Thursday, June 30, 2011

captions - a few more.

i have done about a dozen or captions and i quite enjoyed it, so i will post them, but it is not my aim to change this into a caption blog

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Assignment x report no. 15 - The Final Chapter

dear susan,

thank you for giving this assignment such effort

over these last two weeks! in my opinion, you

went way beyond the call of duty on this one.

it's obvious to me that i set the bar much higher

than i had intended: my rule of thumb is that if

an assignment can't be carried out by a willing

sissy, then the fault lies with the assignment and

not the sissy. for this i humbly apologize.

clearly, orgasm denial is a powerful tool for

sissification; we sissies know that already! so

this assignment might well "work" in the context

of a longer term program of behavior modification

(by "work", i mean it would have the effect of

reinforcing the behavior modification program, not

*necessarily* that one would be able to achieve

orgasm following its rules!). that is, as i see

it, the context of the Sissy Station assignments

on which i modeled this assignment. however,

despite the fact that the tone of the assignment

draws on that context, i was trying to create

something that would be accessible even if one

were not committed to such a program.

more simply stated: i wanted to produce something

achievable; the context and the authoritative tone

were there to add to the fantasy.

susan, thank you also for taking us along as

you experienced this. your "ramblings" have

been most captivating (and at times wrenching),

not to mention instructive and, yes, hilarious! :D

*BIG hugs*


--- susan rhodes wrote:

> Hi charmane


> as the title says i gave it my best shot today.


> i couldn't start the day with my early morning

> Rogering, but as luck would have it, i made time for

> an extended lunch (very extended)


> when i got home i immediately stripped off and got

> on Roger. i then decided to excite myself up by

> reading some stories on the internet, all the while

> moving my hips on Roger. this seemd to work, so i

> got on the floor and started using Roger with a

> flourish. but to no avail, so back to the pc for

> more sissy therapy (which seemed to be working as i

> bounced on Roger, but i ultimately found out that

> the turn on must have been my boyclit rubbing on the

> chair) but i could not maintain any level of

> excitement.


> I was on Roger (and at times was giving it all i

> had) for 40 minutes.


> as the time went on i resigned myself to the fact

> that i wasn't going to be able to cum this way - IF

> i could then i would have, believe me i really

> tried.


> i even let Bruce have a go, which stretched my

> boypussy and made delicious sounds, but even this

> did not push me over the edge.


> I even joined a msn group on malemilking for some

> tips, but afetr reading it was obvious that it MAY

> be possible for some people to cum this way, but the

> vast majority of people used the "stroke and

> release" system - i.e. bringing yourself to the

> edge, then stopping, allowing cum to flow without an

> orgasm.


> after the 40 minutes i was sore (i had used about

> a quarter of a tube of lubricant), tired and

> frustrated. i do not think it is meant to be, if it

> was then today would have been the day.


> i am sorry that i cannot report to you that i have

> managed to cum this way, but it is not through lack

> of trying. i do not feel guilty that i havn't

> managed it, just a little disappointed.


> My work has been suffering, i havn't been sleeping

> well, i have had very little appetite; all i believe

> by my thoughts and efforts to try to complete this.


> Today was the day when i turned around and said

> enough is enough ( i have not had a male orgasm for

> over 3 weeks, and i have actually started to feel

> less horny by the day)


> i gave in to my desires and pulled myself off,

> slowly at first until i came (a small amount) which

> i then ate.


> i then stroked myself to orgasm, (which i have

> frozen) but it was not hte earth shattering orgasm

> you would expect, it was one more of relief.


> i think it has done myself good (i would have

> orgasmed on saturday with the wife anyway). i feel

> better, and have got some work done (except for

> typing this marathon letter!!)


> i actually want to be with my wife and have sex

> with her, i enjoy looking at photos of attractive

> women and sports.


> some of you may say that i am in my post orgasm

> state, but i have left it for 4 hours before writing

> this to see how i really feel. my life seems to be

> back on track already (even though i am wearing

> panties and have my toes and fingernails painted!!)


> the last few weeks have been a journey of

> discovery for me, and i have learnt many things

> including -


> * i love women

> * it is VERY hard to go without an orgasm

> * my mind changes and drifts away when i go

> without orgasm for so long

> * in a non orgasm state, i cannot operate properly

> as a man and carry out my daily tasks etc

> * i am a crossdresser and i love it - i still love

> to put on a skirt etc,but i do not have any real

> desire to find a real man to make me woman

> * i am glad to get back to walking like a man

> again

> * anal sex is enjoyable, but i believe will not

> lead to me having an orgasm, or sissy orgasm.

> * i enjoy sucking cock all be it artificial

> (especially when there is a treat of cum at the end)



> all in all i have given this assignment my best

> shot, i have "given up" 2 days early, but believe

> that i have completed it as far as i can (the

> assignment does not say you have to cum this way,

> only that if you do then you can do so as often as

> you want)


> i hope that my accounts of this have inspired some

> of you others to try it, and if not i apologise for

> filling up your inboxes with my ramblings.


> I would like to say a special thank you to

> charmane who has lead and encouraged me through this

> time - i sincerely wish you all the best with your

> make up assignment, please please please let me know

> how you get on, you may inspire me to try it!!!!!!



> Love to all


> susan

Monday, June 27, 2011

Assignment x report no. 14

note - i seem to have lost charmanes response, but this is what i had to say..

Hi charmane

obviously i haven't managed it yet, but today the feeling seemed to far away. I got on Roger, then tried to read a few things to "get me going", but to no avail, i could hardly manage a semi erection!!!

the feeling of Roger today was not unpleasant, far from it, but it wasn't flicking any switches. there was only a very very small amount of precum by the time i had finished my 15mins (5mins in each position as the assignment says!!)

i am going to put this down as the equivalent to a real women having an headache andjust going through the motions to please her man. i am going to try it with more passion tomorrow.

i often find it difficult to be feminine very early in the morning (the alarm goes at 5.40am), so having sex (as a women) at 7.00am (after i have taken the wife to work) is not my best time (but the assignment says in the morning........). i have often not put on panties only to regret it at about 9.00am!!! when i have woken up fully.

after looking how smart the women at work look this morning and comparing them to how tired and worn out i feel, i think i am the only "women" who had sex this morning!!


i think that mall sounds exactly like what you require. it may be worth "scouting out" the area before going though. maybe you can treat yourself to some new underwear after purchasing your makeup!!!!

after reading around a bit this morning, i have a suggestion which also may help you with your cosmetic adventure - after (or before if you prefer) tell the sales lady that you like how she has done her makeup and that is the look you are after (whether it is or isn't). she may demonstrate the products on you!! (Ref sissystation assignment 20 i think)

you could then buy something in the mall knowing you have makeup on.


Its valentines day today, and my wife has bought me a mickey and minnie and snowglobe and a pink (with black edging) thong which has tinkerbell on the front with the words "love Tinkerbell".

i am wearing them now

love susan

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assignment x report no. 13

dear susan,

don't be bummed - i think that this kind of

feeling comes in phases. and getting yourself

all hot and bothered in advance definitely


good idea about where to go to buy cosmetics.

there's a mall near (but not too near) where

i work - far enough away from where i live -

which i think would be promising. it also

has a victoria's secret store.

that's a funny story about 'Lapdancer Sue'.

but i don't believe that it's prophetic!

take care,



--- susan rhodes wrote:

> hi


> thank you for thinking about me.


> i did Roger this morning, and this time the

> closest i came to a cumming feeling (note the change

> of expression now) was laid on my back.


> i did build up a fantastic rhythm while sitting on

> Roger, but i think it was Roger who got all of the

> enjoyment out of it.


> On my knees was pretty uneventful today



> obviously i didn't cum, and in fact my boyclit

> never really got excited (i think this may be the

> key - i may talk to Roger to get me going first)


> i didn't really give my full attention to Bruce

> today either.


> Bad Girl -must try harder






> i think you should plan a trip for a cosmetics

> counter out of your immediate neighbourhood where

> no-one will recognise you. you will be more

> confident then.


> so what you want to wear make up - its no big deal

> - television and film stars do it all of the time






> a story i forgot to mention was Friday night. iwas

> pretending to be a man and went to a greyhound

> meeting near home for a night out.


> i was doing very poorly at winning until in the

> next race there was a greyhound called "Lapdancer

> Sue". It's an omen i thought to myself and promptly

> backed it. as its sissy namesake it didn't come in

> and was almost last!!!!!!!! the irony was not

> missed by me!!!


> thanks again for your support


> Love susan

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Assignment x report no. 12

dear susan,

i can definitely understand your wife wanting

you to keep this private, because my wife has

the same concern. does she notice things like

that comment you mentioned, the time when you

were dressed up as Prince Charming, from the

fellow at work, about you being the campiest

bloke in the office?

thanks for the tips for buying makeup - that's

exactly the kind of help i need! i think that

you're right: once i'm "out of the closet" :)

with a particular salesgirl, then i won't feel

that embaressed, as long as she is accepting

(which she probably will be). so, for me, the

biggest hurdle is to figure out how to make

that initial encounter go as smoothly as


your point about cherry red lips and blue

eyeshadow is well taken - for me, that would

definitely be a private sissy look!

good luck with Roger - i'm be thinking of

you, today - pretty much right about now,

as a matter of fact!

*hugs and kisses*


--- susan rhodes  wrote:

> hi charmane


> i often get the feeling that my wife is just

> humoring my desire of all things female, rather than

> encouraging me down that road. i believe she is

> letting me indulge some of my fantasises, but she

> believes it to be more curiosity then an actual

> desire to dress as a women. i always stress how

> much of a good time i had when i have done something

> female, to let her know how good it makes me feel,

> maybe she just needs some more time to accept this.

> - e.g this morning she said "be very careful if you

> have to take your socks off as you have painted

> nails remember!" which is her way of saying "i

> don't mind you doing this in private, but not in

> public" i think.


> i think my wife looked upon the film as a "chick

> flick" rather than a crossdressing flick which it

> actually was!!


> as for make up - if you saw me all dolled up you

> would know that i know nothing about make up


> i would suggest that you dress smartly and

> exposing your sissy side as much as you dare

> (visible bra?, visible pantyhose? etc) and visit a

> large department store make up section. go at a

> quiet time (not at the end of the day when the

> assisstants will be wanting to get off home as soon

> as possible) and look for someone who is not busy.

> approach her section - most make up manufacturers

> have similar products - and have a look at the

> makeup. this will inevitably lead to the "can i

> help you sir? (or madam depending on how you are

> dressed)". at which point you should say that you

> are looking for some foundation type make up.


> explain your circumstances as much as you want

> (you don't know the girl so you aren't endagering

> yourself) or as little as you want (you may say that

> on a morning you come out very blotchy or in spots,

> and have early morning meetings, so could she

> suggest something to cover it up?? or ask for

> something to match your natural skin colour - she

> will probably try a few colours on you!!!!)


> or if you are really scared by this you could use

> the excuse that i used to buy my first foundation -

> i am doing an oil painting and your art class tutor

> has said that liquid foundation is excellant to use

> on a face (don't know if this is true, but the lady

> in the shop had never heard of it - cue much

> blushing!!!!!!)


> for a very light touch foundation type product, i

> would recommend Benefit Dr Feelgood, but it is a bit

> dearer than other cosmetics.


> as for your eyes, you can either but a multicolour

> kit and practice at home until you get a "nude" look

> perfected (you should be able to wear clear mascara

> without any problem) or visit a counter. i think

> that you would be better visiting a counter for

> foundation first, then eye colour (unless you are

> brave enough to ask for both at the same time).


> as you said, you will want to find the same girl,

> and if you have already been asking about

> foundation, then i am sure she will twig when you

> are looking at eye makeup.


> remember - once you are out of the closet (so to

> speak) with this girl, there will be no more

> embarresment, as she knows you want to wear makeup

> so if she gives you good advice she will get more

> sales! she may even suggest "would you like anything

> for your lips?" - be careful she may suggest

> everything!!!


> a few final tips i would give with regards to make

> up


> 1 practice practice practice

> 2 be understated, cherry red lips and bright blue

> eyeshadow may look very sissy, but no real women

> wears that type of make up at the moment.

> 3 have a read of fashion make up pages in the

> newspapers and on the net, they do give some good

> advice of what you may require, and if nothing else

> you can learn the terminology!!!


> thanks (and an invite to anyone else who has be

> reading our posts) i would be VERY interested in any

> scripts / ideas


> i think i may need an energy supplement this

> week!!!!


> love

> susan

Monday, June 20, 2011

assignment x report no.11

dear susan,

well! it sounds like you had a perfect sissy

saturday night! just you and your wife, being

girlfriends - not a Real Man in sight! ;)

i'm still trying to sort out your wife's

feelings about your dressing up... the

babydoll and the extra special thong to go with

it; doing your nails and makeup; the flick...

and yet she clearly has limits (about the

shaving) and you indicate that she doesn't know

about what you do except that you wear panties,

and you were "not sure that [she] realised that

[the film added to the night]".

you clearly know a bit about makeup, and i'm

wondering how i might get some advice. (but

i know that i don't *dare* to ask you to give

me a makeup assignment! :D) i need help

figuring out how to a) find a look that i can

wear without it being obvious, but maybe more

important, b) develop a relationship with

someone (at a makeup counter?) who could give

me ongoing advice. any thoughts that you have

would be appreciated.

at the moment, i also do not have the ability

to record an mp3 audio, but i may in the future.

in the meantime, i'd be glad to help out with

the script! (anyone else reading along - if

you have ideas, then let's hear them!)

i imagine that getting Bruce's voice right

would be key - it has to match the image of

him that you're creating.

in just a few hours, you can start your five

consecutive days being Rogered! good luck!

don't break him! (maybe you should order an

extra just in case! :))



--- susan rhodes  wrote:

> well saturday came and went (without susan cumming

> though)


> my wife had bought me a lovely babydoll. it was

> black, halter style and had a swirly pattern of

> sequin beads on the front. it was a size 12, and

> maybe just a little tight, but i was able to wear

> it. my wife must also have got partly into the mood

> as she bought me a sparkly black diamente thong to

> go with the babydoll as the one that came with it

> was a a bit dull (her words not mine - it was just a

> plain black g-string).


> i was late getting up due to night before, and

> when i did i just had to try out the babydoll. i

> wish i had waited and we opened the box together,

> but i was just too impatient and desperate. the

> babydoll and thongs came gift wrapped in a box full

> of scented beads. it was truely lovly to open such

> a box knowing what was inside was for you.


> for my wife i cooked most of our evening meal,

> then i gave her a hand massage followed by painting

> her nails with an undercoat/ridge filler, i then

> gave her a foot massage followed by painting her

> toenails a deep plum colour. i also "had a go" at

> doing her make up and finally gave a relaxing full

> body massage as a thank you.


> for my part in this , my wife painted my nails

> with the undercoat - it is a very light pink colour

> (close to the natural colour of our nails) and

> semi-transparent. it is hardly noticable, except

> that my nails now have a definate "sheen" to them,

> especially in bright light.



> my toenails were painted the same plum colour (i

> want to be like you i said)


> my wife then did my make up (i never thought i

> would say those words!!) . my wife is not very

> heavily into makeup and never wears any dramatic

> shades, mostly neutral colours, the natural look you

> may say.


> she put on some light beige powder foundation with

> a big make up brush, followed by some blusher (light

> pink) agin with the big brush - this felt strange

> and almost ticklish. she then did my eyes with a

> light silver eye make up pen, both on the lid, and

> slightly under the eye. i then had clear mascara

> applied, brown lip pencil and finally a brown

> lipstick.


> the result was feminine, and understated, but

> although i shaved really well, you could see some

> features through the foundation, so i think i may

> need a better covering foundation ( i actually have

> one, but i can't tell her that yet!)


> we both had a couple glasses of wine throughout

> this time (i am normally a beer bloke), and it was

> strangely exciting to leave a lipstick mark on a

> wine glass.


> we alo watched "white chicks" a film about two

> lads dressing up as women, so that added to the

> night, although i am not sure that my wife realised

> that.


> we have said that we will repeat the night!!!


> and as for the shaving, i have "permission" to

> shave the area of my legs which will be covered with

> my socks. it ain't much, but it is a start.


> we discussed waxing my chest also..........???

> maybe i am too much of a girl to go through with

> this. i don't think my wife is too keen on the idea

> yet anyway.


> -------



> after experiencing your last assingment, how can

> you be more sadistic!!!????



> i didn't ask about trying the dress on, at a

> reasonable price i would have bought it, so i was

> still reeling from the cost, but i did manage to ask

> what sizes they had. the next time i see a nice

> dress at reasonable price i will ask though - i have

> talked myself into commiting myself to do this task,

> but it may take some planning, so won't be for a few

> weeks.


> i am not a novice with a pc, but i do not yet know

> how to create an mp3 from scratch, but i will have a

> look into into it. it was funny that you should say

> that, because i was considering making a tape

> recording (yes i still have a tape recorder!!! - so

> 1980s), of Bruce talking, with gaps to let me

> respond, something like "say it again girl what do

> you want?", "you're not begging hard enough", etc

> etc. i think would be a hot idea, but i would have

> to write a script first etc. soo this may also be a

> while, but it is at the back of my mind. - if i

> figure it out then you will get a copy!!!!


> the only part of that that *scares* me is that

> Bruce will become even more lifelike, and someone to

> relate to. when i think of Bruce (which is all the

> time now) i think of his photograph, not the dildo.



> Oh- i nearly forgot - in answer to a previous

> question, my wife does know that i am frustrated,

> but she thinks that it is because we havn't had sex

> for a while. she came off the pill about 12 months

> ago, but we decided to go to florida, so in order

> taht she didn't get pregnant and miss out on the

> rides, we resorted to using condoms, but on the

> second occasion, we both had a reaction to it!!!!!,

> so we just laid off the sex (i meanwhile have been

> keeping myself busy shall we say)


> ------------------



> the assignment said seven days, starting tomorrow

> i am on 5 consecutive days of seeing Roger!!!


> love susan

assignment x report no. 10

dear susan,

--- susan rhodes wrote:

> Hi charmane


> thanks for your kind words and "dispensation", but

> the assignment says 5 mins in each position and if

> apart of the assignment was to help the sissy get

> frustrated and try to concentrate her efforts better

> then the 5mins work quite well.

heaven forfend i should try to make things easier

for you! :) :) i'll remember that you are such

a stickler for the rules the *next* time i write

an assignment! (and you thought that *this* one

was sadistic!) :D :D

> i may have been able to manage it if i hadn't cum

> the other night *sigh*

perhaps, but perhaps not, so don't beat yourself

up about it.

> anyway a real man may change positions and the

> sissy has no choice in the matter but to accept this

> as she is there only to please.

not to mention: if he's done in 15 minutes, then

you are, too. :(

> i think i will

> stick with the 5mins as it is deliciously

> frustrating (and i know i am moaning about it) i

> believe that i MAY be able to cum in the time frames

> anyway if i really want it bad enough (i.e become

> more slutty than i already am), then if i can, the

> assignment as written works.

if getting more slutty will do the trick, then

you're just the trollop to accomplish it! :)

you know that i'm cheering for you!

> i will try up until about wednesday, then i may

> stay longer and use other positions.

i'd say: do whatever feels like it will work for

you, whether that's denial/following the rules

strictly, or being flexible and going with the


> Yes my wife will get loads of pampering, as we

> can't have sex, i am going to give her a gentle body

> massage and light some candles etc. i will probably

> cook her a meal too along with doing her make up for

> her (she is actually having some trouble with some

> Benefit products she bought, so i may be able to

> help) -

sounds yummy! maybe she'll decide that she

likes you better as a girlfriend than as a

husband! :)

> imagine that for a bit of cuckolding - an

> husband doing his wifes makeup as she goes out for

> some drinks with her friends!!! very emasculating

> and perfectly sissy!!!!

oh yes, very emasculating! she goes out with

friends and leaves you home all alone... with

Bruce! LOL

> i will let you know how saturday went

i'll keep my fingers crossed about the shaving.

> i have just rung up about the dress too - i asked

> the price first - £139 !!!!!!. it is very nice, but

> not that nice, and i asked about sizes and they only

> have a small and medium and apparently the medium is

> a size 12, which would not really fit me. if i was

> to pay £139 for a dress i would want it to fit me

> properly - i am a small size14 (uk sizes)

quite so! but did you ask the *other* important

question: could you come in and try it on?

> ah well, even though i cannot afford the dress,, i

> think that i have come someway towards furthering my

> sissyhood, as it was the first dress that i have

> ever seen and said "i like that dress" (for me)


> i will have to look on the internet for something

> similar and then go buy it. - i am quite gearing

> myself up to buy a dress (or skirt) and try it on,

> but this may take some weeks and i haven't got the

> time at the moment with Roger and Bruce both wanting

> attention.

you poor dear, you have been having *such* a busy

sex life, haven't you! ;) if you do find

something similiar on the internet, please send

a link to a picture of it!

> at the speeds i was going i may have to order

> another Roger as this one will be worn out!!!!

LOL! And maybe *that* one will *also* be

delivered to your neighbor by accident!

> just to let you know while i am sharing everything

> at the moment, i treated Bruce this lunchtime to a

> schoolgirl outfit!!!

i wish that i had been a fly on the wall for

*that* scene! semi-seriously, i'd love to hear

an mp3 recording of you making love to Bruce...

is that something that you would consider doing?



Friday, June 17, 2011

Assignment x report No. 9

dear susan,

this conniving, sadistic bitch hereby gives you

special dispensation to stay in *any* position

for *any* length of time! :D

(a serious aside - i had never intended the 5

minutes to *limit* how much time was spent in

any given position; i'd thought of them as

*minimums*. also, i'd thought of the assignment

as *introducing* these various positions; after

being introduced to them, one could them as a

basis for further exploration, and perhaps find

*other* positions that work better. so treat

the times and positions in the assignment very

liberally. i'll review the assignment to see

how i should word it differently to get this

across; if you have any suggestions please let

me know.)

i applaud your determination to continue with

this assignment! it could be, as you say, that

you may succeed with Bruce where you couldn't

with Roger! (but somehow, talking about being

"Bruced" doesn't sound quite the same. :))

in fact, i had been planning to use *that* as

the basis for another assignment. after all,

a sissy must be careful to practice safe sex

when necessary. and, as you know, it's not

safe to take something from your sissypussy and

put it into your mouth! so, Bruce is going to

need a condom. and i think that you can

imagine how i'm going to tell you to put that

condom on him! that's right - good sissy! :)

Bruce definitely sounds like one lucky guy!

and i love what you did with his photo!

have fun this weekend! i hope that you're

planning to give your wife a lot of pampering

this weekend as a reward! (remember what i'd

said about the power of positive


*hugs and kisses*


--- susan rhodes wrote:

> Hi charmane


> as you can probably tell from the title i didn't

> manage to cum this morning either.


> as i was mounting Roger i was encouraging myself

> to cum, and i do think that i came closer than

> yesterday. it is on my knees that i manage to get

> the closest, i drape my chest over a suitcase and go

> for it. when my timer went off fo the 5 minutes in

> this position i thought "What kind of sadistic bitch

> would only allow us sissys 5 minutes in each

> position?"


> After reading your message and confession i

> realise charmane that you truely are a caniving

> sadistic bitch who loves to watch us sissys suffer

> by *nearly* getting what we so desperately crave,

> but not giving us enough time to actually manage

> it!!!!!!!


> only joking


> (about the watching part!!!! )



> anyway, i tried this morning and failed, BUT i did

> have some good news (as such) last night which may

> help me to manage it next week!!!



> My wife as started her period, so there will be no

> sex on saturday night (but our girly night is still

> going ahead!)


> But, due to my wife been home etc, i will not be

> able to have another go at Roger until Monday

> morning, which will mark the start of 5 days of

> Rogering!! (why oh why didn't it click i'll never

> know - i was going to call it Jason, but changed my

> mind at the last minute)


> i am renewing and enforcing my efforts not to cum

> unless it is by Roger. To this end, i am going to

> TRY to stop reading any erotic stories and touching

> myself at all over the weekend. although i think

> saturday night may be hard.


> this must be possible i have to believe it!!!, if

> i haven't cum after next friday morning, i am going

> to let Bruce have his way on Friday lunchtime - he

> is much bigger and may just hit the spot!!! - if

> Bruce doesn't then nothing will!!!!!!


> Oh - and i need a new biscuit tin, as todays

> efforts have almost completely wiped out my existing

> one - i ws going at it that hard.



> Everything is still on for tomorrow night - toe

> and fingernails, makeup, with the possibility of

> shaving -i reminded my wife and she said that she

> may call and get some shaving mousse. i said i

> would get it (i already have some from a previous

> attempt a couple of years ago) but she said that i

> would probably bring back hair mousse so i should

> leave it to her. there is a light that i may have

> my legs shaved or at least part of them.


> i also asked her for a sexy babydoll type nightie

> that i can wear. at first she just laughed, but

> after a bit of cojolling i think she is getting me

> one today.


> my own sexy nightie, pedicure, manicure, make up

> and (possibly) shaved legs - i wil need all my

> resolve not to cum


> by the way i am still going to get dressed up and

> pleasure Bruce at dinnertime, just because i really

> want to. Bruce, Bruce Bruce, just saying the name

> is getting me aroused (far more aroused than Roger).

> what a lucky man he is. i wake up to Roger, but

> make a special journey just to pleasure Bruce.


> got to go now, work is calling


> *hugs and kisses*


> susan


> p.s. after i had printed the picture of Bruce, i

> wrote on it "to Bruce, love Susan" and kissed it

> leaving a perfect lipstick mark.