Sunday, January 04, 2015

another adventure in the making (part 3)

so with the first guy not responding, i now had a back up from the same city.

i thought this was fate bringing us together, but the first few emails were from i was still expecting to meet the first guy....

his profile read like this

male age 30 from xxx

Contact preferences: (with pics)

Block user

Feedback: None yet.Online: 7 hours ago  -  Joined: 3 years ago  

A few words about yourself            Looking for t/v s for sexy fun

Your interests            Sex with t/v


Height  5' 11"

Role     Top

Can you accommodate?            Yes

Body type            Very athletic and toned

Where are you from?            Sheffield

What are you looking for?            Sex hookups


Smoke No

Drink    Socially
Drugs   Never

as i have said he had contacted me previously but we couldn't find a suitable time.  but this time it was different....

When are you free

Hi, sorry but i have not yet had much free time yet.  i have a meet arranged at a hotel in xxx on wednesday, but i have not heard anything from him for a couple of days.  i hope he hasn't cancelled, but if he does i may give you a shout. xx

Hi yes if you here nothing then give me a shout I'm free Wednesday

thanks i will do - i have to (pardon the pun) bend over backwards to find the time, and i have not heard anything yet.  i had arranged to meet at the hotel at 2 (me getting there at 12 to get ready).  i will be in touch if i do not hear anything.
if we did meet i would usually ask you to choose what i wear, but i won't have time to go shopping, so sorry for that just in case. (i will be wearing a black dress) xx

Black dress is perfect for me like I say I'm free Wednesday x

Thank you.  i will let you know tomorrow about this time if i don't hear anything. xx

Very sexy would love to get your legs round my shoulders ! You got any more pics x

i have some more pics attached as requested.  i would love to have my legs around your big manly shoulders, or bend over in front of you!!  xx

Would love you to bend over in front of me your bum looks so sexy x

Like this? xx

Oh yes x

Any news for tomorrow x

i have sent him a message at lunch time and i have not had a response yet.  i am going out now until about 7/8pm.  i will confirm one way or another then, but to be honest i am more inclined to meet you as i feel he is already screwing me over.
hope this is ok.  if we do get to meet it will be at 2pm is that ok?

i have not heard anything back, so offer myself for your use and enjoyment.
i have booked the travelodge xxxxxx and i will be there at 12 to hopefully get ready for you at 2pm.  i can stay until about 5.  i hope that fits with your plans.
please note that i am safe sex only (i do not want to offend if you are expecting something different)
i also would like to have some photos taken of me, including us having sex (assuming you still want to have sex with me!)  if not i won't be offended - i don't want your face etc in any pictures, just your cock (and me)
for the record i just want to be treated like a girl, and do things you would do with a girl.
i will give you my mobile if you still want to meet

Hi yes that is perfect for me look forward to meeting ! Not so sure about pictures but will see xx

That is fine i understand.  it is not an issue.  I will tell reception that i am expecting a colleague.

What colleague

No No No, you misunderstood.  i meant you.  there is only me and you.  i don't have the energy for 2 guys!!  see you soon.

the last couple of messages were sent on the morning on the arranged meet.  i will let you know about what i did that day in the next post...

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