Tuesday, January 06, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 5)

12 o'clock finally arrived and i set off back to the hotel who checked me into a room on the top floor for the early check in fee of £10.  i thought about the stairs, but a girl like me couldn't handle my luggage so i pressed for the lift.  The lift was visble from the lounge and coffee area where several people were sat.  i don't know if anyone noticed me, and i was nervous and glad when the lift finally came and i was able to get in on my own.

As i got to the floor and got out of the lift the first door was on a lock (for security), but my room was just at the other side.  Couldn't be better i thought - he could ring me when he got out of the lift and i could just pop out and open the door for him.  everything was going great.

I sent him an email with my room number and phone number.

I was quite impressed by the room.  it was newly refurbised with a  good view and a nice bathroom with a shower that had a seat in it.  I had to use the bathroom again as my nerves were kicking in big time.

Next stop was to open my suitcase, get my shaver and shave my legs in the shower.  i didn't do this earlier as i didn't want to raise suspicions with my wife as why i had shaved legs (in case this meet got cancelled) and also i wanted to look the best i could.  i also trimmed my pubic area to a nice landing strip.  i quickly showered my bottom half (my top half was laready shaved and ready as usual)

Next was my face with a close shave as i started to get ready.  i laid out all of the lingerie i wanted to wear on the bed and hung up my dress and a babydoll for later and put my make-up in the bathroom.  i didn't realise how much make up i actually had - it hardly fitted onto the shelf!

i put on my breast forms, stuck with pads and a tight bra to hold them in place while they set properly.  then i put on a thong to wear while i got ready.  doing my make up in a bra and thong was a thrill and i loved the whole girly feeling i had.  i knew i had time to get ready in a non-rushed fashion to make sure i was perfect.

i started with some beard cover (just in case) and then foundation and powder.  i did my eyes with a purple/smokey look, complete with black eyeliner pencil.  blusher for my cheeks and black mascara for my lashes, although i did forget to curl them first.  a hot pink lipstick completed my look.

i was now happy with how i looked (it took about 45mins to do my make up!!) so i went to put on my lingerie.  black hold up stockings and a pink bra and thong set.  next on was my wig that i styled over and over until i was happy with it.  Jewellery and heels were next before posing for a quick photo.

after admiring myself for a while i realised that time was getting on and that i needed to clean up the batroom and make the room look inviting for my man.  i cleaned up and hid other things away before it was time to put on my dress.  i had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever.

I unzipped it, stepped into the bodyhugging skirt and pulled it up my body, wiggling my hips as i did so.  i felt a real tease as reached down and put my arms in the holes and then reached to the back to pull up the zip.

everything felt so perfect, until i tried to zip up the dress.  as you may know i had tried the dress on and i managed to zip and unzip it then, so i used hte same technique.  i was alss at least 2 pound less in weight so i should have no problem.  but i did have a problem.  my arms were cramping up with the awkward positions, it just would not zip up.

i finally felt i was getting somewhere when disaster struck in the form of the zip splitting.  i managed to get the dress off with a deal of effort, but i could have cried as i sat there with my new dress ruined in my arms.  i tried to mend it but i couldn't.

all the while time was ticking and i knew i had to get ready as i was expecting my man in less than 10 minutes.

i quickly reached for my backup dress,  with hindsight i should have gone for a mini skirt and blouse, but i knew the dress was short and tight and quick to put on so i went with that.  Sweating away trying to keep calm with my nerves racing this was the result...

i don't think i looked too bad - maybe my eye make up could have been better.  i didn't have anymore time.  i was expecting my man any second, i was even thinking of him been parked up waiting for a single.

i sent him another email - ready when you are big boy!!

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