Monday, January 05, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 4)

So it is the morning of the meeting and i drop my wife off in town for some quick shopping before returning home to get ready.

i knew i didn't have too long before my wife returned home, so i quickly got home and got changed into what i had planned..

i put on a thong, my figure hugging rear zip black trousers, a black bra and black bra.  pretty standard girl at work clothes, along with a pait of flat ladies shoes.  i added some nude lipstick and perfume then i was off, with my heart beginning to race.

i bundles up my male clothes and put them in the boot of the car for safe keeping until later.  i knew i would be wearing girls clothes all day, but i would have prefered a skirt!

it was only about 10am in the morning when i left for the 30 minute drive to the hotel.  i knew i would be too early to check in as the hotel as an early check in time of 12 for a cost of £10 over the normal check in of 2pm (which was too late for me)

on the way i parked up in a quietish area and re-did my lipstick as i sent the final few emails detailed int he previous post from my phone.  i was excited and i wanted to start getting ready as soom as possible.  to kill some more time i decided upon having a coffee and going to the toilet to relieve myself (this was now about 11ish).  the McDonalds i found was very busy and i lost a bit of confidence in what i was wearing (remember i only had female clothes on, so i just went drive through and drank my coffee in the parking area.

I was still busting for the toilet though and knew i had to find one soon.  I decided upon going to the hotel as i thought they may have a room available a little bit earlier.  i got to the hotel and put on my works jacket as that was the only coat i had with me, and the trousers i had on had no pockets so i needed somewhere for my wallet.  (okay i know i should have carried a handbag)

i pulled out my suitcase that i had bought that included all of my girly clothes, yes, everything!!  i pulled the suitcase behind me, trying to walk in a feminine manner which i needed to do as the trousers only came up to my hips and were prone to feel like they were falling down, exposing my panties!  walking with a sway in my hips helped to keep them up a bit better, but not a lot.

As i got into the reception, it was busier than i had hoped, but it was too late now so i went to the reception hoping it would be a quick transaction and i could head up to my room and finally go tot the toilet - i was having cramps now!

alas this was not the case and after waiting behind one other man, i was told that i couldn't cjeck in for another 30 minutes.  gutted i put the suitcase to one side and dashed into the gents toilets (sitting obviously as my trousers were a rewar zip and i am a sissy), relieving myself like almost never before.

i then picked up my suitcase and went back to the car to sit and wait a bit longer.  my stomach was in knots with excitement as i knew that it wouldn't be long before i was in the arms of a man, a big strong man at that!!

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