing to work as a stripper.  She eventually gave up stripping, however, and concentrated solely on her porn career.  While working in the film industry she met Deborah Richards, a porn director / producer and photographer who she married on 20th May 2010 but divorced in 2012 before Deborah came out as transgender.
Currently voted the 794th best porn actress in the world, her videos on Pornhub have been seen over 31 million times.
 She has a very large set of breasts, a cute and sultry face with blonde hair.  She is known in the industry for her ability to take any size and any length of cock in any of her holes.  She has done all types of genres in the world of adult entertainment including lesbian, anal and cuckold.
 Quote from Pornhub "The world of pornography has produced some pretty interesting genres, to say the least. What other medium helps you get off on the idea that your wife or girlfriend is going to cheat on you, right in front of you, with a big black dude packing some major ebony cockage? For Katie Kox, this is one of her specialities, otherwise known as the Cuckold genre. She’s made quite the name for herself by humiliating men and making them feel like their own pencil dicks aren’t worth the foreskin they’re wrapped in, compared to massive black dong."

I have watched Katie in Cuckold Fantasies 16 where she is seen having unsatisfying sex with her husband and complaining it is not good enough.  They both go to see a sex counsellor who suggests she lives out some fantasies of hers.  On returning home she talks her husband into chastity and then invites her black friend from the Gym into her bedroom.  Her friend obviously satisfies her in many different positions while the husband cleans her up and helps by holding her hair out of the way while sucking her friend off or by holding her legs apart.
When they have finished the go back to the counsellor to say what a success it has been, but the husband is not all too happy as he is now in permanent chastity with no sexual relief.


Amanda Blow

Inline image
Born November 30 1975 in Chicago, Illinois
Birth Name Christy Bach
Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Amanda used to host poker games and operate a hot dog cart during the days and evenings.  At night she began to work as a stripper dancing in Gentleman's clubs and that is where she met Nick Manning, a porn stud who encouraged her to pursue a career in the adult film industry.  She shot her first film in 2010 and has worked for sveeral studios since then.  She is still working in the adult industry as a MILF specialist and is shown in several films teaching younger girls how to suck cock and get their man off.
I came across Amanda in Cuckold Fantasies Volume 23 where her husband is a wimp and she needs more, so they go to visit Jayson, a big black sex therapist.  Amanda is excited about this and touches herself in the waiting room before Jayson quickly realises what she needs and he get s his cock out which Amanda cannot stop sucking and playing with.  Amanda and Jayson insist that to sort out the marriage, the husband must share the experience and he is invited to suck the black cock too.
 Amanda askes her husband to strip and they laugh at the comparison between the size of the cocks, so in revenge to her husbands small cock, she spanks him while he blows Jayson.   The therapist continues to have sex with Amanda while the husband watches on before he is forced to clean up.

Flower Tucci

Inline image
Born January 2, 1977 in Burbank, California
Birth Name Carole Elizabeth Molloy
Height 5' 6¼" (1.68 m)

Flower participated in beauty pageants as a young girl and even placed in the Top 10 in the Miss Teen LA competition. Flower worked as a cake decorator at a bakery prior to doing her first explicit hardcore scene with Lexington Steele.  She initially just used the name Flower, which was done in reference to the tattoo of flowers on a vine going down her spine. However, she eventually added the last name Tucci because everyone kept telling her she should have a last name.
 The sultry MILF with streaked blonde hair and a deviant smile is known in the industry for 2 specific talents, she is an anal queen and also is a big female ejaculator, once described as "enough to drench a whole studio".  In the past she has signed anal only exclusive contracts and is famous for "Flower's Squirt Shower" where she shows off her female ejaculation skills to the extreme
 Flower is ranked 933 on Pornhub with over 79 million views of her videos.

I saw Flower in Cuckold Fantasies volume 14 where she started by face sitting on her husband and doing some gym work before her personal trainer arrives.  They laugh and abuse her husband who is in chastity while they have sex above him and she squirts all over him  The husband is then further abused getting slapped, pushed and kicked around while Flower sucks and fucks her personal trainer.
 Flower later straps a dildo to her husbands face and has him try to have sex with her like that while she sucks off her hunky boyfriend.  At the end the husband has cleaned up 4 cream pies and is left to change the sheets that are soaked from all the squirting.
 There was also some funny out-takes at the end of the video where they are seen laughing and breaking character.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

a cuckold fantasy

Hi everyone still reading this.
i am still here and still a sissy.  i have been communicating with an online Mistress after deciding to leave the online Master i have been serving for the past couple of years.

to celebrate this i thought i would share a couple of the things i have done.

the first one was to write my cuckold fantasy after Mistress asked me to study cuckold porn....


My dream of a perfect cuckold date would start a week before when I would go shopping to buy some sexy lingerie for my wife to wear on her date.  I would have been instructed to buy something I would like to see her in.  it would excite me feeling not only the humiliation of buying it in person in the shop, but knowing that I will not be the one taking it off.  I would even be teased that if I was not good I would never actually see her in it.

It is a Saturday and I am asked to help her start getting ready for her date early so she has plenty of time and feels pampered and relaxed, not rushed.  I would be dressed in a maids uniform with seemed stockings and heels and would help her by running her a luxurious bubble bath.

I call her to say that the bath is ready and she comes into the bathroom naked, teasing me saying that she isn't sure if she is allowed to show me her naked body and that her body is just for Frank, her alpha lover.  as she climbs into the bath she seductively runs her hands over her body and breasts, rubbing in the bubbles.

I kneel patiently at the side of the bath while she first relaxes, but eventually washes herself saying that I am not allowed to touch most of her naked body.  She laughs as she hands me the sponge to wash her back, saying that I must do a good job as her lover will be looking at that as he pounds away at her, and he may even want to cum all over it if he desires.

As she finishes her bath I hold out a fluffy white towel so she can get dry.  I am sent off to the bedroom to prepare her clothes while she dries herself.

In what used to be our bedroom I lay out the new lingerie I had bought for her, new lace top black stockings, black lace suspender belt, sexy thong and a matching lace bra.  all very sensuous and glamorous.  Hung on her wardrobe door is the dress I picked out for her.  It is a classic little black dress with a rear zip, short and tight around the waist and legs with a puffed upper sleeve and low sweetheart neckline.  Below this are some 4" stiletto heels.

Image result for maid helping mistress

She looks stunning as she walks naked in the room, warning me not to look too closely at her naked body while Frank is not in the room.

She asks me to start dressing her as she sits on the bed, starting with the garter belt and stockings, carefully rolling each one up her long slender legs and fixing the straps.  She stands up to assist in straightening the straps before handing me her thong.  I hold it out while she points her stocking clad legs through the holes.  I pull closer to her as I pull the thong up her legs.  She stops me as I get to her mid thigh and completes the pulling up herself, giving a sexy shimmy as she pulls them into place.  You don't get to be that close, she teases before handing me her bra.  I dutifully hold this out for her and then fasten it at the rear when she turns around.  She adjusts it and steps back, looking stunning, every man's dream.

as I look at her she speaks in a soft but powerful tone, "go ring Frank and tell him to come over here in 45 minutes, tell him that you want him enjoy your wife and fuck her until she screams his name".  embarrassed and shamed by this I make the call.  I can hear him laughing at the other end as her cuckold husband is begging him to satisfy his wife because he cannot.

She walks over to her dresser and sits down and starts to do her make up and hair.  All the time I am stood watching hands behind my back while she teases me with comments like "you will have to learn how to do this better" and "I hope this lipstick will last  along time while I am sucking on Franks big cock".  With her make up and hair complete she looks amazing and points to the dress.

I take the dress from the hanger and hold it out for her to climb into.  it is tight to her sexy body and she moves seductively as I pull it up and over her curvaceous hips and bottom.  I hold the dress out so she can put her arms through the short sleeves and shake the dress onto her body.  The last part of this dressing is the most humiliating for me as I zip up the dress.  this is the last glimpse of the lingerie, the last glimpse of her body before she is sealed inside it ready to be revealed to her alpha lover.

 Image result for zipping up dress

Stunning is the only word to describe her as the dress hugs her curves in all the right places.  I know I will not be the one unzipping her, but I cannot help but think how hot she will look for him as he unzips the dress, letting it fall to the floor revealing her in the lingerie I bought for her to specially wear for him.

I am awoken from this small dream as she sits on the bed, smoothing the dress under her and holding out her leg for me to put on her shoes.  I reach for them and as I put them I kiss her feet making her smile in her power over me.

she checks her hair and make up again, putting in some nice earrings I had bought her for valentines day.  "OK then hubby, time for your jewellery", she says.  I was not sure what she meant at first, but she reaches into a drawer and pulls out a small chastity device.  "Put this on and hurry up, Frank will be here any minute", she says passing me the device.

I fumble for a few short moments before finally getting the ring and cage on and fastening the lock.  she sees me complete this and almost snatched the only key out of my hand.  I watch as she threads this onto a necklace and fastens it around her neck with a big grin, before putting on some perfume and spraying the last squirt of it towards me laughing.

we both jump together as we hear a strong powerful knock on the door. I look straight towards her and her eyes light up.  my stomach drops as I know what will be happening in what was our, now her bedroom, or maybe even their bedroom.

"go open the door for him and meet and great him.  Make sure you open the door really wide so both he and anyone else who may be looking can see you.  Oh, and call him Master - he will like that", she says pointing towards the door.  my stomach is in knots as  leave the room and head downstairs to the front door.

 Musings of a sissy maid

I walk slowly down the stairs in my heels and then take a deep breath in front of the door.  I sort of know what is coming so I try to prepare myself as much as possible before reaching out for the handle and flinging the door fully open.  Frank is a big man, much bigger and more manly than me, I really do look small and feminine beside him.  he is a true alpha male, and he immediately bursts into laughter as he sees me dressed like this.  "come in Master", I say gesturing towards him.  He bursts into laughter again as he walks in, idly saying "yeah I am your Master".

He walks past me like he owns the house and into the living room.  I just watch before quickly realising the door is still open and I almost slam it shut.  My wife comes down the stairs and I can only stare at how hot she looks.  She flashes me a pity smile as she walks past and then the speed of her walking quickens as she almost runs and throws herself at Frank, kissing him passionately and he responds by grabbing her bottom in a manly display of dominance over her.

"maid", she shouts, "can you get us both a drink, open that bottle of expensive wine" as she points to the special bottle of wine I had bought for our anniversary costing over £150.  "Mistress, this was for a special occasion" I answered knowing that I would not be tasting any if I opened it now.  "this is a special occasion" she replied looking lovingly at Frank and smiling.  I was defeated by that look, and duly opened the wine and poured 2 large glasses.

I was then sent away to stand in the corner, only to be called upon to fill up the glasses while they sat, chatted and kissed and stroked each other on the couch.  I could tell they were getting more frisky with each other and when the wine was finished Frank stood up, pulled my wife to her feet and then picked her up like a rag doll and headed for the bedroom.

"Come maid and follow us", was the only words my wife said.

In the bedroom, Frank threw my wife on the bed and jumped on her.  They were playfully kissing and feeling each other like fumbling teenagers, laughing and kissing, truly enjoying each others company.  I was made to just stand and watch.

After a while they moved tot he end of the bed and stood up again.  after some more kissing Frank unzipped he dress and helped her out of it.  I could see the lust in his eyes as he saw my wife in the lingerie for the first time.  "she bought it as a present for you" said my wife half pointing at me and half posing to make her look as sexy as  possible.  "she has good taste", Frank replied, "She can buy me lots of things" before grabbing my wife and kissing and holding her like an animal.

My wife responded and soon they were all over each other.  I watched as Frank started to remove her bra with expert hands  before sliding his hands into her thong and lowering it down until she shook her legs and kicked it in my direction.

"I have an idea", my wife said as she stopped and pulled away from Frank, "Maid, undress him for me" she said as she looked at me.  I hung my head in shame.  He had got to undress her and now here I am having to undress a man so he can have sex with my wife.

I tried to smile as I walked towards him.  I reached under his t-shirt and started to lift it over his head, exposing a strong muscle defined body.  I bent down to take off his shoes and socks, and while on my knees I undid his belt.  I pulled down his trousers and could already see a large bulge.  my face is very close to his crotch as I take of his trousers and finally reach for his shorts.  As I pull them down, his large cock almost hits me in the face and I pull back in horror.  My wife laughs at this while I remove his shorts.

As I knee there looking at this big cock inches from my face, my wife pushes me out of the way, drops to her knees and within a split second has his cock in her mouth.  She is soon, licking, kissing and drooling over this monster cock.  I have never seen her suck a cock so passionately and she is enjoying sucking him almost more than he is having this hot girl serve him.

My wife breaks off and asks me to lift the hem of my dress and show Frank my cock locked away in a small chastity device.  Frank just laughs and says that his cock could not fit in that device even if you tried to force it.

My wife continues to suck, but I catch her eyes as she looks at me and I can see a devilish glint in them.  "here baby, give this cock a kiss to say thank you for been so big" she says smiling at me and holding his big cock out toward me.  I know I have no choice in this situation, and I look to my wife for help but she just smiles and holds his cock out for me.  I plant a kiss on the head of another man's cock and just feel need to look up to him and say "thank you Master - I hope you enjoy my wife"

They both erupt in laughter and I almost die with shame.

My wife stands up, kisses Frank and then lies back on the edge of the bed, spreading her legs open inviting him to enter her sweet pussy.  He takes a step forward and grabs his big cock in his hand, but my wife stops him.  " I want my maid to push your cock into me" she says looking at me.  I cringe.  they both look at me as I hesitate, but soon begin to move forward.  I grab his big cock in my hand, I can barely get all my hand around it and slowly pulling it towards my wife's pussy.  She smiles and gasps as I start to push the cock into her and as the head disappears I am pushed away by Frank as he slams the rest of his cock into her making her scream loudly.

I watch closely as his big cock pistons in and out of my wife in time to her moans and screams.  My wife takes time to put me in my place with comments like "this is how a real man fucks me, you loser".  the devilish grin soon appears on her face again.  "I want you to taste my pussy", she says as Frank pulls all the way out.  I move towards her pussy, but she just laughs, "not directly from my pussy, I want you to taste my pussy from Franks cock".

I know what I must do and from on my knees I start to take his cock into my mouth.  They both laugh and say what a good cocksucker I am.  I can taste my wife and I can also taste him.  my wife takes a photo for her personal album as I kneel there sucking the cock that will be making my wife happy shortly.  After what seemed like an eternity, I was told to stop and climb onto the bed.  My wife was desperate for the cock back inside her.

I was told to help put by holding her legs in various positions as Frank has sex like a machine, never stopping for breath and just going forever.  i am forced to watch him closely taking my wife however he wants.  I feel my wife start to shake as she orgasms and screams out how good this has been and how poor I have been at sex.  She orgasms more than once before Frank says that he is going to cum.

I fully expect him to pull out, but instead he cums inside my wife.  I have a look of panic as I know she is not on birth control, she just laughs at my struggle.  His balls seem to pump and pump and pump again, more and more cum inside my wife.

As the orgasms subsides and he pulls out my wife gladly shouts "clean up time maid, both of us and start with him".  I know better than to object and I climb off the bed and start to lick and suck his cock clean.  the taste of my wife mixed with his cum.  "now kiss his balls and say thank you"  I am instructed.  I do this and I thank him for giving my orgasms that I cannot do.  it is so humiliating.

My wife is then ready for me and I have to lick and clean her pussy, drinking out all of Franks cum, and I am told  to do this with a smile on my face and enjoy it because it wont be the last time.

They are both laid together, kissing and snuggling each other as I am licking away.  My thoughts are broken when I hear my wife ask "Frank, do you play golf?"  "sometimes" he replies.

My wife then says "Maid. go tot he shed an get your new golf clubs and give them to Frank as a thank you present for fucking me so well.  I know you are grateful to him for making me happy and that you want to reward him".  "yes Mistress" are my final words as I head outside to get his present.