Sunday, January 11, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 6)

I waited and waited.

and waited some more.

after about 40 minutes i knew the truth - he was not coming.

all this effort in planning, cost of new clothes, make up and hotel, and also all of the ffort i had put in in the last 2 hours was coming to nothing.

i did recieve some emails, but not from him - they were from another man who wanted to see me, but couldn't get to me in time.  i sent him pics of how i was dressed and he did console me a little.

After about a hour i decided tha i was going to have some fun on my own, so i got out my dildo and aneros and laid them on the bed.

I took of my dress and took some more pictures of me in my lingerie that i could possibly use later, and also tried on my dress again with a pin at the top i took some photos to show what it would have looked like.  these photos are at the end of this post.

i sucked on the dildo while i used the aneros and then used the dildo on me before tugging at a frustrated orgasm in a very unladylike manner.  i had not cum for about 4 weeks, so it was a bit weird to do this, especially as it was probably the first time i had pulled on myself for over 4 months - i had been cumming by 1 finger rubbing only.

not long after this orgasm i had another one before i started to clean up.

As you may recall i still had only girls clothes with me, so i still had to get dressed and go to the car for my "man" clothes.  this was an uneventful walk as i just kept my head down but as i walked i had to keep pulling up the trousers as they were falling down.

i had made the decision about what i was going to do before i had any orgasms.  i was so frustrated and believed that fate had decreed that i could have soem time on my own dressed as a girl, but not with another man.  i decided to have a clear out of my girly clothes.

This was not a purge, more of clear out of the things i do not use, wear or want.  i had an old wig, my breast forms that i had only recently bought but was not impressed with, my dress, some old stockings, old make up , bits of packaging etc.  it built up to quite a heavy black bin bag full load that i left next to the bin.  i am not sure what the maid thought if she looked inside.

i don't really like this photo

this is the position i wanted to be in

like this one

ok ish photo

my view down (wish it was like this all the time)

Me in that dress (although the light does not help pick out the frills)

About as girly as i can look in a photo

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