Monday, June 20, 2011

assignment x report no.11

dear susan,

well! it sounds like you had a perfect sissy

saturday night! just you and your wife, being

girlfriends - not a Real Man in sight! ;)

i'm still trying to sort out your wife's

feelings about your dressing up... the

babydoll and the extra special thong to go with

it; doing your nails and makeup; the flick...

and yet she clearly has limits (about the

shaving) and you indicate that she doesn't know

about what you do except that you wear panties,

and you were "not sure that [she] realised that

[the film added to the night]".

you clearly know a bit about makeup, and i'm

wondering how i might get some advice. (but

i know that i don't *dare* to ask you to give

me a makeup assignment! :D) i need help

figuring out how to a) find a look that i can

wear without it being obvious, but maybe more

important, b) develop a relationship with

someone (at a makeup counter?) who could give

me ongoing advice. any thoughts that you have

would be appreciated.

at the moment, i also do not have the ability

to record an mp3 audio, but i may in the future.

in the meantime, i'd be glad to help out with

the script! (anyone else reading along - if

you have ideas, then let's hear them!)

i imagine that getting Bruce's voice right

would be key - it has to match the image of

him that you're creating.

in just a few hours, you can start your five

consecutive days being Rogered! good luck!

don't break him! (maybe you should order an

extra just in case! :))



--- susan rhodes  wrote:

> well saturday came and went (without susan cumming

> though)


> my wife had bought me a lovely babydoll. it was

> black, halter style and had a swirly pattern of

> sequin beads on the front. it was a size 12, and

> maybe just a little tight, but i was able to wear

> it. my wife must also have got partly into the mood

> as she bought me a sparkly black diamente thong to

> go with the babydoll as the one that came with it

> was a a bit dull (her words not mine - it was just a

> plain black g-string).


> i was late getting up due to night before, and

> when i did i just had to try out the babydoll. i

> wish i had waited and we opened the box together,

> but i was just too impatient and desperate. the

> babydoll and thongs came gift wrapped in a box full

> of scented beads. it was truely lovly to open such

> a box knowing what was inside was for you.


> for my wife i cooked most of our evening meal,

> then i gave her a hand massage followed by painting

> her nails with an undercoat/ridge filler, i then

> gave her a foot massage followed by painting her

> toenails a deep plum colour. i also "had a go" at

> doing her make up and finally gave a relaxing full

> body massage as a thank you.


> for my part in this , my wife painted my nails

> with the undercoat - it is a very light pink colour

> (close to the natural colour of our nails) and

> semi-transparent. it is hardly noticable, except

> that my nails now have a definate "sheen" to them,

> especially in bright light.



> my toenails were painted the same plum colour (i

> want to be like you i said)


> my wife then did my make up (i never thought i

> would say those words!!) . my wife is not very

> heavily into makeup and never wears any dramatic

> shades, mostly neutral colours, the natural look you

> may say.


> she put on some light beige powder foundation with

> a big make up brush, followed by some blusher (light

> pink) agin with the big brush - this felt strange

> and almost ticklish. she then did my eyes with a

> light silver eye make up pen, both on the lid, and

> slightly under the eye. i then had clear mascara

> applied, brown lip pencil and finally a brown

> lipstick.


> the result was feminine, and understated, but

> although i shaved really well, you could see some

> features through the foundation, so i think i may

> need a better covering foundation ( i actually have

> one, but i can't tell her that yet!)


> we both had a couple glasses of wine throughout

> this time (i am normally a beer bloke), and it was

> strangely exciting to leave a lipstick mark on a

> wine glass.


> we alo watched "white chicks" a film about two

> lads dressing up as women, so that added to the

> night, although i am not sure that my wife realised

> that.


> we have said that we will repeat the night!!!


> and as for the shaving, i have "permission" to

> shave the area of my legs which will be covered with

> my socks. it ain't much, but it is a start.


> we discussed waxing my chest also..........???

> maybe i am too much of a girl to go through with

> this. i don't think my wife is too keen on the idea

> yet anyway.


> -------



> after experiencing your last assingment, how can

> you be more sadistic!!!????



> i didn't ask about trying the dress on, at a

> reasonable price i would have bought it, so i was

> still reeling from the cost, but i did manage to ask

> what sizes they had. the next time i see a nice

> dress at reasonable price i will ask though - i have

> talked myself into commiting myself to do this task,

> but it may take some planning, so won't be for a few

> weeks.


> i am not a novice with a pc, but i do not yet know

> how to create an mp3 from scratch, but i will have a

> look into into it. it was funny that you should say

> that, because i was considering making a tape

> recording (yes i still have a tape recorder!!! - so

> 1980s), of Bruce talking, with gaps to let me

> respond, something like "say it again girl what do

> you want?", "you're not begging hard enough", etc

> etc. i think would be a hot idea, but i would have

> to write a script first etc. soo this may also be a

> while, but it is at the back of my mind. - if i

> figure it out then you will get a copy!!!!


> the only part of that that *scares* me is that

> Bruce will become even more lifelike, and someone to

> relate to. when i think of Bruce (which is all the

> time now) i think of his photograph, not the dildo.



> Oh- i nearly forgot - in answer to a previous

> question, my wife does know that i am frustrated,

> but she thinks that it is because we havn't had sex

> for a while. she came off the pill about 12 months

> ago, but we decided to go to florida, so in order

> taht she didn't get pregnant and miss out on the

> rides, we resorted to using condoms, but on the

> second occasion, we both had a reaction to it!!!!!,

> so we just laid off the sex (i meanwhile have been

> keeping myself busy shall we say)


> ------------------



> the assignment said seven days, starting tomorrow

> i am on 5 consecutive days of seeing Roger!!!


> love susan

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