Sunday, June 05, 2011

Assignment X Report No.1

To avoid any confusion, charmanes words are in red, mine are in cerise (or pink)

hi all

 after having a quick look at this assignment, and

; wanting to do it properly, the time as finally

; arrived.

> i have sent off for a suitable dildo and i am

> eagerly awaiting the delivery.


> i am EXTRA horny for this as i have just returned

> from holiday with my wife and her sister, hence no

> sex.


> the last time i came was 2 weeks ago.

oh, susan, you poor dear!

> after about a week on holiday i started to

> remember all of my favourite sissy stories, and

> since i have been back i have read some of them

> again and i am just dripping tons of pre-cum, but i

> have been able to old out so far.


> my new dildo should (it had better) arrive today,

> and i have planned to have my dinner hour getting

> straight onto it so to speak.

good girl!

> it is now 10.15am in england, i am watching the

> clock tick every second.

it's 6:20 am est here on the east coast, usa,

so i'd guess that it won't be long now! :)

> i hope that i can come first time using just the

> dildo, because i don't think that i can stand any

> more of this.



> i will post what happened later

> susan

good luck, and have fun!


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