Sunday, January 11, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 6)

I waited and waited.

and waited some more.

after about 40 minutes i knew the truth - he was not coming.

all this effort in planning, cost of new clothes, make up and hotel, and also all of the ffort i had put in in the last 2 hours was coming to nothing.

i did recieve some emails, but not from him - they were from another man who wanted to see me, but couldn't get to me in time.  i sent him pics of how i was dressed and he did console me a little.

After about a hour i decided tha i was going to have some fun on my own, so i got out my dildo and aneros and laid them on the bed.

I took of my dress and took some more pictures of me in my lingerie that i could possibly use later, and also tried on my dress again with a pin at the top i took some photos to show what it would have looked like.  these photos are at the end of this post.

i sucked on the dildo while i used the aneros and then used the dildo on me before tugging at a frustrated orgasm in a very unladylike manner.  i had not cum for about 4 weeks, so it was a bit weird to do this, especially as it was probably the first time i had pulled on myself for over 4 months - i had been cumming by 1 finger rubbing only.

not long after this orgasm i had another one before i started to clean up.

As you may recall i still had only girls clothes with me, so i still had to get dressed and go to the car for my "man" clothes.  this was an uneventful walk as i just kept my head down but as i walked i had to keep pulling up the trousers as they were falling down.

i had made the decision about what i was going to do before i had any orgasms.  i was so frustrated and believed that fate had decreed that i could have soem time on my own dressed as a girl, but not with another man.  i decided to have a clear out of my girly clothes.

This was not a purge, more of clear out of the things i do not use, wear or want.  i had an old wig, my breast forms that i had only recently bought but was not impressed with, my dress, some old stockings, old make up , bits of packaging etc.  it built up to quite a heavy black bin bag full load that i left next to the bin.  i am not sure what the maid thought if she looked inside.

i don't really like this photo

this is the position i wanted to be in

like this one

ok ish photo

my view down (wish it was like this all the time)

Me in that dress (although the light does not help pick out the frills)

About as girly as i can look in a photo

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 5)

12 o'clock finally arrived and i set off back to the hotel who checked me into a room on the top floor for the early check in fee of £10.  i thought about the stairs, but a girl like me couldn't handle my luggage so i pressed for the lift.  The lift was visble from the lounge and coffee area where several people were sat.  i don't know if anyone noticed me, and i was nervous and glad when the lift finally came and i was able to get in on my own.

As i got to the floor and got out of the lift the first door was on a lock (for security), but my room was just at the other side.  Couldn't be better i thought - he could ring me when he got out of the lift and i could just pop out and open the door for him.  everything was going great.

I sent him an email with my room number and phone number.

I was quite impressed by the room.  it was newly refurbised with a  good view and a nice bathroom with a shower that had a seat in it.  I had to use the bathroom again as my nerves were kicking in big time.

Next stop was to open my suitcase, get my shaver and shave my legs in the shower.  i didn't do this earlier as i didn't want to raise suspicions with my wife as why i had shaved legs (in case this meet got cancelled) and also i wanted to look the best i could.  i also trimmed my pubic area to a nice landing strip.  i quickly showered my bottom half (my top half was laready shaved and ready as usual)

Next was my face with a close shave as i started to get ready.  i laid out all of the lingerie i wanted to wear on the bed and hung up my dress and a babydoll for later and put my make-up in the bathroom.  i didn't realise how much make up i actually had - it hardly fitted onto the shelf!

i put on my breast forms, stuck with pads and a tight bra to hold them in place while they set properly.  then i put on a thong to wear while i got ready.  doing my make up in a bra and thong was a thrill and i loved the whole girly feeling i had.  i knew i had time to get ready in a non-rushed fashion to make sure i was perfect.

i started with some beard cover (just in case) and then foundation and powder.  i did my eyes with a purple/smokey look, complete with black eyeliner pencil.  blusher for my cheeks and black mascara for my lashes, although i did forget to curl them first.  a hot pink lipstick completed my look.

i was now happy with how i looked (it took about 45mins to do my make up!!) so i went to put on my lingerie.  black hold up stockings and a pink bra and thong set.  next on was my wig that i styled over and over until i was happy with it.  Jewellery and heels were next before posing for a quick photo.

after admiring myself for a while i realised that time was getting on and that i needed to clean up the batroom and make the room look inviting for my man.  i cleaned up and hid other things away before it was time to put on my dress.  i had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever.

I unzipped it, stepped into the bodyhugging skirt and pulled it up my body, wiggling my hips as i did so.  i felt a real tease as reached down and put my arms in the holes and then reached to the back to pull up the zip.

everything felt so perfect, until i tried to zip up the dress.  as you may know i had tried the dress on and i managed to zip and unzip it then, so i used hte same technique.  i was alss at least 2 pound less in weight so i should have no problem.  but i did have a problem.  my arms were cramping up with the awkward positions, it just would not zip up.

i finally felt i was getting somewhere when disaster struck in the form of the zip splitting.  i managed to get the dress off with a deal of effort, but i could have cried as i sat there with my new dress ruined in my arms.  i tried to mend it but i couldn't.

all the while time was ticking and i knew i had to get ready as i was expecting my man in less than 10 minutes.

i quickly reached for my backup dress,  with hindsight i should have gone for a mini skirt and blouse, but i knew the dress was short and tight and quick to put on so i went with that.  Sweating away trying to keep calm with my nerves racing this was the result...

i don't think i looked too bad - maybe my eye make up could have been better.  i didn't have anymore time.  i was expecting my man any second, i was even thinking of him been parked up waiting for a single.

i sent him another email - ready when you are big boy!!

Monday, January 05, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 4)

So it is the morning of the meeting and i drop my wife off in town for some quick shopping before returning home to get ready.

i knew i didn't have too long before my wife returned home, so i quickly got home and got changed into what i had planned..

i put on a thong, my figure hugging rear zip black trousers, a black bra and black bra.  pretty standard girl at work clothes, along with a pait of flat ladies shoes.  i added some nude lipstick and perfume then i was off, with my heart beginning to race.

i bundles up my male clothes and put them in the boot of the car for safe keeping until later.  i knew i would be wearing girls clothes all day, but i would have prefered a skirt!

it was only about 10am in the morning when i left for the 30 minute drive to the hotel.  i knew i would be too early to check in as the hotel as an early check in time of 12 for a cost of £10 over the normal check in of 2pm (which was too late for me)

on the way i parked up in a quietish area and re-did my lipstick as i sent the final few emails detailed int he previous post from my phone.  i was excited and i wanted to start getting ready as soom as possible.  to kill some more time i decided upon having a coffee and going to the toilet to relieve myself (this was now about 11ish).  the McDonalds i found was very busy and i lost a bit of confidence in what i was wearing (remember i only had female clothes on, so i just went drive through and drank my coffee in the parking area.

I was still busting for the toilet though and knew i had to find one soon.  I decided upon going to the hotel as i thought they may have a room available a little bit earlier.  i got to the hotel and put on my works jacket as that was the only coat i had with me, and the trousers i had on had no pockets so i needed somewhere for my wallet.  (okay i know i should have carried a handbag)

i pulled out my suitcase that i had bought that included all of my girly clothes, yes, everything!!  i pulled the suitcase behind me, trying to walk in a feminine manner which i needed to do as the trousers only came up to my hips and were prone to feel like they were falling down, exposing my panties!  walking with a sway in my hips helped to keep them up a bit better, but not a lot.

As i got into the reception, it was busier than i had hoped, but it was too late now so i went to the reception hoping it would be a quick transaction and i could head up to my room and finally go tot the toilet - i was having cramps now!

alas this was not the case and after waiting behind one other man, i was told that i couldn't cjeck in for another 30 minutes.  gutted i put the suitcase to one side and dashed into the gents toilets (sitting obviously as my trousers were a rewar zip and i am a sissy), relieving myself like almost never before.

i then picked up my suitcase and went back to the car to sit and wait a bit longer.  my stomach was in knots with excitement as i knew that it wouldn't be long before i was in the arms of a man, a big strong man at that!!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 3)

so with the first guy not responding, i now had a back up from the same city.

i thought this was fate bringing us together, but the first few emails were from i was still expecting to meet the first guy....

his profile read like this

male age 30 from xxx

Contact preferences: (with pics)

Block user

Feedback: None yet.Online: 7 hours ago  -  Joined: 3 years ago  

A few words about yourself            Looking for t/v s for sexy fun

Your interests            Sex with t/v


Height  5' 11"

Role     Top

Can you accommodate?            Yes

Body type            Very athletic and toned

Where are you from?            Sheffield

What are you looking for?            Sex hookups


Smoke No

Drink    Socially
Drugs   Never

as i have said he had contacted me previously but we couldn't find a suitable time.  but this time it was different....

When are you free

Hi, sorry but i have not yet had much free time yet.  i have a meet arranged at a hotel in xxx on wednesday, but i have not heard anything from him for a couple of days.  i hope he hasn't cancelled, but if he does i may give you a shout. xx

Hi yes if you here nothing then give me a shout I'm free Wednesday

thanks i will do - i have to (pardon the pun) bend over backwards to find the time, and i have not heard anything yet.  i had arranged to meet at the hotel at 2 (me getting there at 12 to get ready).  i will be in touch if i do not hear anything.
if we did meet i would usually ask you to choose what i wear, but i won't have time to go shopping, so sorry for that just in case. (i will be wearing a black dress) xx

Black dress is perfect for me like I say I'm free Wednesday x

Thank you.  i will let you know tomorrow about this time if i don't hear anything. xx

Very sexy would love to get your legs round my shoulders ! You got any more pics x

i have some more pics attached as requested.  i would love to have my legs around your big manly shoulders, or bend over in front of you!!  xx

Would love you to bend over in front of me your bum looks so sexy x

Like this? xx

Oh yes x

Any news for tomorrow x

i have sent him a message at lunch time and i have not had a response yet.  i am going out now until about 7/8pm.  i will confirm one way or another then, but to be honest i am more inclined to meet you as i feel he is already screwing me over.
hope this is ok.  if we do get to meet it will be at 2pm is that ok?

i have not heard anything back, so offer myself for your use and enjoyment.
i have booked the travelodge xxxxxx and i will be there at 12 to hopefully get ready for you at 2pm.  i can stay until about 5.  i hope that fits with your plans.
please note that i am safe sex only (i do not want to offend if you are expecting something different)
i also would like to have some photos taken of me, including us having sex (assuming you still want to have sex with me!)  if not i won't be offended - i don't want your face etc in any pictures, just your cock (and me)
for the record i just want to be treated like a girl, and do things you would do with a girl.
i will give you my mobile if you still want to meet

Hi yes that is perfect for me look forward to meeting ! Not so sure about pictures but will see xx

That is fine i understand.  it is not an issue.  I will tell reception that i am expecting a colleague.

What colleague

No No No, you misunderstood.  i meant you.  there is only me and you.  i don't have the energy for 2 guys!!  see you soon.

the last couple of messages were sent on the morning on the arranged meet.  i will let you know about what i did that day in the next post...

Saturday, January 03, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 2)

well if you have read part 1 below, you will know that i have booked a hotel and arranged a meet with a tall muscly guy who is not unattractive.  he also says he is a "stayer" !!

so on with the messages.....

Hi sexy, i hope you are feeling better and that your aches and pains are going.

i have been really horny thinking about you today, i even wet my panties thinking about how i am going to feel in your arms.  xxx

However i didn't hear from him again, but i did try a couple more messages.....
Are we still on for tomorrow as i need to cancel the hotel today if not.

Missed hearing from you. Xx

apologies for this, but as i have heard nothing from you for a few days, i don't want to waste my money in case you cannot come  i had until 9 to cancel with a full refund.  i have cancelled the hotel, and hence our meet.  maybe we can work out something in the future.

But the last message was a bit of a lie, because i did not cancel the hotel room as i had a knight in shining armour arrive on the scene from the same place who is also a body builder, young, quite handsome and who had been chasing me for a while (we exchanged messages about 18months ago but couldn't find a suitable time).  must have been fate to appear at the exact time in needed him.

the next post will give more details......

Thursday, January 01, 2015

another adventure in the making....

Happy new year everyone and i hope it is a good one.
As usual i have been busy with work, family, family illness etc. and the time of year, but the following is an exchange of messages and what happened just before christmas.

i am not going to spoil the ending to say where it led.....

The guy approached me from cottaging and i felt we hit it off together.  i will start with is profile..

male age 39 from Yorkshire
Feedback: None yet.
Online: 47 minutes ago  -  Joined: 2 days ago 
A few words about yourself            I am a genuine guy looking to have fun with tvs, cds etc
Your interests            Rugby, gym and sex :-)
Profession            Professional
Height  6'
Role     Top
Out      No
Can you accommodate?            Yes
Body type            Moderately athletic
Where are you from?            Yorkshire
What are you looking for?            Sex hookups
Smoke No
Drink    Socially
Drugs   Never

i also got some photos from him, along with one taking a girl from behind!!  as you will no doubt read, it did excite me.....

Hi honey xx

 Hi, sorry i missed you earlier i was on my phone and it is a bit hard to see.  xx
who is the lucky girl?? x

Hey its ok. I'm off to bed now but maybe we can talk and possibly meet sometime.

The girl in the pic is a t-girl I've met a few times. She is oriental and amazing.

You look amazing too so maybe we could meet sometime xxx

i don't look as good as her though - i wish i did.  i would love to have a photo like that too!!
no problem chatting, might even lead to a meet...??  xx

Hey don't be harsh on yourself. I like your pics and yes I hope we can meet sometime xx

Thank you for the compliments, but i bet you are only saying them to get into my knickers..  ;)

Well I'm trying to get you out of your knickers lol but i meant what i said x

You men are all the same, only after one thing!
Which is fine by me as it doesn't take much to spread my legs.

Mmm and I will look forward to spreading them xx

So what would be your idea of an ideal date.  would you want me to dress smart and sexy, or as a school girl etc?

Ooh, smart and sexy is nice and I also like the school girl look too so it would be a difficult choice x

if we had time i could wear both? (although my schoolgirl is so so)
i always let the man choose what he wants me to wear, as i am doing this for his enjoyment. 
as long as i am treated as a girl, then i will love it too. xxxx

Hey i like that, have you got one of you dressed on sort of secretary gear??
I'm sure we could make time for you to change outfits when we meet xxx

These are the closest to a secretary look that i have uploaded on here.  i do have another white blouse and little skirt but no photos on here.
i also have a more formal party dress that is a bit more "glamorous" that you could peel off me as well as quite a few other clothes to be honest, but i do want to dress how you want me to dress. xx

you all remember the dress i have spoken about earlier!!

Well I do like what your wearing in your pics on here. Really turns me on, especially with your stocking on xx

i am not sure if i did attach the pictures last time, but just in case i have attached again.
i think you can safely assume that i will have stockings on when we meet.  i bet it won't take you long to put your hand up my dress to confirm!
i am sure you will like the dress etc.

Well I love them pics and I'm sure I will love whatever you wear. Can't wait to arrange something x

i can't wait to feel you holding me close.  when is generally the best time to meet for you.  i will struggle to be able to meet on an evening.

Well I can do some morning but depends on my work but I'm sure we can work something out

i can't do weekends either. i can maybe do early evening, but not too late (until about 6).  I could obviously get ready earlier.  i am married and i have to make a suitable excuse (work seminar etc.)

{p.s. i hopefully won't be using this as an excuse, but they rushed my dad into hospital today, so my plans could go a bit astray.  hopefully he will be out in a few days and it won't affect us, but i just want to let you know now.  i don't want to get to day before and have you think i have cold feet.}

i am really turned on a t the moment, and i can't stop thinking about you undressing me and me sucking your cock. (sorry if this sounds a bit girly but it is true!!)

Hey that's fine honey and totally understandable.
Don't be sorry for sounding girlie. I love girlie. It turns me on real bad xx

mmmm  turning you on will be my job soon....
i love dressing as a girl, the lingerie, the dress, the make-up and the jewellery, i even love the shopping to get ready for a date!
i love to make a man happy, i love to feel his hands passionately hold and stroke me as we kiss, then feel him guide me onto his cock, or spread my legs as he has his manly way with me, leaving me feel so feminine i just burst.

Mmm i love the pic you attached honey xxx

You do realise that just by calling me honey my panties almost drop to the floor ;)  xx

Mmm glad to hear it you naughty girl xx

You never did say whether you prefer naughty or nice?

Ooh naughty every time honey xxxx

if good girls go for bad guys, then naughty girls must go for good guys.  i hope you are not too good or too shy with me....  xx

Haha I ain't ever shy and I can be good if it gets me what I want ;-) xx
love your pic honey xxx

i don't want you to be good, i want you to take me and be dominant, with you in control making me feel submissive. xx

Consider it done honey. You will be my sub slut whore xx

thanks.  i can't go much longer without meeting you now.  would it help if i booked a hotel x

Wow a hotel would be great. Monday i can tell you what days I'm free from work xx

it would have to be 1st to 5th dec ideally for me (preferably wednesday but i can make any day i think).  since we hopefully are tying down the details i have a couple of other questions.
i would prefer to meet at about 2pm ish (i would get to the hotel at about 12 and then get ready for you - i do want to look perfect for you)  is that ok.
how long would be planning to stay?
xx  (getting really girly and giggly now)

That sounds perfect. Well I am a long stayer when fucking so you will be entertained for hours and hours xxx

wow that sounds great to me!! (i have had a few who only lasted seconds!!)
i am thinking of a travelodge or ibis.  we will have to agree on which suits you best (location etc)

Love the pic honey.
Yeah we will arrange something soon. Can't wait xxx

me neither.  that pic was from the last time i got some action.  i have not asked you yet, but it would be nice if you took some photos of me, especially ones of you fucking me and me with your cock in my mouth.  but i understand if not.
please let me know your work schedule so i can get booking xxx

I would definitely like to take pics of us having sex honey. I have a week off from the 6th Dec shayne you can work around that xxx

i really want a picture of a cock in my mouth, so i can't wait.  i can work around that week no problem i think.  can we pencil in Wednesday 10th.  Which hotel is best for you? xx

That's great babe. I'm not fussed about what hotel, as long as we meet xxx

Wednesday the 10th it is then.  i will see what deal i can get for the best (will probably be either travelodge xxx or xxx), with a view to meeting you about 2 ish.  i will get to hotel earlier so i am suitably dressed and ready for you.  i want it to be as perfect as possible for you.  xxx

further to my email last night we are now booked at the travelodge . i only have to confirm the early check in tomorrow.
can't wait to be sucking your cock. xxx

Fantastic and believe me I can't wait to have my cock deep at the back of your throat xxx

you will have to be a little gentle with me, i am only a little girl!!
i will contact you again in a week or so, as i assume you will have had enough of my girly clingy emails for now.  xx

Hi honey
I ain't had enough of your girly messages.
I was in a car accident Thursday morning and my car was wrote off. I'm okay just a little bit sore xxx

Oh no. (very concerned girlfriend mode activated)  i hope you are ok and that we can still meet.  i want to care of you and nurse you back to full health.  maybe i need to start looking at buying a nurses uniform to look after you!!
i don't mind giving you a massage if that is what you need.
I didn't make the "no more messages" because you hadn't answered, i just assumed you don't want me to be super clingy etc.
hope you get fully recovered xxxxxx

Hi babe
Can't wait to meet you. Yes a massage would be nice. I'm not doing too badly. Just a few aches, pains and few bruises but nothing that won't heal xxx

i think i may be able to come up with something that takes your mind from any aches or pains you have!
can't wait to stroke my hands over your muscly body. xxx 

 i will leave it there for the moment - there is more to come!!!!